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Are you a Substack fan? I find the idea fascinating! That’s why I’ve decided to join Substack this year and start creating my own online publication for subscribers. 

Keep reading to learn all about my new What The Froth Substack, how you can subscribe, and what to expect!

What is Substack? 

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Substack is like a combination of a blog, a website, and a newsletter, all in one. It’s super easy for creators to start one and get writing, without all of the fuss of having to find hosting, load a bunch of apps (like security apps, etc.) and then get separate newsletters set up, etc. I’m currently helping a relative start their own blog and it’s been weeks of working on it and they still don’t have it up and running. Blogs are a lot more expensive and time consuming to create and run than people realize and we are constantly getting hit with algorithm changes that can completely change our blog post rankings overnight. 

Substack is a subscriber based platform where readers subscribe to our page and then receive an email notification when anything new is posted. This means that you’re always up on the latest posts from your favorite creators without having to check their sites. 

Major Benefits of Substack: 

First and foremost: Substack is ad free. So, you won’t have to worry about slow loading images that are hidden behind clunky ads or pop up ads that freeze your phone. These ads are a necessary evil for blogs, because they help offset the cost and time of running the blog, but Substack offers you an easy alternative. You can join as a free subscriber and read what is put out for free or pay the small subscriber fee to have access to all content on a creator’s Substack – ad free. 

Sort of like when you’re reading a news article on sites that will allow you to read one or two articles for free and then you have to pay for a subscription to keep reading. Substack allows creators to offer a similar service, while also choosing how much their subscriptions are going to cost (more on this later).

I’ve received a lot of messages since starting the blog from readers who are very annoyed with the reading experience on most blogs or dealing with fast-paced coffee reels on social media. So, in response to this, I released a coffee ebook for readers who don’t want to scroll through a ton of posts, deal with ads, or watch a coffee reel 15 times to get the recipe down.

But, I’ve created so many more recipes since the creation of that ebook and have been trying to figure out what to do – do I release more ebooks for readers who prefer them? Do I just keep posting? My Substack will be like an ongoing recipe book where you can always get the newest, most updated recipes, ad free, in one spot. 

How To Subscribe to Substack:

To join my Substack as a subscriber (free or paid), you can just click this link right here. Then, put in your information and voila! You’ll be notified whenever new posts go up and you’ll have the access that your account allows. 

For paid subscribers who want access to everything – all of the new recipes, all the new tips and tricks, everything, in an ad-free, easy to read format – I set the subscription price at the absolute lowest price possible, which is $5.00 USD a month. 

If you know you’ll be hanging out with me longer than a month, you can save money by joining for a year subscription, which I set at the lowest price available at $50.00 a year, which saves you $10.00 from the monthly option!

I hope this is a new way to share all of my content in an ad free, less annoying, way that gives you all the good stuff without the headache. 

Even if you never want to spend a dime on a Substack subscription, I hope you’ll join me as a FREE subscriber who can access all of the FREE content there, without ads and without annoying social media reels that give you a headache. 

Join My Coffee Substack Here

To learn more about why I’m starting a Substack, head there to read my first free post. I hope to see you there!

Get roasted, 


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