10 Sweet Dutch Bros Coffee Drinks That Are Happiness in a Cup

sweet dutch bros coffee drinks

Dutch Bros might have one of the best lineups of sweet coffee drinks that I’ve ever seen at one place. Of course, you can add syrups and sweeteners to coffee anywhere to get it just right, but the beauty of Dutch Bros is being able to order a certain drink and know that it’s going to be perfect every time. 

Plus, Dutch Bros has an incredible collection of syrups I haven’t found anywhere else, like chocolate macadamia nut and Irish cream, for a range of sweet drink options that is unparalleled. 

So, today, for all my sweet coffee lovers, I’m sharing the best drinks to order at Dutch Bros – as well as some customization options that are available to you. But, if at all possible, order these exactly as created, because that’s when they taste the best. 

Best Sweet Dutch Bros Coffee Drinks: 

Sometimes you just need the caffeine and other times you want dessert in a cup. There’s no judgement here; I love a delicious sweet coffee drink and Dutch Bros has some of my all-time, absolute favorites.

Remember that you can up the sweetness in any of these drinks by doing the following:

  • Add more of the syrups in the drinks
  • Adding breve in place of milk, which has a creamier texture and brings out the sweet flavors
  • Adding soft top (their version of cold foam, which is like a heavy cream/marshmallow cream texture and flavor – it’s AMAZING)
  • Adding whip (wouldn’t add on top of soft top – would pick one)
  • Adding drizzle to the cup and top

Here they are – in no particular order: 

1. Campout Cold Brew with Soft Top: 

dutch bros campout cold brew

This is like a liquid s’more and the soft top has a bit of a melted marshmallow texture to it. It’s all good things mixed together. Happiness in a cup. 

Campout Cold Brew uses their chocolate milk base, with coffee and their toasted ‘mellow flavor syrup. So, literally – a s’more, people. It’s a s’more. Can you stand it? It’s amazing!

Learn more about the Campout Cold Brew in this detailed post. 

2. Golden Eagle Breve: 

dutch bros golden eagle

Easily one of the best coffee drinks at any coffee shop right now. This one combines caramel, vanilla, Dutch Bros breve milk, ice and caramel drizzle for a match made in heaven. 

So good, we wrote a whole post about how much we love it. 

3. Cookie Dough Cold Brew with Soft Top: 

dutch bros cookie dough cold brew

One of the newest drinks at DB and well worth sitting in line for. They use the chocolate chip cookie dough syrup that I immediately bought after trying this, mixed with their house chocolate milk, coffee, ice, and topped with soft top and cookie crumbles. 

If you love cookie dough, get thee to Dutch Bros or read the whole post about this drink. 

4. Annihilator: 

dutch bros annihilator with soft top

I’ve heard from many DB lovers that this is their go-to. Don’t let the name scare you, this one goes down smooth, thanks to the combo of chocolate macadamia nut syrup, smooth cold brew and breve milk. 

To learn more about this drink and why so many people love it, head to this post. 

5. The Caramelizer Cold Brew: 

dutch bros caramelizer

While I’ve had their Caramelizer before, I’d never had it with their cold brew and as a big fan of Twix and the chocolate/caramel pairing, it sounded like the perfect treat for an overcast day.

The base of the drink is the Dutch Bros cold brew, then it is mixed with their exclusive chocolate milk, caramel sauce and your choice of topping – which should be the soft top, friends. Always get the soft top. 

The flavor is like a well-balanced mocha. It was such a refreshing drink that I decided to write a whole post about it, so if you’re looking for a new drink to try at Dutch Bros – the Caramelizer Cold Brew might be for you.

6. Blended Snickers: 

dutch bros secret menu snickers

This secret menu drink is so good! You can get it iced or blended and you can also add toppings like soft top and whip for even more sweetness.

If you are a fan of the Snickers candy bar, you’re going to love this one. It has their chocolate milk base, iced coffee and three syrups: caramel, chocolate, and hazelnut. Plus, you can add whip, soft top and/or drizzles to make it your own. I added whip and didn’t get the drizzles, although a chocolate and caramel drizzle would’ve made this look even more Snickers-y.

You can read more about this drink in this post. 

7. Orange Groove Cold Brew: 

orange groove cold brew

This one had a moment on the new menu and now it’s not advertised anymore, but they can still make it for you. This was my go-to drink for a few months, because the orange is so refreshing without being annoying. It also has black sugar, which doesn’t make a very noticeable impact on the flavor, but plays very nicely with all of the ingredients.

