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atlas coffee club

If you watch my Instagram or TikTok stories, you’ll see that we recently upgraded our coffee grinder to this beauty. I did a ton of research before choosing this one and we are thrilled with it so far. A great grinder really does improve the taste of your coffee, which is why I kept hearing that the grinder is the most important item on your coffee bar. But, this isn’t the only thing we’ve upgraded recently. 

Before Christmas, I signed my husband up for the Atlas Coffee Club subscription, which is a customizable coffee club that ships coffee straight to your door. We’ve been buying whole bean coffee from Target or a local coffee shop and didn’t think there was much room for improvement, but boy were we wrong. After the first box came from Atlas, we were completely hooked. My husband may have even said, “This is the best coffee I’ve ever had in my life.” Considering I’m the one with the flare for drama in this relationship, this was extremely high praise. 

I’ve waited a couple more months before sharing our experience with Atlas with you, to make sure that I recommend something that I truly stand behind. So, if you’ve been looking for more info on Atlas Coffee Club, or you’re just here for the coupon code, keep reading because I’m going to spill the beans (pun intended).

What is Atlas Coffee Club?

atlas coffee club

Atlas curates amazing micro-lot coffees from around the world, from places like Tanzania, Kenya, Colombia & beyond. Then, they roast the coffee and deliver it to your door.

There are a lot of ways to customize the subscription to fit exactly what you need, how much, and when. For example, you start by choosing between whole bean, ground, Keurig compatible pods, or Nespresso Original compatible pods (not for Vertuoline machines). Then, you select the typical way that you brew your coffee. For us, this was pour over, but you can also select that you use multiple brew methods. After that, you select your roast preferences. I chose light to medium. You also get to decide how many bags you want and how often. For this, you can choose between 1, 2, 3, 4 or even 1/2 a bag and you can have it shipped every 2 or 4 weeks. Right now, I have us on the 3 bags every 4 weeks plan. I started us on 2 bags, but we loved it so much, we stopped buying other types of coffee and only wanted to use this, so we needed more. 

If you want to try out Atlas Coffee Club, feel free to use my referral code which will give us both $10 off our next shipment. I find their prices to be exceptionally reasonable, particularly because of how good and fresh the coffee is, but also because of the convenience to customize the subscription. We’ve tried some other coffee subscriptions in the past, and while we liked those, Atlas has absolutely been our favorite. 

A note for espresso drinkers: If you’re using beans to make espresso, you may want to have your shipments come every 2 weeks. You’re always going to pull better shots and have an easier time dialing in the beans if you’re using the freshest beans possible. 

Our Atlas Coffee Box: 

My first three shipments were for 2 bags of whole, light to medium roast, coffee beans every 4 weeks. I snapped a couple of pictures to show you how the coffee box looks when it arrives. The coffee bags always have a vibrant, unique design that reflects that location from where the coffee was sourced. They also include a card that has information on the roast, the location where the beans were sourced, and the tasting notes. I love seeing this information, personally. Plus the transparency is refreshing. 

atlas coffee club

Honestly, when you break the seal on the coffee bags, that fresh roasted coffee smell is unreal. These beans smell so good. So much better than anything we were buying locally, even when we were paying more for it. In fact, it reminds me of when we were lucky enough to try Onyx Coffee Lab blends. I wish we lived closer to an Onyx, because that would be a permanent fixture in our bean rotation. 

Atlas Coffee Club: Honest Review

atlas coffee club

We have enjoyed our Atlas Coffee Club subscription a lot more than we though we would. That’s why we’ve upped our subscription from 2 bags to 3. It’s really been a great addition to our coffee obsession. In fact, it’s made me want to get a new drip coffee machine, so I can brew a half pot in the morning and let the aroma fill the house. My husband is a huge fan of the box and has repeatedly told me how much he enjoys the coffee. Considering he doesn’t usually notice much of a difference, that is huge praise. 

If you’re interested in trying Atlas out for yourself, you can use my referral code and we both save $10! 

Have you tried Atlas or any other coffee subscription?

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