18 Best Dutch Bros Lemonades + Our Top 5 Picks!

best dutch bros lemonades

Do you love a refreshing lemonade, especially in the heat of summer? Then, you will love that Dutch Bros takes the lemonade and makes it extra with the inclusion of different syrups and toppings. 

They have over 25 lemonade drinks on the menu and you can create countless more lemonade drinks using their expansive shelf of syrups. 

My favorite thing to do when trying to find my favorite drink at Dutch Bros is to ask their broistas for their recommendations. This is how I discovered the best tasting Rebel of all time (a custom drink) and many more of their best drinks. 

I started tasting lemonades, ordering both off the menu and trying out their advertised drinks to create this list of the best lemonade based drinks at Dutch Bros. 

So, if you’re looking for the perfect lemonade drink -and a great non-caffeinated drink option that is great for kids, too – look no further. We are the Dutch Bros experts and these are the best lemonades at DB. 

Our Top 5 Picks for Best Lemonade Drinks at Dutch Bros: 

There are plenty of lemonades to choose from, but we’re going to share out absolute top pick with you first. This lemonade is like sunshine in a cup.

1. High Dive Lemonade: 

caffeine free drinks at dutch bros

The flavors all work so well together. If you are a fan of a sweet/sour combo, order it as designed. If you don’t like that little sour taste, then get it without the drizzle on top. The flavor combination is lemonade with peach and pomegranate syrups, with a Tropical Fruit drizzle on top that is a blend of passion fruit, guava, orange and pineapple. 

This flavor combo also comes with the Rebel energy base. To read more about it and all 24 Rebel drinks to try, head to this post here.

2. Blue Raspberry Lemonade: 

caffeine free drinks at dutch bros

Another winner, the blue raspberry is a little bit sweet, a little bit tart and can be ordered with the same Tropical Fruit drizzle as the High Dive. I like it without the drizzle, personally. The flavor combination is lemonade with blue raspberry syrup. Simple, but delicious. 

3. Palm Beach Lemonade: 


Tastes like a vacation in a cup, the Palm Beach Lemonade combines pomegranate, peach and lemonade for a refreshing drink you’ll want again and again. A very simple taste profile to the best Rebel we’ve ever had, this is on regular rotation over here when we’re in the mood for a lemonade. Add pomegranate drizzle to take it next level. 

4. Hyperchrome Lemonade: 

A kind broista told us this was their favorite and they weren’t kidding, it’s now one of our favorites. Lemonade is combined with orange, passionfruit, and pomegranate flavors for a sweet and fruity lemonade. We were actually surprised by how much we liked this one, since I wouldn’t have thought of orange syrup with lemonade as a winner. 

5. Ray of Sunshine Lemonade: 

Ray of Sunshine can also be made as a Rebel and both are good, but the lemonade really adds something extra. This drink combines blackberry, peach and grapefruit with lemonade for a slightly tart lemonade that is perfect for a hot summer day. 

More Delicious Dutch Bros Lemonades To Try: 

6. Tiger’s Blood: 

best dutch bros lemonades

A simple blend of lemonade, strawberry and coconut syrups give this a delicious flavor that is very good. You can taste the coconut, though, so if you’re not a huge coconut fan, this one isn’t for you. 

7. Strawberry Lemonade: 

A classic drink that any Dutch Bros can whip up. They’ll mix strawberry syrup with lemonade for the perfect summer drink that everyone loves. 

8. Electric Berry: 

Similar to the Blue Raspberry Lemonade, but also has the inclusion of lime syrup, which really does add another dimension to the flavor. I really like this one and have ordered it several times. It’s great for kids, too. They love the bright blue color and the sweet/tart taste. 

9. Palm Tree: 

Pomegranate, passion fruit, and lime syrups are a perfect match with lemonade. This is similar to the Palm Beach, but the passion fruit gives it the ideal balance of sweet and tart. 

