About Us

coffee blog

We’re just a couple of coffee-obsessed girls who love to try new recipes, visit new coffeeshops wherever we go, and always make sure there’s enough iced coffee in the fridge. We’re framily (friends + family) who spend so much of our time drinking coffee and talking about it, that we thought we’d start a blog.

We believe good coffee and lots of laughs will solve most of life’s problems. Because here’s the thing about coffee: It’s not just a cup of liquid happiness. It’s also a device for bringing people together.

Whether it’s the coffee break, the coffee date, or the coffee roasting, the act of making and sharing coffee creates conversation and community. Coffee creates the village. The generation of quick coffee has also created a phenomena – but even drive-through coffee lovers will slow down for a beautifully roasted coffee with perfect foam. Coffee is an art form and a socially accepted addiction. It’s always a good time for coffee.

Thanks for being here and enjoying WTF. Now, go drink some coffee and get roasted.

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