New Philz Coffee Drink: Honey Haze Has Me in a Daze

philz coffee honey haze

Where my Philz lovers at? This one is for you. I recently found a new Philz location near me and pretty much leapt out of my car and ran towards it. It’s still 30 minutes away, but it has much better parking options and is easier to get to off the freeway.

As I raced inside, I was mentally scrolling through my favorite Philz Coffee drinks deciding what I was going to get when I went inside and was smacked in the face with a new drink: Honey Haze.

Honey? Coffee? Cream? SIGN ME UP.

But, since I couldn’t replace my precious Mocha Tesora or Ecstatic Iced Coffee – I was just going to have to get all three. After all, can you ever have too much Philz Coffee?


What Is Philz Coffee Honey Haze?

philz coffee honey haze

Honey Haze starts with freshly brewed Philtered Soul Cold Brew blend, then they add honey and oatmilk. Usually, Philz uses heavy cream in their drinks, unless you request something different, so this is a departure from their norm. Plus, the honey replaces the brown sugar they often use, too, for a softer – yet still sweet – taste.

I thought Honey Haze was absolutely delicious and it ended up being the drink I had the most of. I shared the other two, which were also very good, but the combo in Honey Haze was absolutely perfect. I’ll definitely be making the trip for another one soon.

If you want to make a similar drink at home, check out my new post on how to make an iced oatmilk honey latte at home!

What Makes Philz Coffee Different?

philz coffee honey haze

If you’ve never been to a Philz or stepped inside and didn’t totally understand the magic, it’s pretty simple: they customize each drink to your taste using their own lingo. Plus, they only use coffee as a base, no espresso machines in sight. They use a pour over method to brew just the right amount for your order.  So here’s what you can expect:

Wait in line until a barista is open and calls you over. Order your drink and then walk over the line to pay. Order any food you’d like and pay for everything. Go to the waiting area or bench and your barista will flag you when your drink is ready. In some stores, you are paying before you order now, which works, too. You’ll see when you walk in which way the line is going.

After your drink is ready, you can even take a sip and ask for any additional changes like more cream or more sugar. They’re always super happy to make adjustments.

Because they brew each coffee to order and roast their own blends locally, they have some of the freshest tasting coffee I’ve ever had. Every time I take someone to Philz with me, they have the same reaction as me – they absolutely love it.


There are more drinks to love at Philz! Here’s a great menu, courtesy of Philz, with their other drinks. If you’re lucky enough to be near a Philz, don’t hesitate to order two – trust. me – they’re that good!

philz coffee drinks

I wrote a whole post discussing my favorites which you can read here, or here’s a short list of must-orders:

  • Iced Mint Mojito
  • Iced Mocha Tesora
  • Ecstatic Iced Coffee
  • Honey Haze
  • Iced Coffee Rose


philz mint mojito

Now, on to how to customize your drink so it’s perfect for you. You’ll need to know the lingo.

1. First, you can customize your “cream” and “sweet”. 

Cream options include cream, milk, vanilla soy milk, oat milk and almond milk. If you don’t specify which type, they’ll use heavy whipping cream.

Sweetener options include honey, brown sugar, sugar and artificial sweeteners. If you don’t specify which type you’d like, they use brown sugar (for most of my drinks anyway).

2. When you ask for your cream or sweetener (or both), you have four different levels: light, medium, regular or extra. 

So, you might order like this, “I’d like an Ecstatic Iced Coffee Sweet and Creamy”. This means you’d like the heavy whipping cream and sugar and the regular amount of both.

If you’d like to customize further you could say, “I’d like a mint mojito, light cream and sugar with almond milk and honey.”

3. If you don’t specify what type of cream or sugar, they’ll default to the regular cream and sugar. 


  • Straight Up – You want your drink without any cream or sugar.
  • Philz Way – You want medium cream and medium sugar. If you’re new to Philz, this is a good place to start.
  • Sweet and Creamy – If you like your drink sweeter and don’t want to mess with types of cream and sugar, just start here.

I always order my drinks sweet and creamy. I happen to be somewhat dairy intolerant, but there’s isn’t so much cream that it sets me off. It’s such a rare treat for me to go to Philz, I like to stick to my favorites.


philz coffee

Want to make Philz at home? You’ll want to read our post with the best Philz coffee blends to buy at a store near you and brew at home! Check out that post here. 

What’s your favorite drink at Philz? Have you had the new Honey Haze?

Get roasted,



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