New Dutch Bros Cookie Dough Cold Brew & Cookie Dough Frost

dutch bros cookie dough cold brew

When I got the email from Dutch Bros advertising their new Cookie Dough Cold Brew and Cookie Dough Frost, I literally grabbed my keys and jumped in my car. That sounded like EXACTLY the kind of coffee I was going to like. 

And, let me tell you friends, the Cookie Dough Cold Brew is a fierce competitor in the line-up of delicious Dutch Bros drinks. I’m a huge fan of their other sweet concoctions, like the Campout Cold Brew and Golden Eagle. If that’s your jam, keep reading – because the Cookie Dough Cold Brew is going to be one of your new favorites. 

What’s In The Dutch Bros Cookie Dough Cold Brew: 

dutch bros cookie dough cold brew

This beautiful beverage uses a new syrup that I don’t think they use in any of their other drinks. Let’s take a look at what comes in a standard drink: 

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Syrup – This is the star of this drink. Torani makes one of these and I am going to pick some up to recreate this drink at home soon. 
  • Chocolate Milk – Like I shared in my best iced mocha recipe post, I took a page from Dutch Bros book and used chocolate milk like they do. It really adds a little extra to their drinks and they use chocolate milk as a base in this one, too. 
  • Cold Brew Coffee – DB has a great cold brew coffee that is smooth and less acidic than most. They also have Nitro Cold Brew, which you can also order, for an even more velvetty and caffeinated beverage. 
  • Soft Top – Are you a fan of Dutch Bros soft top? This comes ready to use in containers like you see with half ‘n half jugs. It’s a mix of ingredients that results in a soft top with a thicker, slightly marshmellowy texture and taste. It sits on top of cold drinks with very little mixing, so you get a little bit with each sip. 
  • Chocolate Sprinkles – The original PR release says they use chocolate sprinkles, but in my experience, its like little cookie crumbles on top. Maybe it’s based on each location and what they have in stock. 
  • Ice – Gotta have the ice. 

So, basically, if you’re a DB fan, you’ll notice that this has a very similar ingredient list to the Campout Cold Brew, just subbing out the syrups for this chocolate chip cookie dough syrup and adding cookie sprinkles. If you love drinks like that, you’re probably going to love this one, too. This one has less of a chocolate flavor and more of a cookie dough taste.

Want to make a similar drink at home? I ordered the exact same syrup they use and whipped up. my own version that is delicious. Check out the recipe for the Cookie Dough Cold Brew here.

What’s In The Cookie Dough Freeze? 

dutch bros cookie dough cold brew

I also tried the Cookie Dough Freeze to compare and it is blended to have more of a frappuccino type texture. 

The freeze version has the same ingredients, just blended. I want to find out of the freeze base (espresso, milk, sugar) is pre-made for this or if its just the coffee blended. I’ll report back when I find out!

The freeze melds the flavors together and actually made them taste a bit sweeter. Not sure how or why, but it did and the milkshake texture is perfect on a hot sunny day. When I shared the two drinks with my taste tester, they quickly claimed the freeze as their own – and I was happy to keep the cold brew. 

Your Questions About the Dutch Bros Cookie Dough Cold Brew Answered: 

dutch bros cookie dough cold brew

What customization options are available?

You can have several options for how to make this your own. Here are some of the ways you can customize your Dutch Bros Cookie Dough Cold Brew: 

  • Size – small, medium or large
  • Type – iced, hot, or blended
  • Syrup – add more, less, add different kinds
  • Milk – choose your type of milk, although if you change the milk, they will add chocolate to it to create a chocolate. If you can handle any dairy, I would get it with the chocolate milk. I usually substitute all dairy for oat milk, except DB drinks with chocolate milk. 
  • Soft Top – get it or don’t (but seriously, get it – it’s amazing)
  • Toppings – if you don’t get soft top, consider whip, or even just a chocolate drizzle instead of cookie crumbs. 

Does Dutch Bros cold brew have more caffeine?

How much caffeine is in Dutch Bros cold brew? One can has 293 mg. of caffeine. Spoiler alert: this is more (almost double) the caffeine of iced coffee, which has around 100 mg per 8 oz. Nitro cold brew will have even MORE caffeine. Check out our post on how much caffeine is in your favorite coffee and tea drinks in this post.

What are the best Dutch Bros cold brew drinks? 

Dutch Bros has some of the best cold brew coffee drinks in the business. Check out our blog post with the compilation of the best cold brew drinks you can order at DB. 

How is Dutch Bros cold brew different from iced coffee?

Great question. Here’s a cool tip: Dutch Bros doesn’t actually make iced coffee, which is brewed coffee that is chilled. They make it by adding water to fresh espresso shots, otherwise known as an Americano. So, you’re either getting iced espresso shots watered down, cold brew coffee or nitro cold brew. Nitro cold brew is cold brew coffee with hydrogen added. 

How much caffeine is too much? 

Worried that your Dutch Bros cookie dough cold brew will push you over the edge? You’re not wrong in thinking that you can have too much caffeine, but the amount that one can tolerate is on more of an individual basis. To learn about caffeine limits and withdrawal symptoms, check out this detailed post. 

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Hope you found a drink you can’t wait to try!

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