What Starbucks Cup Sizes Mean & Which One Is Right For You!

starbucks cup sizes

Ever stared at that line-up of Starbucks cup sizes with their fancy Italian names and wondered – what the heck does that even mean?

If you’re half-asleep when you’re in the coffee drive through and just need to know exactly how much coffee you can get in your body with each of those cups, stay tuned – because we’re about to break down everything you need to know about Starbucks cups sizes and which one is right for you.

What Are Those Starbucks Cup Sizes?

starbucks cup sizes

Starbucks uses Italian words to label their cup sizes (learn more about why in this post). Sounds fancy and gives your daily grind a bit of a chic flavor, in theory, but can also be a little frustrating if you’re not used to them and just need some coffee STAT.

Luckily, there are ounces to go along with their fancy Italian names and we’re about to break down the most common ones for you right here:

  • Short: 8oz., hot drinks only
  • Tall: 12 oz., hot or cold drinks
  • Grande: 16 oz., hot or cold drinks
  • Venti: 20 oz., hot  and 24 oz., cold
  • Trenta: 30 or 31 oz., iced cold drinks only

The Trenta is not featured in our image, because you can’t always get this size and usually only in iced drinks such as iced teas and refreshers. Blended beverages and coffees are not usually available in the trenta size.

Which Size Is Right For You?

If you’ve sat there and stared at those gorgeous green cups only to wonder, “How much coffee do I need today?” Well, we’ve got you booboo. Here’s a simple and helpful guide to help you figure out exactly which coffee size you need to power up and get through the day. Of course, this is in good fun and you can always trust your gut when placing your order (here at WTF, we say – more is more!).

starbucks cup sizes

Not sure about you, but we’re usually in the Grande or Venti category of sleep. In fact, we may just be full of coffee grinds inside now.

How Much Espresso Is In Each Starbucks Cup Size?

starbucks cup sizes

Curious what those ounces translate to in terms of actual espresso? If you’re grabbing a delicious caramel macchiato or white chocolate mocha, you’ll want to know how much espresso you’re going to get.

Here’s what each size means in terms of shots of espresso:

  • Short: one shot of espresso
  • Tall: one shot of espresso, two shots in Americanos
  • Grande: two shots of espresso, three shots in Americanos
  • Venti: two shots of espresso, four shots in Americanos


  • Blended drinks, like frappuccinos, have one shot of espresso regardless of size.
  • Flat White Lattes include an extra espresso shot.

How many shots of espresso are in your favorite drink? Or, are you more of an iced coffee person?

How much syrup is in each Starbucks cup size?

Knowing how much flavor and sweeteners is added to your favorite drinks is important. It can help you customize your drink. One really easy way to reduce the calories, carbs and sugar in your Starbucks is to slowly lower the number of syrup pumps. You’ll maintain the flavor that you love, but slowly adapt your taste buds to less sweetness.

Here’s how many syrup pumps are included with Starbucks cup sizes:

  • Short: 2 pumps of syrup
  • Tall: 3 pumps of syrup
  • Grande: 4 pumps of syrup
  • Venti: 5 pumps of syrup

Considering one pump of classic syrup has 20 calories, you can see how those pumps add up quick.


I hope this guide is helpful for you next time you stop by for a little caffeine fix. If you’re looking for ways to save money on your coffee habit by getting free Starbucks, check out my 8 hot tips.

Or, if you want to learn more about how to maximize the Starbucks app to get more free Starbucks, go here.

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