The soft top is a must-have here, because it infuses each sip with some sweetness and creaminess. The soft top at Dutch Bros is a miraculous concoction that tastes like sweet cold foam mixed with marshmallow cream and it sits on top of the coffee without getting runny or blending in too much, which means each sip is just as perfect as the one before.

8. Dirty Christmas Morning Chai:

dirty christmas morning chai

The Christmas Morning Chai is unbelievably good. This drink even converted my cousin, who told me she doesn’t like chai (gasp! shock! horror!). They use a similar base to the Golden Eagle and add their chai mix for an incredibly addicting drink. But, while the black tea adds caffeine, it’s not technically a coffee drink. 

So, you’re going to make it dirty. Have you had a dirty chai? You add a shot (or more) of espresso to it and it takes the whole drink to the next level. The spices in the chai and the coffee are meant to be together. 

Read more about the Christmas Morning Chai in this post, but remember to add a shot of espresso if you want it dirty.  Or, to read the best chai drinks on the menu (all of which can be made dirty), check out this post.

9. White Chocolate Mocha Cold Brew:

white chocolate mocha cold brew

The White Chocolate Mocha Cold Brew is a delicious chocolate drink that mixes white and chocolate milk syrups with cold brew coffee. This is a cold brew coffee take on the classic tuxedo drink. I don’t know about you, but the Tuxedo is a long-standing favorite of mine, because the white and milk chocolate pair so nicely together. In the Dutch Bros version, they use their chocolate milk, plus cold brew coffee, and add white chocolate syrup.

I do recommend adding some breve, cream and/or soft top to it to give it a bit more of a creamy texture and bring out the sweetness. In the picture, I did not add breve and I missed it. Without it, it’s very much like a lightly flavored iced coffee. Or, you can get the soft top and that will also give it a bit more creaminess. 

10. Dutch Bros Cookies & Creme Breve: 

dutch bros cookies and cream breve

I recently visited my happy place: Dutch Bros. I was hoping to get another Candy Cane Cold Brew, but alas, they are already gone from the holiday menu. So, in my deep grief and sadness, I asked the broista to make a recommendation for me and they said, “Have you had the cookies and cream breve?”

No sir, no I have not. They described it, adding that it has white coffee, which has extra caffeine and I said, “Stop right there and order that coffee.” 

It turned out to be such a pretty coffee drink that I had to take some pics before starting to slurp and then after I tasted it, I knew I had to share it with all of my coffee-loving readers. 

The Cookes & Cream Breve uses a white coffee espresso base with their breve milk (similar to half ‘n half), white chocolate syrup, and chocolate drizzle on the cup. The combo really does taste like…cookies and cream. I did find that I needed to stir this one up to mix the flavors, otherwise I was getting a lot of cream at once, but once I stirred it, the flavor profile was absolutely delicious. 

If you like Oreo cookies or cookies and cream ice cream, this is a match made in heaven for you. Read more about this drink in this post.

Customization Options at Dutch Bros:

dutch bros iced coffee

Dutch Bros makes each drink to order and they are super accommodating to customizations. Here are some of the ways you can make each drink your own:

  • Choice of milk: Dutch Bros has lots of milk options, including oatmilk, soy milk, almond milk, etc. If your drink has chocolate milk in it and you swap the milk, they’ll use your milk of choice and add chocolate to it. I find that this changes the flavors of their chocolate drinks more than the other drinks, because each barista is going to add that chocolate differently. So, if possible, order chocolate based drinks with their chocolate milk.
  • Syrups: Add or take away syrups or ask for sugar-free. Dutch Bros has the largest collection of sugar-free syrups I’ve seen. For more info on the keto and sugar-free options at Dutch Bros, read this post.
  • Toppings: you can add soft top, whip, and/or drizzle (syrup) on top. Go for it. Just remember to factor that in to your nutritional facts if you care about that sort of thing.
  • Size: You have three choices: small, medium and large.
  • Temperature: If using cold brew, you have two options: iced or blended.

Dutch Bros is really exceptional in their willingness to make that coffee just how you like it, so don’t be shy. But, also know that customizations can come at a price. Oatmilk is extra and so is the soft top, etc., so don’t be surprised if those changes add up to an $8.00 coffee drink. Ouch!

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