7 Chic & Useful Electric Kettles for Your Tea & Coffee Bar Starting Under $40!

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The electric kettle seems like an extraneous addition to a coffee bar at first. However, after having our electric tea kettle for the last year, we can honestly say that we aren’t sure how we ever lived without it! We are 100% obsessed and I’m pretty sure that if our house was on fire, one (or both) of us would be grabbing the electric kettle on our way out the door.

So, in honor of our deep love affair with our own electric kettle, and the fact that I’m considering gifting electric kettles to fellow tea and coffee lovers in our life this Christmas, I thought I’d share the top 5 electric kettles.

When thinking about the top 7, I’m not just looking at function here. Aesthetics play into this choice as well. Anything that sits out on your counter should also be attractive. Thankfully, the last few years has brought an increased awareness into the design of these appliance that we stare at every day. The designs, color palettes, and details are turning these electric kettles into little pieces of usable art.

Whether you are shopping for your own next electric kettle or picking one up for someone you love, we think this list will ensure you pick a piece that will look pretty on your counter, while delivering perfectly heated water quickly – every time.

Let’s go!

*Also, know that while these are all brands we know, use, and trust, these are also affiliate links, which means that at no cost to you, we may receive a commission if you make a purchase through our links.

Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle:

best electric kettle

We would be remiss to not mention our own electric kettle first, the Fellow Stagg Electric Kettle. This is our absolute favorite electric kettle. Sure, it’s not cheap, but we use this several times a day – for both pour over coffee and our nightly tea. That is something worth investing in – we think. And after a year of constant use, we have had no issues at all.

Currently available in 9 colors and they’re always mixing it up, this navy blue and wood combo is stunning. We have it in the matte white, but if this navy had been available – I would’ve definitely picked it.

What makes the Fellow Stagg Kettle so incredible? First, this baby looks pretty just sitting there. And, when you need that hot water ready to go – she’ll warm it up to the perfect temperature (212 degrees for me) or whatever you’d like, in literally seconds.

You can keep the water hot if you’ll be back for refills or just serve and go. Whatever floats your boat. The stainless steel interior makes it a breeze to clean, too.

The gooseneck spout controls the water pour, so you won’t overfill your pour over. Also, if you try to get hasty, it’ll start dripping from the top and you’ll have to start slowing down. If you haven’t tried the slow, rythmic method of brewing coffee, you’ve got to try it. It really helps with cutting back on the acidic quality of hot coffee. Read our full review of the Stagg here. 

Shop the Fellow Stagg Kettle here.

Haden Heritage Electric Kettle: 

best electric kettle

The next electric kettle we are lusting over is this incredible chic, well-designed. Available in many swoon-worthy designs, you’ll be sure to find the perfect combo.

Haden has been making kettles for 75 years and counting, so they know their stuff. These are painted stainless steel, BPA free, a 1.7-l capacity, LED boiling indicator light, auto shut-off and boil-dry protection, a removable filter and spare included, and best of all – dishwasher safe.

Now, with a wider, shorter spout, you are better served to use this for faster pours – not necessarily the best choice for a slow, controlled pour like you’ll need for a pour over, but just perfect for any other types of drinks.

Shop the Haden Electric Kettles here.

Chantal Mia Electric Kettle: 

best electric kettle

A more affordable choice that isn’t cheap on style, this one has the best of both worlds – with a spout that you can use to slow down water pour for coffee, but will also do just fine for tea.

The copper will glow in any kitchen, making this appliance one you’ll reach for again and again. Comes in both a black and white and the copper pictured above. Both are gorgeous. A sure win if gifting, too. The classic and chic design will appeal to pretty much everyone.

It also brings water to the perfect 205 degrees quickly, while offering a dual function for boiling and pour-over temperature. Stainless steel, auto shut-off and boil-dry protection, and more features round out this solid choice.

Shop the Chantal Electric Kettle here.

Beautiful Electric Kettle:

best electric kettle

The entire Beautiful line by Drew Barrymore is affordable, functional and very attractive. This, well, beautiful electric kettle is under $40, but doesn’t skimp on features.

Available in four gorgeous colors – black, oyster gray, a light green (very chic) and a white, with gold touches on all, this is a very well-designed electric kettle for a super affordable price.

Plus, you can boil 7 cups of water in under 7 minutes by using the touch activated display. The sleek touch-activated display has 4 one-touch preset programs for white, green, oolong and black teas so every cup is brewed to perfection. A setting for 212 degrees is perfect for pour over, too. No dials, buttons or knobs to fiddle with either and a 60-minute keep warm mode maintains water temperature even if you get distracted. Double-walled stainless steel and a cordless kettle add additional bonus points to this feature-rich kettle.
Available exclusively at Walmart!

Shop the Beautiful Electric Kettle here.

Bodum Matte Black Gooseneck Electric Kettle: 

best electric kettle

We did a bit of a double-take with this new Bodum electric kettle design. Are we seeing a Stagg lookalike? Maybe we are! But, the price is certainly different – with this one starting at under $60. World Market offers regular incentives, too, so catch this on a deal to really save.

There were several Bodum electric kettles we were going to share, but this one stole the show. Also, check out this more sleek, minimalistic Bodum kettle or this clear white one where you can see the water boil! A gooseneck option is perfect for using with a french press, too. See our easy french press coffee guide here!

Bodum is a known and respected brand in the coffee space, which is why we just picked up their coffee grinder as a Christmas gift. Shhh!

Shop the Bodum Electric Kettle here. 

Bella Ceramic Electric Kettle:

Gotta love this cool marble ceramic electric kettle. Bella kettles come in some really fun patterns, like a blue aztec design that is so good!

These feature a 1350 watt heating element, fully detachable 360 degree power base with cord storage & a safe, and automatic shut off & boil dry protection & a concealed heating element for maximum safety. A long gooseneck-style spout is ideal for controlled pours & avoiding dangerous over pours.

Enchante Pink Electric Kettle:

best electric kettle

Know a pink lover in your life? This one is adorable! Also available in two other classic colors (a matte black and speckled gray), but the pink really won over our hearts.

Enjoy a fast boil, an easy-to-clean stainless steel and auto-shut off. One of the more affordable options on this list, but sure doesn’t look it!

Shop the Encante Electric Kettle here. 

What do you think? Are you a fan of an electric kettle? Tell us your faves in the comments below!

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