12 Best Coffee Grinders from $20 and up!

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I recently read an article by a coffee pro saying that the most important coffee gear you buy is the coffee grinder. They said it’s even more important than the machine, which really surprised me. I get tempted to buy all these fancy espresso makers and machines and hearing that made me think that maybe it’s really all about the basics. Good beans, perfect grind. 

So, even though we upgraded our grinder a year or two ago – and have been happier with it – we’ve already stepped it up again. Maybe you are, too. If that’s you – take a look at the best coffee grinders from $20 and up. 

Best Coffee Grinders for All Budgets: 

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1. AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder – 

A simple coffee bean grinder for the entry level coffee maker. You press the button and watch it grind until it looks about right. Although you may struggle with it if you’re making espresso. We honestly used a grinder like this for years and it was just fine until we leveled up to regularly making pour overs. 

2. OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

For under $100, you can get this solid, award-winning, easy-to-use, coffee grinder. I like that it has a stianless steel grounds container that will fight static. Plus, it has 38 easy settings and holds 12oz. of coffee beans. A great middle-range coffee grinder for the home coffee maker 

3. KitchenAid Burr Coffee Grinder – 

This retro style coffee grinder will look adorable on your counter and offer you a solid coffee grinder. It offers precise control to make it easy to get the grind right every time. The slim design will fit in small kitchens without taking up a ton of counter space, and there are several colors to choose from, too.

4. Cuisinart OneTouch Automatic Burr Coffee Grinder – 

Make life easy with this automatic one-touch coffee grinder that costs less than most grinders on this list. Tons of great reviews confirm that this coffee grinder is easy to use and works great. This is an excellent choice if you make pots of coffee for large groups, because the removable grind chamber holds enough ground coffee for 32-cups. Yum.

5. Fellow Opus Conical Burr Coffee Grinder – 

Fellow is one of the major players in the coffee gear industry and their Opus grinder is a great representation of their line that doubles as counter art. This is a beautiful, beautiful grinder that is going to offer high-end features for the coffee lover. I have several Fellow products and we love and use them all the time. Their grinder is next on my list. Comes in a chic matte white or black. 

6. Breville Smart Grinder Pro Coffee Bean Grinder – 

Our new grinder! This is a highly rated, fantastic choice for you if you want the option to use an espresso portafilter or a cup for pour over/drip coffee makers! Grind directly into your portafilter for one less step and less clean-up by using the included attachments. Plus, 60 grind settings will make it so easy to find the perfect one to dial in the best shots. We recently got this in the gorgeous pearlescent white called “sea salt” and we are astounded at how much quieter, faster, and better it is. Our coffee is tasting better than ever!! Highly recommend. 

7. Baratza Sette 30 Conical Burr Grinder – 

Moving into high end grinders with the lovely Baratza, an award winning grinder that coffee professionals love. With it’s modern, artistic design, it offers 30 steps of adjustment for the perfect grind and low retention for less waste between grind cycles. You can grind directly into a portafilter or the included cup. This is considered the mid-level Baratza grinder, so if you’re looking for something even fancier, check out the other models that are even more feature rich. 

8. Bodum Bistro Coffee Grinder – 

We’ve been using this one for the past year and it was definitely a step up from the basic one we used forever. However, the static with the cup and the mess it makes it a little annoying. We are prepping to graduate to the next level soon, but I would recommend this for people in our situation. You make drip or pour over coffee regularly and want to be able to control the grind a little bit more than the basic grinders allow. I would not recommend this, though, if you’re making large pots of coffee or espresso. 

9. SMEG Retro Style Coffee Grinder –

I love SMEG’s line of coffee gear. This coffee grinder is a great example. Available in four aethetically pleasing colors (but red is my favorite), this coffee grinder can sit right out on the counter for whenever you are itching for another cup of joe. 30 grind levels will make it easy to whip up any style of coffee you drink. Reviewers say it is quieter, faster, and smoother than grinders in a similar price point. 

10. Zwilling Enfinigy Coffee Bean Grinder –

Another beautiful grinder that blends form and function. Zwilling is another respected player in the coffee game. The Enfinigy brings German design and innovative engineering with 140 easily adjustable grind options and a generous 12-cup capacity for crowd-pleasing service. It’s compatible with the Enfinigy Drip Coffee Maker, too.

11. Eureka Mignon Libra Espresso Grinder – 

Eureka! This is a chic AF grinder that is going to level up your espresso game. For serious coffee drinkers only, because this is an investment piece that is built to give you the best–but you’ll pay for that. Although, if you add up all those coffee trips, it’ll still pay for itself in a year or less. Not a bad deal or the best espresso shots ever whenever you want them. There are so many features here, it’s hard to pick the ones to mention, but the standouts to me were the patent pending system that allows you to grind by weight, the 55mm flat burrs for extremely high productivity, and the silent technology with anti-vibration. Genius. 

12. Eureka Atom Espresso Grinder – 

You want the best of the best. You want all the bells and whistles. You want an exclusive espresso grinder that’ll look beautiful on your counter and deliver professional results. You want the Eureka Atom, delivered in three chic colors. 

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Do you love your coffee grinder? Which one of these is on your wish list? 

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