24 Dutch Bros Rebels You’ll Love + Secret Menu Drinks!

dutch bros rebel

The Rebel is the Dutch Bros answer to the energy drink. They have their own energy drink base that they use to create tasty energy drinks that’ll give you that energy boost without the coffee. But, just because these Rebel drinks taste like Italian sodas, doesn’t mean you want to drink five in a row. They pack a hefty punch, with 80mg of caffeine per can, which puts the caffeine content above a soda, but below a Monster energy drink. To put that into perspective, I drink at least one coffee a day and when I drink a Rebel, I feel the kick. 

Whether you’re new to trying the Rebel or you’re a devoted fan and just want something new to try, such as a secret menu Rebel drink, there’s something on this list for you. We’ve been trying all sorts of Rebels to come up with a great list that will inspire even the most die-hard Rebel drinker. 

And, while we love sharing great Dutch Bros drink ideas, occasionally a drink we suggest is no longer available due to seasonal syrup option. So, you may want to have a backup drink ready to go if that happens to you. 

And, for more tips on how to customize your Rebel and more drink option info, scroll to the bottom. 

24 Best Rebel Flavors: 


dutch bros rebel

Is this a fan favorite or a secret menu drink? It’s hard to tell. At our local Dutch Bros, this drink is so popular, all of the baristas know it as soon as you say it. This cup of sunshine is made with the Rebel energy drink base and four syrups: Peach, Pomegranate, Passion Fruit and Mango. Or, you can say Peach, Pom, Passion & Mango for short.

It tastes like a trip to Hawaii – like a vacation in a cup – like the perfect juice blend. I like to get mine blended and it tastes like the perfect adult slushie.

I’ve tried a lot of rebel flavors and this is by far my favorite.

2. Aftershock Rebel: 

dutch bros rebel

This one reminds me of an old school Italian soda that I used to get at a little Italian cafe when I was a teenager. Ahh, the good ol’ days when I could drink a cup with 100 grams of sugar and my body had no reaction. Nowadays, it’s a treat for me to get a drink like this, but when I do – I sure do appreciate every sip. This drink has the Rebel base combined with strawberry, blackberry, raspberry and lime. It tasted sort of like a grown-up Fanta soda.

You can remove the lime if you want, which will make it a bit sweeter. I think the lime adds a nice edge to it, though, so it’s not too berry soda-ish.

3. Ray of Sunshine Rebel: 

dutch bros rebel

The name does this justice: it’s a happy drink that tastes great and will likely bring a smile to your face. The syrup combo is blackberry, peach and grapefruit and they play very nicely together. It’s not as sweet as the #1 pick on this list, but I also wouldn’t call it sour. It’s a happy medium and very good.

If you’re new to DB Rebels, this is a great entry point Rebel to get you excited about it, too. Delicious blended on a hot summer day.

4. Vampire Slayer Rebel: 

dutch bros rebel

Cool name for a colorful drink. The Vampire Slayer is a deep red concoction that starts with the flavorless Rebel energy drink base and then they add strawberry and pomegranate syrups. I love just straight strawberry syrups (can you guess that I also loved strawberry Fanta sodas as a kid?), so I gravitated towards this one over the Unicorn Blood. I also liked how the pomegranate syrup toned down the strawberry, but still added that fruity flavor.

My favorite Rebel drinks do have pomegranate syrup in it, so I’m a fan of the pom and like how it plays with the slight taste of the Rebel energy drink. A medium Vampire Slayer does boast 101g of sugar, so you might be slaying your daily sugar intake as well when you order this one. 

5. Daydream Rebel with Soft Top: 

dutch bros rebel

This is a seasonal Rebel drink and it comes with the soft top. I used to never get soft tops on Rebels. If you haven’t had the DB soft top, it’s like a cold foam mixed with marshmallow cream. It’s extremely delicious on any coffee, but you can put it on Rebels, too.

But, in the interest of being open-minded, I decided to order this drink exactly as designed without any modifications so that I could give it an honest review.

