My New Favorite White Chocolate Cream Cold Brew Recipe

white chocolate cream cold brew

I’ve been testing a lot of sweet cream cold foam recipes lately and while they’re all delicious, this white chocolate sweet cream really stopped me in my tracks. It’s creamy and sweet, without being overly so, and it pairs just perfectly with cold brew, iced coffee, or even an Americano. 

Making this is easier than you might think and it comes together in less than a minute if you have all the ingredients. It has a similar flavor profile to Starbucks new White Chocolate Macadamia Cream Cold Brew, although the addition of the macadamia does change it a little. 

So, if you’re ready for an incredibly easy, super delicious iced coffee recipe to try today, stay tuned, because this one might just rock your world. 

White Chocolate Cream Cold Brew: Ingredients

white chocolate cream cold brew

It really doesn’t take much to put this together. The base for the sweet cream is the same that I use for all of my sweet creams and then you can use whatever cold brew or iced coffee base that you like. I’ll share what I use: 

  • Cold Brew: I used my favorite Stok cold brew and I bet that just about any cold brew or iced coffee is going to work perfectly for this. I have not tried it with hot coffee yet. I actually did a taste test with a bunch of popular store bought cold brews to find the best tasting, smoothest cold brew, and you can read that full review here.
  • White Chocolate Sauce: I’ve been using the Kyya syrups – and they are delicious – but they’re small batch and not always available. I’ve also used brands like Ghirardelli and Hollander, which are also a great choice for this recipe. 
  • Heavy Whipping Cream: Just plain heavy whipping cream is used for the sweet cream cold foam. 
  • Milk of choice: You’ll also need a couple tablespoons of your milk of choice. I use cashew milk here. I’ve used it all – almond, oat, 2% milk, cashew milk – most of it is going to give you the same result. Almond is the only one that changes the flavor a little bit and for that reason, I don’t use it very often. 
  • Ice: I used a cup of ice here. 

That’s it for ingredients. For tools, it’s a hand mixer only. I looooooove this little single hand mixer for my coffee drinks. It fits perfectly in my little glass carafe. It saves me from getting out the big mixer and having more to clean. Lazy much? I think so! 

White Chocolate Cream Cold Brew: Instructions

white chocolate cream cold brew

Making this is so easy, you won’t even believe it. Here’s the step by step instructions: 

  • Start by filling a glass with about a cup of ice
  • Add the amount of cold brew you’d like – about a cup for me, sometimes more
  • Add 4 tbsp. heavy cream, 2 tbsp. milk, and 1 tbsp. white chocolate sauce to a carafe
  • Use a hand mixer to froth until soft set, like a soft whipped cream texture. 
  • Pour over your coffee
  • You can stir the cream into the coffee a little to get it mixed all the way through
  • If you want to reduce sugar, cut the sweet cream recipe in half for less cream/sugar, but I wouldn’t reduce the amount of white chocolate sauce, because it’s not a strong flavor


white chocolate cream cold brew

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