Easy Iced Lavender Latte with Lavender Cold Foam

iced lavender latte with lavender cold foam

Lavender syrup is everywhere. I first tried a lavender latte years ago at a place that has all sorts of experimental coffee flavors. To be honest, it was beautiful, but it didn’t taste very good. So, when I started seeing lavender lattes, lavender cold foam, and even lavender matchas popping up all over the place, and even at Starbucks, I wasn’t hugely excited about the trend. 

But, I like to try the new drinks, so I picked one up – and I was pleasantly surprised. Turns out, if you can get the lavender and sweetness ratio balanced with the coffee, it’s actually pretty good. Floral flavored coffees are never my first choice, but they can be made so that they’re enjoyable. 

So, when I saw that KYYA Chocolate had a lavender syrup, I knew I’d found the one that I needed to try this at home. KYYA has super fresh, small batch made syrups and sauces and they will literally sell out of them and you’ll have to wait for them to make more, because that’s how small batch they are. Some of their sauces have become my go-tos, so I knew that their lavender syrup would probably be my best best. You can use any lavender syrup that you have on hand, though, or even try to make your own. 

Once you have that lavender syrup ready to go, it’s time to make this delicious floral drink for spring. 

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Iced Lavender Latte with Lavender Cold Foam: Ingredients

iced lavender latte with lavender cold foam

I like to get everything out and ready before I put my drink together. Here’s what you’ll need: 

  • Espresso Shots: I used one of my favorite Nespresso double espresso pods for this, which creates two shots. A double shot is what I put in a medium or grande size, so that’s two pods per drink. For some Starbucks drinks, they’ll use 3 shots in a grande, but that’s too strong for me using these Nespresso pods. I use my Nespresso Vertuoline machine to make espresso and it makes it so easy. You can swap this out for strongly brewed coffee, traditionally brewed espresso shots, strong instant coffee, you name it. Make it work. You may need to adjust the milk depending on how strong your coffee is, though.
  • Lavender Syrup: I used KYYA Chocolate lavender syrup. If you’d like to try out KYYA syrups or sauces, use my code to get 10% off your order: WHATTHEFROTHKYYA10. 
  • Milk of Choice: I made a big mistake and switched to real milk a couple months ago and started breaking out really bad, so now I’m using cashew milk. I get unsweetened and I try to buy one with the shortest ingredient list possible. I find that it has a very neutral taste in coffee drinks and a nice, creamy texture. It works very well in the cold foam, too. 
  • Heavy Cream: If you’re making the sweet cream cold foam, you’ll also need heavy cream. You cannot substitute this ingredient, or the cold foam won’t set up at the right consistency. It’s not very much, though, so if you’re not too sensitive to dairy, it should be okay. I usually do not eat dairy, but I can handle a little heavy cream in my drinks. 
  • Ice: Yaaaaasss. Ice, ice, baby. I do not brew the coffee over ice, because it melts it and waters it down too much. I brew my espresso into an espresso cup, so that it cools a bit before adding it to the sauces to melt them. By the time you are adding the ice, it’s cooled enough where it won’t melt the ice as quickly. 

Alright, that’s all. I used a 20oz. glass for this, because I like a lot of ice and cold foam. I’ve squeezed it into a 16oz. glass as well. Here are the tools I used to make this drink, too: 

Let’s Make an Iced Lavender Latte with Lavender Cold Foam:

iced lavender latte with lavender cold foam

I shared a video on my Instagram where I make the video. I did a little bit of this one backwards, because I wanted to see if the lavender syrup would turn the milk purple. It does a little, but not noticeably. Anyway, you don’t have to make it in this order. You can just get all those ingredients in the glass and it’ll be just fine 🙂


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  1. Add 2 tbsp lavender syrup to glass
  2. Add 2/3 cup milk of choice and froth them together
  3. Add 1 cup ice
  4. Add 2 shots of espresso, stir to combine
  5. In a separate carafe, add 3 tbsp. heavy cream, 2 tbsp. milk, 1 tbsp. lavender syrup and froth to soft whip texture
  6. Pour over your coffee and enjoy!

That’s it, folks. You’re ready to drink. It’s sweet and floral, you can taste those lavender notes, but they’re well balanced with the milk and coffee. 

I’ll be back soon with some different variations of this. I’m thinking a vanilla lavender or even a honey lavender would also be delicious. 

There’s a ton more recipes on the blog, as well as popular coffeehouse drinks you can make at home, so feel free to stick around, find your next favorite drink and have fun. 

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