FOUND! The BEST Keto Coffee at Starbucks EVER!


YUP – WE FOUND IT! The holy grail of keto coffees at Starbucks. In fact, we would even venture to say that this is the best keto coffee we have tried at ANY coffee shop!

As you know, keto coffee drinks usually use sugar free syrups and there are some issues with those – especially if you’re sensitive to alternative sweeteners.

The Issues With Sugar-Free Syrups:

For one thing, we’ll just say it – the aftertaste of sugar-free syrups can be less than sweet. In fact, we once tried a sugar-free coffee with such an aftertaste, we couldn’t even drink it!

Needless to say, that one did not end up on the blog.

Second, not all sugar-free syrups are created equal! In fact, we recently learned that some sugar-free syrups at Dutch Bros are actually quite high in carbs! Read our post on what to order and what NOT to order when going sugar-free, low carb or keto at Dutch Bros.

Knowing that not all sugar-free syrups are actually low carb, we were on the hunt for a real keto option that had a low to no carb sugar-free syrup that actually tastes good!

So, it’s a pretty big deal that we are breaking down the best keto coffee we have found at Starbucks or ANY coffee shop ever.

The Best Keto Coffee at Starbucks:

If you love Starbucks as much as we do, this is a really big deal. In fact, we love Starbucks so much, we even look for ways to make it as affordable as possible. That’s why we wrote about the 8 ways to get free Starbucks!

That’s why when we were looking for a really delicious keto option, we knew the best way to find it: talk to the baristas!

We have been trying different keto drinks for weeks, visiting different locations and asking baristas for their favorite low carb and keto drink options.

Then, one day, we drove through our local Starbucks, asked for our latest usual, and the barista actually said, “Oh, I know exactly what to make you. I’m on keto and have tried everything. You’ve got to try this drink.”

And, we have to agree, this is the absolute BEST tasting, sugar-free, keto coffee option we have EVER tried!

How To Order Keto at Starbucks:

keto starbucks

Ready to get your own? It’s so easy to order this drink. Here’s what you say:

“I’d like a grande iced coffee with sugar free cinnamon dolce syrup and sweet cream.”

A grande usually has 4 pumps of whatever syrup you use, so it comes with 4 pumps. If you want more, add more, if you want less, add less. 4 pumps gives it a nice flavor with enough sweetness for us, but make it your own! The sweet cream gives it a little bit of a creamy flavor, too.

Not a fan of cinnamon? Try it with sugar free vanilla for a similar flavor (but it’s just not quite as good).

**UPDATE: Unfortunately, after posting this, Starbucks discontinued the sugar-free cinnamon dolce syrup and all sugar-free syrups except Vanilla. This is problematic because vanilla has a very strong aftertaste IMO.

We recently published a new post with 12 Starbucks drinks under 200 calories. They go all the way down to 15 calories for a grande! So, check out that post here if you are on the hunt for a healthier option at Starbucks that still tastes great.

And, we also shared a post with 15 keto Starbucks drinks – for some current drink options that you can order at any Starbucks.

Curious About Those Starbucks Cups Sizes?

Not sure what those cup sizes mean in terms of ounces and espresso? Check out our full guide breaking down everything you ever wanted to know about Starbucks cup sizes in this post!


Thanks for reading. We hope this gives you a delicious option for when you need that coffee fix, but want to stay healthier, sugar-free or even keto!

Have your own favorite drink? Tell us in the comments below!

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