Make This Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cold Brew STAT

cinnamon toast crunch cold brew

My favorite cereal ever is Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Who’s with me? Seriously, though, is there anything better than little crunchy pieces of cereal coated in cinnamon and sugar drenched in milk? The answer is no – no there isn’t. 

So, it’s probably no surprise that many of my coffee concoctions feature cinnamon in them. 

And that’s why when I spotted this Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cinnadust topping, I had to make a coffee with it. Since then, I’ve been sprinkling this Cinnadust on everything – from breads to popcorn. It’s so good. 

But, you’re here for the coffee, so let’s get started!

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cold Brew Ingredients: 

Here’s what you’ll need to gather to make this recipe: 

  • Cinnamon Simple Syrup – This sweet cinnamon syrup is going to flavor your coffee with that cinnamon sugar flavor we all love from the cereal. I made my own and you can find that recipe here. I added 1/4 tsp of vanilla to it this time and it was delish. You can also buy a cinnamon vanilla simple syrup, too. 
  • Cold Brew Coffee – Whether you make it or buy, make sure to have around 1 cup of cold brew or iced coffee on hand. I did a round-up of storebought cold brew coffees to find the best and you can read that one here. You can also use concentrated cold brew coffee that you mix with water. I also taste tested a bunch of those and have that post here. For this recipe, I used my favorite cold brew coffee – Stok cold brew. 
  • Milk of Choice – You’ll be adding some milk to your frother. Use any milk of choice here. I used half ‘n half, because it doesn’t change the flavor at all and the cinnamon shines through. I also really like oatmilk with cinnamon drinks. You’ll need about 1/4 cup of milk.
  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cinnadust – Yup, you’re going to be topping your coffee with this magical concoction. So good. 
  • Ice, Ice, Baby – I used about 1 cup of ice here. I am a huge fan of lots of ice. If you’re not, do what works for you. I know some people who refuse to put ice in their cold brew. If you are using hot coffee, you’ll need to cool the coffee before adding it to the ice or it will melt it and water it down too much. 


  • Milk Frother – Whether you are using a hand frother or an electric milk frother, the result will be the same. You could just add milk that isn’t frothed, too, and the flavor profile would be the same, just a different texture. Either way is good. If you need some help picking a frother, check out this post with frothers from $20 and upIn this recipe, I used this Maestri House Milk Frother, which I really like because the carafe comes off and makes it really easy to pour. 
  • Cold Brew Coffee Maker – There are so many ways to make cold brew coffee. You can buy it pre-made. You can use cold brew coffee packs you drop into a carafe of water and leave for 20 hours. You can grind coffee beans and use a cold brew pitcher. Or, you can brew hot coffee and refrigerate it for iced coffee (brew it strong). 

That’s it! Pretty simple! Once you have all your ingredients, putting this together will be no big deal. Also, affiliate links are used above for products I use and bought myself. If you make a purchase through my links, I may receive a commission at no cost to you. Cheers!

How To Make Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cold Brew Coffee: 

I put together a little video for you to get you excited about this delicious drink: 


  1. Start by adding ice to a glass. About one cup of ice is what I used. 
  2. Add 2 tbsp of the cinnamon syrup. This is for sweet, but not too sweet. Add more or less on your preference.
  3. Add 3/4 to 1 cup of cold brew coffee. 
  4. Froth 1/4 cup milk and 1-2 more tbsp of syrup
  5. Add milk foam to your coffee
  6. Sprinkle with Cinnadust
  7. Drink!

Seriously so easy!

Making Cinnamon Simple Syrup: 

I do have a whole post on this, but I also shared quickly how I make it in a recent Instagram video for my Cinnamon Dolce Latte recipe. It’s at the beginning of this video if you want to watch it really quick: 


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You can find the full recipe for this cinnamon syrup here, too. 

I hope you’ll try Cinnadust after reading this! Let me know what you think. Tag me over @whatthefrothblog. 

Get roasted, 


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