New Peet’s Drinks to Try: Vanilla Almond Latte & Cold Brew with Vanilla Oat Foam

peet's iced coffee

I was asked recently why I don’t share more drinks from Peet’s Coffee. While I live near a great Peet’s that I visit regularly, I find that they rotate their drinks and syrups much more often than other coffeehouses and when it’s gone – it’s gone.

This happened in the case of the Churro drinks they had recently. I had no sooner got the whole post review up that I went in to get another and found out they are already gone.

But, they just unveiled a few new drinks and these ones use ingredients that are unlikely to ever be phased out, so I wanted to share our latest Peet’s order with you.

Peet’s Coffee: Vanilla Almond Latte

peet's iced coffee

This classic latte style is infused with vanilla syrup and almond milk, for a creamy, delicious drink. In fact, it was a bit on the sweeter side. Peet’s is usually less heavy-handed with the sweeteners, but this time, it was on the verge of too sweet.

peet's iced coffee

Still, the classic pairing of vanilla, almond and espresso are always a good thing. I also love that Peet’s always gets that lovely froth right on the top of even their iced drinks. I’m all about the foam, people.

Peet’s Coffee: Cold Brew with Vanilla Oat Foam

peet's iced coffee

This is the second drink from Peet’s featuring an oat foam, this one is vanilla infused. The base is their classic, unsweetened cold brew.

If you like to really taste your coffee – this one is for free. It’s going to be much less calories and carbs than other drinks, thanks to the cold brew base and the oat foam top.

Your only carbs and sweeteners will be from the vanilla syrup added to the oat foam.

peet's iced coffee

This one was tasty, but I don’t like my coffee black, so we almost went back in for some sweeteners when it dawned one me…. one of these was too sweet and one of these was not sweet enough….why can’t we just mix them together?

So, that’s what we did. we poured some of one in the other, stirred, then poured some of that back into the other cup. One was enough to make one more sweet and one less sweet.

This quick little hack resulted in one tasty, delicious, iced coffee. Of course, I’m not going to order two drinks when I got just for myself (wait, maybe I would….) so I think the solution would be to order the Vanilla Almond Latte with less syrup and then top it with the vanilla oat foam.

Genius? Thank you. You’re welcome.

What is Peet’s Cold Brew?

Peet’s, like Starbucks and Dutch Bros, brews their cold brew by using cold water poured over coarsely ground coffee and letting it infuse for at least 12 hours in the refrigerator.

This results in smoother, less acidic coffee that has a mellower flavor with less bitterness, too.

Peet’s uses a 5 parts of water to one-part coffee balance. To see how it’s done, check out their video here.

What is Peet’s Oat Foam?

peet's iced coffee

For their oat foam, they use a plant-based oat milk microfoam and then infuse it with syrups, for example, the vanilla oat foam is vanilla syrup and oat foam.

This is great for non-dairy drinkers who want their foam, without the dairy. Both Dutch Bros and Starbucks have cold foam and they both contain dairy, so Peet’s offers something a little different here that will make non-dairy drinkers rejoice.

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Hope this inspired your next coffee run to Peet’s!

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