An Easy Pop & Bottle Vanilla Cold Brew Recipe

Pop & Bottle vanilla cold brew

Ever since I saw the sleek cans of Pop & Bottle lattes and cold brews, I’ve wanted to try them. So, when my Costco stocked these cute cans of Pop & Bottle vanilla cold brew, it was go time. Packed with great ingredients and just 100 calories, I knew they would be perfect for days when I don’t have the energy or time to whip up a Starbucks copycat drink and just need to get the caffeine – STAT. Plus, they’re great for life on the go, whether you’re running carpool or spending hours at the soccer field. 

So, if you’ve been curious about these cute little coffees too, keep reading because I’m going to give you all the info you need to decide if they’re right for your grocery list. 

What is Pop & Bottle?

Pop & Bottle vanilla cold brew

Pop & Bottle makes plant-based, sustainable, lattes, cold brews, and concentrated coffees that don’t have any refined sugars. They also pack a healthy punch, with organic, whole food ingredients, such as almonds, oats, dates, maca, and a range of superfoods including coconut MCT oil. The vanilla cold brew I purchased also has 3000mg of marine collagen, which is incredible for skin, hair, and nails, as well as joint health. 

Pop & Bottle vanilla cold brew

I love the thoughtfulness that has gone into these drinks and it makes me feel good about drinking them. I first tried the vanilla cold brew without adding anything and it does have a nice flavor. I think if you are used to less sweet coffees, you could happily drink this as is over ice or even out of the can. For me, being used to sweeter drinks (but trying to improve), I decided to add a simple vanilla cold foam on top and that added exactly what this needed to be perfect for me. 

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An Easy Pop & Bottle Recipe: 

Pop & Bottle vanilla cold brew

To make this quick and delicious Pop & Bottle vanilla cold brew recipe, I poured the coffee over ice and then made a vanilla cold foam. 

If you’d like to recreate this recipe, add 4 tbsp. heavy cream, 2 tbsp. milk of choice, and 1 tbsp. vanilla syrup and froth until soft set with a hand frother. Pour over the coffee and enjoy. 

Seriously, less than a minute and you’re ready to go. Just check out my Instagram video to see how easy it is: 


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Have you tried any of the Pop & Bottle drinks? I love these cute little pink coffee drinks. Now I want to try the vanilla coffee concentrate  and mocha cold brew oat milk latte.

If you try them, let me know what you think!

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