Is the Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle Worth It? We Had To Find Out!

fellow stagg ekg electric kettle review

No doubt about it, Fellow has made coffee brewing essentials more attractive than ever. Their innovative designs are so pretty, they are like little pieces of art that you can leave out on your counter.

But…. do they work? Do they live up to the hype? If we’re going to pay a premium for beautiful coffee appliances, they have to brew delicious coffee, right?

These were the questions we needed to answer when we finally got our hands on the infamous Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle. As big fans of the pour over, French press, and, well, any brewing method for coffee, we knew we needed an electric kettle in our lives and this seemed like the very best one.

After all, we had to answer the question… is it worth it?

What is an electric kettle?

fellow stagg ekg electric kettle review

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Let’s do a deep dive into what the Stagg really is. If you’re new to electric kettles, they are like tea kettles, but you don’t have to heat them on a stove and they heat up water very, very quickly, often reaching a boil in 5 minutes or less.

Some electric kettles have different functions, such as being able to control the precise temperature or having a base that will hold the temperature in case you need refills (always refills, every day).

The design of the spout is also important for use, too, because a gooseneck spout that allows for a slow pour is going to be better for making pour over coffee, but a larger spout with faster water flow is better suited to tea. We drink both here and use the Stagg for all of it, so you can certainly do that, too.

What’s special about the Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle?

fellow stagg ekg electric kettle review

When it comes to the Fellow Stagg, they’ve really thought of everything. Here are some of the features you can look forward to:

  • 1200 watts for a quick heat time
  • Gooseneck spout for optimal pour-over flow rate
  • To-the-degree temperature control (we like 212 degrees)
  • 60-minute temp hold mode
  • .9L boiling capacity
  • 1-year warranty
  • Stainless steel body and lid

Let’s talk about the features that we have appreciated the most:

Easy Setup:

It won’t take hours and hours of reading the instruction manual to heat your first pot of water. Nope, you just rinse it out, fill it up, plug it in and get started. They do recommend heating water to 212 degrees and discarding before heating water you’ll actually consume. After that, you’re ready to go – and very quickly, too – because heating water just got a lot easier.

To use, you just press the button to turn it on, turn the dial to select your water temperature to the degree, and then it starts heating up. Easy peasy.

The LED display lights up when in use, too, so you can see it even in the early hours of the morning when you just. need. coffee. now.

If you’d like it to hold the temperature in case you want seconds, use the hold toggle, and it’ll maintain the precise temperature you want for up to 60 minutes.

fellow stagg ekg electric kettle review

It typically takes me awhile to learn new tools, but this one was a breeze. Still, to this day, I appreciate the ease of use.

Spout Design:

fellow stagg ekg electric kettle review
Image courtesy of Fellow

The feature that I appreciate the most is the design of the spout, which controls the flow of the water. This allows you to pour with absolute precision – which is perfect for pour over lovers like us. We just place a small pour over coffee maker right on to our tumblers and are able to use the tea kettle to slowly pour water over the coffee grounds. If the water came out any faster, it would cause the pour over to tip or it would splash coffee grounds all over the place. So, if you’re a fan of pour over or French press coffee, you are going to love the gooseneck spout design of this kettle.

If you hate these types of spouts, you can also get the Corvo EKG which has a more traditional kettle spout for faster pouring (better for tea, too).


fellow stagg ekg electric kettle review

The way they’ve designed the handle on this electric kettle is genius. There’s a spot on top for the thumb to rest, which allows you to comfortably hold on to the full kettle when pouring the water one-handed. The handle is also weighted, so it balances the weight of the kettle, making it easier to hold.

I find that even full, it does not hurt my hand or wrist to hold the way that other things do and this also makes the Stagg a perfect gift for someone in your life who complains about achey hands or wrists.

Performance Features:

fellow stagg ekg electric kettle review

One of the features I love is the ability to control the temperature by just dialing the button to the precise degree. Yup, we’ve become temperature snobs since getting out Stagg and want our water at a perfect 212 degrees. No more guessing what the water temperature is before you pour it all over your coffee or tea bag.

Also, if you’d like to time your brew, you can use the same button as your timer. Press it down for around 3 seconds and you’ll see the timer start. Use this to keep track of how long your coffee or tea is brewing.

Stylish Design:

fellow stagg ekg electric kettle review
Image courtesy of Fellow

Of course, it must be mentioned that the Stagg is a pretty little appliance and available in lots of colors, with new ones always coming out that mixes different colors, woods and even metals. There’s really a Stagg for everyone.

I have it in the all matte white, but the wood and metal accents were available when I got mine and I think I really love the look of those ones.

Made to Last:

fellow stagg ekg electric kettle review
Image courtesy of Fellow

Sure, this is an investment piece, which means it needs to be made to last. Luckily, this one is, and ours is still going strong two years later. To clean it and keep it in great condition, just wash the inside by hand and wipe down the exterior. Do not immerse it fully in water or put it in the dishwasher or you could damage it.

We’ve used ours at least once a day, every day, for around 2 years now, and it’s still going strong without any issues or visible damage, so I would also say it’s very well made and built to last.

My only complaint (after all, nothing is perfect), is that very slowly, over time, the lid of the Stagg has started to discolor slightly, compared to the white body of the kettle. Not sure if the lid is made differently, but if it is a design flaw, I hope they have fixed it since we got ours. If you picked a different color, you might not notice anything at all.

Is the Fellow Stagg Electric Kettle worth it?

Simply put, our lives are better and our coffee is tastier with the Fellow Stagg EKG in it. We use it for pour over coffee, French press and tea every day and wholeheartedly endorse it.

If you are a pour over coffee lover, you will really appreciate the precision, performance and added features that make the Fellow electric kettle the best on the market.

Common Questions:

Where can I buy the Fellow Stagg Electric Kettle?

Got your eye on the prize? It’s easier than ever to bring home your new favorite electric kettle.

Here are some of the places where you can pick one up:

How long does it take for Fellow electric kettles to boil water?

It works very quickly. We heat to 212 degrees and it only takes a few minutes. A full boil would only take about 5 minutes.

How much water does the Stagg hold?

The Stagg holds about 30 ounces of water, which is usually enough for 4 cups of coffee or 2 tumbler sizes. Luckily, if you’re making more than that, heating another batch of water is just minutes away.

Do Fellow kettles turn off automatically?

Yes, Fellow electric kettles have an automatic shutoff function. The kettle will stay at the set temperature for five minutes after it is reached and then it will stop heating and go into standby for 15 minutes before automatically turning off.

It’s also very easy to turn them off. You just push the same button you used to turn the kettle on and it’s off.

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