10. Strawberry Pineapple Lemonade: 

If you like strawberry and pineapple, put them together with lemonade for a delightful drink that is really good. I would put this one higher on my list, but others on the team preferred others, so it didn’t make the top 5 overall. If you are a fan of strawberry lemonades, put this on your rotation, because you’ll love it. 

11. Hawaiian Lemonade:

When you go to Hawaii, do you chug as many POGs as you can? Then you will love this one. Lemonade is combined with four syrups: peach, orange, banana and strawberry. Now, if we could only get a guava syrup at Dutch Bros, we could make an actual POG lemonade. 

12. Galaxy Fish: 

Strawberry, lime, and passion fruit syrups sing when added to lemonade. This is a sweeter version of the Hawaiian flavor and it’s really good. I am a huge fan of passionfruit syrup when added to drinks and I have Dutch Bros to thank for this obsession. Anything with passionfruit is a big win for me. 

13. Dragon Slayer Lemonade: 

Get your camera ready, because the Dragon Slayer loves to be photographed. Raspberry, blue raspberry syrups are added to lemonade and a dramatic blackberry drizzle adorns the top and begins to slowly seep down into the drink. You may order it because it’s Instagrammable, but you’ll drink it because it’s delicious. 

14. Eclipse: 

This should be their featured drink for October, because it has such a cool, spooky look to it, thanks to two colors of drizzle: blackberry and blue raspberry. Plus, peach and passion fruit are added to the lemonade, for a pretty pink drink that is then slowly blended into the darkness of the syrups. 

15. Gem Berry: 

I really love the Orangesicle soda, which adds vanilla syrup. Gem Berry takes a nod from that drink and adds vanilla, blackberry and raspberry to lemonade. It sounds odd, but the lemonade actually keeps it from becoming to sweet and one note and the vanilla just adds a little creaminess to all of it. 

16. Fire Lizard: 

Where do they come up with these names? Seriously? It’s hilarious. The Fire Lizard uses strawberry, banana, and orange syrups and adds them to lemonade for a delightfully fruity drink that is orange and red (a la, Fire Lizard). 

17. Green Tea Lemonade: 

We have an Arnold Palmer fan in the house, which is iced tea and lemonade combined. If that is a drink you gravitate towards, consider trying this Green Tea Lemonade for a similar, but slightly different, flavor profile. This drink has no syrups, just green tea and lemonade combined, which will also help reduce the sugar content. 

18. Sweet Sunrise: 

Finishing strong with this sunny drink that combines all the best syrups with lemonade. This drink has four syrups: peach, passion fruit, orange, and banana with lemonade. If you’re starting to think that a lot of these drinks seems similar – you’re not wrong, which is why it’s nice to start with one and see what you think. For some of us, the inclusion of banana isn’t a fave, so that would eliminate any with banana, but if you love it – then you know to look for more of those on the menu. 

Lemonade Customizations: 

Like all of Dutch Bros drinks, you have options and can make it your own. Here are some of the choices that you have: 

  • Size: Lemonades come in kids, small, medium and large. 
  • Type: You can get them iced or blended. 
  • Syrups: You can get most of these flavors sugar-free (in fact, you might be able to get all of them sugar free) for a great lower sugar drink. For more info on the keto and sugar-free options at Dutch Bros, read this post.
  • Toppings: Have fun with drizzles on top or add the infamous soft top, which is like marshmallow fluff added to cold foam. You could even add some o the sprinkles and toppings, but I’m not sure how good it would be. 

More Dutch Bros Drinks Ideas: 

There are so many great drinks at Dutch Bros and they’re also super open to customizing. Here are some more ideas to get you thinking: 


There is a few more options on the Dutch Bros menu for lemonades, but they’re not favorites around here, so they didn’t make the list. If you make your own and think it should be added, share a picture on Instagram and tag us at @whatthefrothblog so we can see it and try it! 

Get roasted, 


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