Delicious Cookie Butter Iced Coffee with Cookie Butter Cold Foam

cookie butter iced coffee with cookie butter cold foam

If you love Speculoos cookies and could eat cookie butter right out of the jar, you have come to the right place. I finally got my hands on the best cookie butter syrup out there and couldn’t wait to whip up a cookie butter iced coffee with cookie butter cold foam. That’s right – cookie butter on top of cookie butter. Just the way I like it. And, if I had some Speculoos cookies on hand, you’d better believe I’d have crushed those up and sprinkled them on top, too. Because you can never have too much cookie butter. 

While I recommend the syrup that I’m using here for the best flavor, you can make this other ways, too, and I’ll provide alternatives for you as we go. The goal is to get a cookie butter iced coffee ASAP, so details schmetails. Let’s use what you have and make this happen!

Cookie Butter Iced Coffee Ingredients: 

cookie butter iced coffee with cookie butter cold foam

Here’s what I used to make my own coffee, but you can swap some of these out to use what you have or what you prefer. 

  • Cold Brew Coffee – I used Stok premade cold brew. When I did my iced coffee taste test, it was the best all around, so I always have some in stock. You can swap this out for iced coffee, or an Americano ( 2 espresso shots diluted in 6 oz. water), or even a latte (2 espresso shots and about 6oz. of milk). You could also make this hot, too, by simply brewing whatever hot coffee you like. 
  • Cookie Butter Syrup – I’m a big fan of KYYA Chocolate syrups and sauces. They’re made in small batches, which means they do sell out of them when they’re gone. It’s not massed produced and doesn’t need tons of preservatives to sit on a shelf for 2 years. You’ll taste the difference. Use my code WHATTHEFROTHKYYA10 to get 10% off your order of their cookie butter syrup. Alternative? Use 2 tablespoons of cookie butter in an espresso glass, brew espresso shots right on top to melt it and then stir to combine. Add to 6 oz. of milk of choice and then add the rest of the ingredients. Or, if you can make your own cookie butter syrup with cookie butter extract, sugar, and water. 
  • Heavy Cream – I have not found a way to make cold foam without some heavy cream.
  • Milk of choice – Use this to dilute the heavy cream to get that soft whipped cold foam texture. I’ve used all types here and they all work just fine. Today, I think I used cashew milk in it, so anything works. Coconut milk and almond milk do change the flavor slightly, though. 
  • Ice – Always ice. And, you need about a cup of it, so make sure you have it. Don’t pour hot shots over ice, or it’ll melt and get watered down. If you’re using hot espresso shots, add the milk and syrups first and then add espresso on top, stir to combine right away, and it’ll cool it quickly. Another option is to set the espresso shots aside for a couple minutes and let them cool down before adding. 
  • Milk Frother – You’ll need some method of frothing the milk mixture to get a cold foam consistently. I have been obsessed with this affordable one for awhile, but I’ve also used a lot of other methods, too. 

That’s seriously it, folks! Affiliate links are used here for products I love and use, which means I might receive a commission at no cost to you if you purchase through my links! Cheers!

How To Make: Cookie Butter Iced Coffee with Cookie Butter Cold Foam

cookie butter iced coffee with cookie butter cold foam

I shared a video on Instagram recently of how to make this and you are welcome to watch it or scroll down for the step by step instructions. 


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  1. Add one cup ice to a glass
  2. Add 2 tbsp. cookie butter syrup to a glass
  3. Add about one cup or so of iced coffee, cold brew, or your alternative
  4. Add 3 tbsp. heavy cream, 2 tbsp. milk, and 1 tbsp. cookie butter syrup to carafe and froth until soft set
  5. Pour over your coffee
  6. Drink and enjoy!

I find that this syrup is not too strong or too sweet. It’s perfect in these amounts for my taste. If you like things much sweeter, you can always add more, and if you’re watching your sugar, you can always reduce. I would keep the 1 tbsp in the cream mixture to get the flavor, though, and reduce what you put in the iced coffee if you want to do that. If you add less to the cream, it’ll really just taste like plain cream. 

cookie butter iced coffee with cookie butter cold foam

There you have it! So easy! I can’t wait for you to try this and tell me what you think! Theres a ton more recipes on the site, so click around, check them out, and find some new favorites. 

Get roasted, 


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