Is The Starbucks App Worth It? 5 Reasons To Use It And Get FREE Coffee!

starbucks app

I’m a long-time patron of the holy green straw. I can remember the very first time I went to Starbucks. I was 16 and one had opened near my aunt’s house. She told me about this cool coffee place and I said, “Well, I don’t drink coffee.” She said, “You’ll like this one.”

Off we went to Starbucks where she ordered me a mocha frappuccino with whip. It was the best drink I’d ever had in my life. I was immediately hooked. I had no idea it would spark a lifelong love affair with Starbucks and coffee.

But, as the coffee house trend has only grown since then, so have the prices of those sweet, sweet cups of heaven. A daily coffee habit can easily set you back a cool $150 a month or more. Have kids who like those cake pops or a partner who drinks something, too – and you could be out up to $500 or more a month.

The Starbucks App:

This is where opportunities to save and streamline your order comes in. If you’re feeling app’d out and just not wanting to download another app you’ll just forget to use, I feel you. But, if you’re regularly visiting Starbucks – and by regular I mean 1-2 times a month or more – you need to download this app and start using it STAT.

In fact, the Starbucks app is one of my #1 tips for how to get free Starbucks. I share 7 more ways to get free Starbucks in this post right here.

So, I’m going to walk you through the features of the app that you need to know and share some hacks on how to maximize your stars and get more free drinks.

1. The App Is Easy To Use:

starbucks app

I don’t do difficult technology. Not even a little bit. I was the last generation that survived without computers and smart phones, but then had to crossover and learn all of these fast advancing technologies. It definitely takes me a minute to figure new things out – so if I’m saying the app is easy to use – trust. It’s pretty easy to use.

Start by downloading it in the app store for free, fill out your information and then I’ll take you through the tour of how to use it.

2. Starbucks Stars = Free Stuff:

starbucks app

For each purchase, including food, you earn stars – the Starbucks version of points. I like that it doesn’t just calculate points for drinks, because a lot of their menu is not drinks.

Luckily, they know this and they count all of your purchase. It’s usually a star per dollar, but there are ways to maximize those stars.

Then, you can spend those stars on anything you want. If you click “rewards options”, a drop down menu will show you what stars can be redeemed for.

starbucks app

Or, when you cruise through the drive through and scan your app, you can ask them what you can get with the stars you have and they’ll make great recommendations for how to use them to your advantage. They’re always very cool about it, because they know it’s a big incentive to using the app. So, don’t be shy; let the baristas be your guide.

Don’t forget about that free birthday drink, too! It’ll be loaded right into your app.

3. Earn More Stars:

starbucks app

Let’s talk about how to use the app to earn more stars. One way to do this is by looking at the offers page, where you can opt-in to different offers – such as this example where you can earl up to 40 bonus stars if you order after 2pm 2 times.

Another way to earn more stars is upload gift cards which earn you 2 stars per 1 dollar. Loading a regular credit card will earn you one star per dollar, so you can double your star load by adding money to a Starbucks gift card or uploading your gift cards rather than using a regular credit card.

starbucks app

You can earn Starbucks gift cards a variety of other ways, too, such as by using Fetch Rewards to scan your receipts. I earn about $5-$10 a month in Starbucks money doing this each month.

I also select Starbucks cards each month from my Verizon Rewards app, which adds another free coffee.

4. Order Ahead:

Another great feature to the Starbucks app is the ability to place your order ahead and skip the line. In fact, if you’ve stood in the line recently and noticed people running in and out while you’re just standing there, you’ll very quickly see the value in ordering ahead on the app. You definitely get in and out a lot faster.

Plus, you can make sure all the details of your drinks and order are perfectly in place – with no room for mistakes translating it to the barista. Major plus if you’ve got a complicated order.

5. Find Locations:

starbucks app

There is a Starbucks everywhere – but maybe you want one with a drive through. Or, you’re looking for one inside a hotel, so you can book your stay there.

Whatever it is, you can find it in the “locations” section of the app.


Overall, I think the Starbucks app is one of my most used apps. I love it and find it to be a simple, great way to earn stars, get free Starbucks and track my Starbucks spending.

If you are looking for more ways to get free coffee, check out my post on the Dutch Bros app. Can one person have too many coffee apps? NOPE!

For more Starbucks fun, read my post on what those Starbucks cup sizes mean and the three-way Oatmilk Latte Test from Peet’s, Starbucks and Dutch Bros.

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