The verdict? DELICIOUS. The soft top gives it a bit of a cream soda vibe. But, the mix of elderflower and passionfruit Rebel flavors has a bit of a sour patch kids taste to it. It’s definitely a bit on the tart side and then the creamy, sweet soft top cuts the sour and gives it a sweet note. 

6. Shark Bite Rebel: 

dutch bros rebel

One of the most popular Rebels–and for good reason, it tastes like a liquid grape Jolly Rancher. Very good. The Shark Bite is a very cool looking Rebel that has a tart grape taste. The syrup combo is blue raspberry, coconut, lime and pomegranate drizzle.

It’s not too sweet and not too sour. If you like grape flavor, you’ll love this, because the flavors combined create a bit of a grape taste.

I really like this one blended.

7. Unicorn Blood Rebel: 

dutch bros rebel

A memorable name for sure and I’m not totally sure it fits the way the drink tastes, either. The Unicorn Blood Rebel is made with the Dutch Bros Rebel base and strawberry and almond syrups, as well as white chocolate sauce. 

My opinions? It has a tropical fruit flavor to it. One taster described it as a “liquid Starburst”. My personal favorite syrup to use in sodas and Rebels is strawberry, but the almond and white chocolate tone down the flavor of it and soften it in a way that is really nice. A fan favorite for good reason.

Even More Dutch Bros Rebels:

We’ve reached the end of the Rebels I’ve taken pictures of. I always kick myself when I order a drink and don’t take pics before drinking it, but that’s how it goes sometimes. Don’t dismiss these flavors because I don’t have pictures! There are so many delicious Rebels and you could easily work your way down this list to find your own. I’ll update these with my own pictures when I drink them again.

8. Electric Berry Rebel: 

The Electric Berry Lemonade is my kids’ favorite lemonade flavor and the Rebel has a very similar flavor profile, just without the added sweetness and tartness from the lemonade. The Electric Berry Rebel Energy Drink is a vibrant mix of lime syrup and blue raspberry syrup, with the Rebel energy base. dd

It doesn’t sound like it’d be a winner, but it really is. For 18 Dutch Bros lemonade flavors to try, head to this post.

9. Double Rainbro Rebel: 

Another delicious Rebel, this one with strawberry syrup, peach syrup and coconut syrup. This one tastes like vacation and I feel like we could also use that in our lives, right? 

Sometimes Dutch Bros pairs flavors that surprise me at first and then I try them and I’m like, yes, you know what you’re doing. This was one of those pairings for me. 

10. Midnight Rebel: 

Two of my favorite syrups are blackberry and pomegranate and this one combines them both with the Rebel base. It’s a classic, delicious combination that I turn to when my brain is fried and I just can’t make another decision. 

If you add the soft top, it’ll give it that cream soda vibe and it is delicious. 

11. Orangesicle Rebel – Secret Menu Pick: 

One of my favorite sodas at Dutch Bros is the Orangesicle. It is absolutely delicious. I take that same flavor profile and put it with the Rebel base sometimes, too, and it’s one for the books. They combine orange and vanilla syrups with the Rebel base and don’t forget the soft top for that cream flavor. This is a don’t miss Rebel. 

12. Sweet Sunrise Rebel: 

If peach, pom, passion, mango is too sweet, then try out Sweet Sunrise, which adds in orange and banana. The syrups added to the Rebel base in this one are peach, passion Fruit, orange, and banana. So, if you’re looking for something in between the Orangesicle and Ray of Sunshine – try this one. 

13. Red, White & Blue Rebel: 

Let freedom ring, with this Rebel that blows up around July 4th every year, thanks to the combination of raspberry, blue raspberry, and white chocolate syrups and sauces. If it’s layered, it gets that look of those layered popsicles where you can see each of the colors. They usually feature this one around Independence Day for that reason. 

14. OG Gummybear Rebel: 

Gummybear is a flavor profile you’ll see on a variety of drink lists for Dutch Bros, but they combine it with the Rebel base as well. It uses pomegranate, passion fruit, watermelon and grapefruit flavors together and it very much tastes kind of like…a gummy bear! Sweet and a little bit tart. 

