The Best Honey Oatmilk Shaken Espresso Ever

honey shaken espresso

Once I figured out the best brown sugar shaken espresso recipe, I was hooked. Shaken espresso gets a frothy, delicious texture that is so good. So, that got me thinking: how many versions of a shaken espresso could I come up with? 

That’s how I ended up making this incredible honey oatmilk shaken espresso. It combines the best elements of my honey oatmilk latte with the base of a shaken espresso for a whole new level of sweet, frothy, coffee deliciousness. 

The best part is the ingredient list is short and sweet and there are lots of ways to customize it to your own taste. If you don’t have a shaker, don’t be discouraged. I don’t have a real cocktail shaker, either, but this little blender bottle for protein shakes does the job just fine. You could easily use any glass with a lid that won’t leak when shaked. 

Don’t let anything keep you from this drink, friends. It’s that good. 

Ingredients for the Honey Oatmilk Shaken Espresso:

honey shaken espresso

You only need a few things to make this drink and once you do, you’ll want to make it again and again.  

  • Espresso: A double shot Nespresso pod was my choice here. Use what you have, whether that’s really strong hot coffee, hot instant coffee, a double espresso pod, etc. I’ve made the drink with strong cold brew as well, but you’re going to get less froth. I use my Nespresso Vertuoline machine to make espresso and it makes it so easy. 
  • Honey: The star of the show, use a good honey for this one. I like raw honey, like this one, just great, rich honey flavor and all the health benefits. 
  • Oatmilk: Yup, the original and this one use oatmilk. I think it goes very well with the flavors. But, use the milk you prefer and have on hand. You’ll need around 1/3 a cup or so. 
  • Half ‘n Half: This gives the drink its deluxe froth on top, very similar to the Philz Honey Haze, which is magical. I used 1/4 cup for this. 
  • Ice: A half cup of ice to shake and another 1/2 cup to 1 cup of ice to serve. I tend to like drinks more ice heavy than many, so I used almost an entire cup of ice to shake and a bit more in the glass. 
  • Shaker: You’ll need something to shake it with. Either a blender cup like I have, a drink shaker, a mason jar with a lid, etc. Use what you have or what’s easy. 

After you’ve gathered all your ingredients, it’s time to get started. 

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How To Make the Honey Oatmilk Shaken Espresso: 

honey shaken espresso

If you want to see how easy it is to make this drink, check out this short video that walks you through it and then cruise down to see the step-by-step instructions. 

  1. Brew 1-2 espresso shots. 
  2. Add espresso, 1-2tbsp of honey, 1/4 cup of half ‘n half, and a cup of ice to a shaker. 
  3. Shake, shake shake!
  4. Add to glass, add more ice if needed. 
  5. Add 1/3 cup of oatmilk or milk of choice. 
  6. Drink and enjoy!

After you shake, you’re going to see a thick layer of the best froth on top. Just look at this: 

honey shaken espresso

All Your Questions Answered: 

honey shaken espresso

Do I have to use espresso? 

Nope, you can use strongly brewed hot coffee and you’ll get a similar result. 

Do I have to use half ‘n half – I’m dairy free? 

No again! You can use whatever milk you like and you’ll still get a frothy and delicious drink. 

Can I use a honey syrup instead? 

Absolutely! You could even make a honey simple syrup that will dissolve even easier into your coffee. 

What is a shaken espresso vs a latte? 

A shaken espresso has less milk than a latte, plus it’s shaken, which agitates the ingredients to create a lovely foam on top. 

How much caffeine does a shaken espresso have? 

It depends on how many espresso shots you choose to put in. Most espresso shots have around 75mg of caffeine each. To figure out how much caffeine is in your favorite coffee drink, check out this post. 


I hope you try this drink and love it. If you’d like to see even more of my easy coffee recipes before they hit the blog, follow me on Instagram!

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