Our 6 Favorite Coffee Tumblers We Use Every Day – UPDATED!

best coffee tumblers

It’s no secret that we love coffee around here. But, when you love coffee as much as we do, you always care about the cup you put it in. We’ve road tested countless coffee tumblers over the years and have certainly narrowed it down to our favorites that we use over and over again.

While we all have slightly different preferences when it comes to our tumblers, I think there are a few basic things that we can all agree on.

What To Look For In a Coffee Tumbler:

best coffee tumblers

There’s a million choices out there. How do you know which one is the right one for you? We have a coffee tumbler on this list that’ll match pretty much any coffee drinkers taste with ease. Whether you drink your coffee iced or hot, at home or on the road, there’s a tumbler here that’ll have you sipping happy.

Here are some of the things I (and the other coffee testers here at WTF) look for in our coffee tumblers:

  • Holds temperature, either cold or hot
  • Iced coffee tumblers have straws (protect those teeth, friends!)
  • Hot coffee tumblers are no-spill when you’re on the go
  • Taking it to go? It has to fit in the car cup holder (obvi)
  • Doesn’t change the taste of the coffee (gross)
  • Safe to use

With this list in mind, here’s all of our favorites! Know that affiliate links are used below, which means at no cost to you, we may receive a commission. Cheers to that!

1. Reduce 24oz. Straw Coffee Tumbler:

best coffee tumblers

I use this one allllll the time. I love it so much. I found it back when the expensive Stanley mug was all over everyone’s Instagram and I thought – that’s one gigantic, expensive tumbler. Then, I found this one and never looked back.

It’s the perfect size, without being too big. It fits in my car cup holder and keeps my iced coffee cold for a loooong time. I also love the color options, which do change, but I have this pink and rose gold and it’s preeeeettty.

The price also makes it one of the most affordable on this list. It’s not just us – perfect reviews at time of posting, too.

Don’t sleep on this one; it’s a good one, friends.

Check out the Reduce 24oz. tumbler here.

2. Brumate Toddy XL 32oz. Insulated Coffee Mug: 

brumate toddy tumbler

All hail the Brumate! The Toddy is the biggest tumbler on our list, yet it’s a gentle giant. It still fits in cup holders and is easy to hold, thanks to a generous handle. Plus, it’s loaded with all the features you could want in an insulated coffee mug, such as fully leakproof, triple-insulated, stainless steel and works with both hot and cold beverages.

Plus, the double-threaded design allows left or right-handed use while their own BevLock™ Technology seals tight to prevent spills. In addition, it has a fully leakproof locking lid and magnetic closure to keep the lid open while you sip.

Brumate has truly though to everything, plus they offer the Toddy in a suite of adorable designs. Am I partial to this golden leopard? Yes, yes I am. But, you can get the Toddy in everything from matte black to a glitter rainbow. Seriously, there’s a Toddy for everyone.

Shop the Brumate Toddy XL 32oz Insulated Coffee mug here.

3. Corkcicle 24oz. Tumbler: 

best coffee tumblers

I gave this as a gift to a serious hot coffee lover over here and it has been a huge hit. It’s a really luxe design and the Ironman detail is a bonus. It comes in a zillion different options, though, so don’t get turned off if you’re not into Marvel. There’s so many different version of this tumbler on their website. They have other cup designs, too, which are also great.

Corkcicle is just an expert at crafting high quality drinkware and this tumbler is a perfect example of that. Stainless steel with triple insulation keeps drinks cold for over 9 hours and hot for 3. Plus, a shatterproof, sliding, see-through lid makes it easy to drink and see how much is left, but also keeps it from spilling out when it’s closed.

Add their straw pack to add straws or just sip it through the lid. Not everybody is a straw person. In fact, we even put a pour over right on top of this and do our favorite pour over coffee straight into the tumbler.

Shop the Corkcicle 24oz. tumbler here.

4. Fellow Carter Move Everywhere Mug:

best coffee tumblers

Yup, we’ve written about this one before and we stand by it. We love everything we have from Fellow and their mugs are no exception. They’ve taken a really innovative approach to their mugs. You’ll see a redesign of the typical lip to be similar to a wine glass for optimum drinking and tasting. They are also careful to use materials that will not change the taste of your coffee, either.

The screw on lid keeps it totally secure when you need to slip it into a bag and go.

best coffee tumblers

Available in 3 sizes and lots of colors, you can find the Carter mug that fits your style. Plus, great news, they can fit in your Nespresso, too. Score.

nespresso machine and fellow move mug

You can also score one of these for free when you order our special Jot coffee concentrate bundle. Check it out here. 

But, one caveat, it didn’t fit in all of our cupholders, so it might be a cup you use when you need to be out on the field for your kids soccer game or working in the office, but not necessarily when you’re on that road trip.

Shop the Fellow Carter Move mug here.

5. Simple Modern 24oz. Straw Tumbler:

best coffee tumblers

Another fan favorite. This one is even more secure than the Reduce in terms of spillage. Plus, the marble look is very chic.

Thanks to it being double-walled, it’s going to hold that temp for hours. Yup. That means you can actually drink that coffee at the temp you like, even if you’re racing around conquering your to-do list. Muy excellente.

And, premium 18/8 stainless steel is high quality, food grade and won’t leach chemicals into your coffee. That’s delicious.

Also, available in lots of colors, you can find one for everybody and it even makes a great gift with a coffee card inside.

Check out the Simple Modern 24oz. tumbler here.

6. Glass Iced Coffee Tumblers with Silicone Sleeve: 


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I recently shared a video on my Instagram making a coffee in one of these glass tumblers with a silicone sleeve and got so many DMs asking where I got them. 

This was part of an affordable set with 2 of these. You can pick different color combinations, but I liked the white and the tan color one. I’ll probably order more, because they are so nice to have. I like being able to see my coffee in it and it’s great for making videos. 

They are not great for taking in the car, but there are plenty of days where I’m not leaving the house very much. 

Check them out here. 


starbucks tumblers

If you’re still looking for the perfect tumbler, don’t forget that Starbucks stocks really great hot and cold coffee tumblers that are seasonal. They only offer the designs for a short time, so if you like one, grab it.

I have at least half a dozen Starbucks tumblers and can’t seem to resist picking up new designs each season. The straw tumblers are not usually insulated, so you won’t have that ice cold temp for hours and hours, but they are designed really well, fit in cup holders, and look cool.

If you drink hot, you’ll be very happy with their insulated hot coffee tumbler designs, too. Plus, they all range around $20. So, while I can’t link them here, because you would pay 3x the price if you picked it up on Etsy or Ebay, consider stopping in your nearest Starbucks to see what collection they currently have. They are great to have around and work for water, smoothies, etc., too.

I find that they do not last as long as other tumblers on this list, but they are also the most affordable, usually costing around $19.99.

So, check them out if you’re looking for something quick, easy and cute.


I hope this list helps you find the perfect coffee tumbler! If you’re looking for more coffee guides, check out these posts!

Get roasted, friends,


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