15. Galaxy Fish Rebel: 

This one has two flavors from the Aftershock: strawberry and lime, but with passion fruit syrup as well! It’s a really unique combination that is going to make you sit back and go, “Hmm.” Then, you’ll drink more to try to figure it out and realize that it’s just really refreshing and delicious. 

16. Dinosaur Egg Rebel: 

A fun one to order around Easter, why? I don’t know – I just think of all things eggs around Easter. But this one has a really fun combination of flavors, along with drizzles on top, which add a flavor punch. This one uses the Rebel base with blue raspberry syrup only and strawberry, white chocolate, and almond drizzle on top. So, a lot of the flavor is in the drizzle and it drips down into the drink and infuses every sip with a unique flavor, like a grown up scavenger hunt.

17. Holly Jolly Rebel: 


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A fun seasonal Rebel you could probably order outside of the holidays (without the sprinkles). Comes with strawberry and pomegranate syrups with the soft top and green sprinkles (during the holidays). Just the addition of that soft top is a gamechanger, folks. 

18. Astronaut Rebel: 


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Loving the layers on this Astronaut Rebel. It really does look like a picture of space! It has blackberry, raspberry and almond syrups. Delicious! 

19. High Dive Rebel: 



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The High Dive Lemonade is an all-star drink – seriously one of the best drinks I’ve ever had. Take that flavor profile and add it to the Rebel base for this addicting energy drink. The High Dive Rebel has peach, pomegranate and tropical Fruit syrups – a blend of passion fruit, guava, orange and pineapple. It’s so flavorful, with some sweetness and some sour flavors, too. Really delightful. 

20. Cherry Blossom Rebel – Secret Menu:


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The Cherry Blossom Rebel is a unique drink that combine the Rebel energy base with white chocolate and cherry syrups! The two together are a match made in heaven. 

21. Laser Cat Rebel: 


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A refreshing blend of raspberry and coconut syrups combined with the Rebel energy base makes the Laser Cat Rebel a popular choice for many! If you are a coconut lover, this one is going to be a fave for you. 

22. Eclipse Rebel:

Get ready for a flavor explosion. Eclipse boasts two syrups: peach and passion fruit with two drizzles: blackberry and blue raspberry. The combo is both sweet and sour and totally delicious. 

23. Irish Cream Soft Top Rebel: 

A seasonal drink for St. Patrick’s Day, the Irish cream Rebel has lime and blue raspberry syrups with Dutch Bros’ limited time orange and blue raspberry Soft Top! It’s a don’t miss for Rebel lovers!

24. Majestic Forest Rebel: 

If you don’t want to order this one based on the name alone, I don’t know what to tell you, lol. This one uses the Rebel energy base with blackberry, blue raspberry and kiwi syrups. Yup, you heard that right: kiwi. I didn’t even know that was a syrup option, but it is friends and you can have it in the Majestic Forest Rebel. 

4 Tips for Ordering the Rebel: 

Now that you’ve made it through this monster list of Rebel flavors to try, let’s talk about your options when ordering the Rebel. 

1. Choose Your Size: 

The Rebel is available in three sizes, small, medium and large. 

  • Small – 16 ounces
  • Medium – 24 ounces
  • Large – 32 ounces

2. Choose Your Type: 

You can order your Rebel iced or blended. Both are good, just depends on if you want it to be more like a soda or a slushie. 

3. Choose Your Syrups: 

You can use the created drinks for inspiration or just make a combo of your own favorite flavors. It will be more affordable to choose a created drink, though. Dutch Bros also has one of the most extensive sugar-free syrups lists I’ve ever seen. For more info on their sugar-free syrups, read this post. 

4. Choose Your Toppings: 

Add soft top, add drizzle, whipped cream, or even a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top or don’t add any toppings at all. It’s your choice. Some of these will have an extra charge, though. 

That’s it! Plus, if you run into any snags, the Dutch Bros broistas are super friendly and helpful. 


Did you find some new flavors you wanted to try? Make sure to tag us on Instagram if you try one of these flavors @whatthefrothblog. 

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