8 Hot Tips To Get FREE Starbucks!

free starbucks

Oooh, I am so excited to write this post. I have enjoyed a long, loving relationship with Starbucks and have learned a lot of hacks, tips, tricks, and ways to save along the way.

Because as much as I love coffee, I’m the first to admit that those $5 drinks can add up really fast. At one point, we literally had a coffee budget, because we were spending so much money on our daily coffee habit, that we needed to track it separately.

Luckily, since then, we’ve figured out ways to still enjoy our coffee, while spending less.

So if you’re looking for ways to keep sipping that green straw – keep reading, because there are easy ways to get free Starbucks drinks to help support your coffee addiction. And, none of them are very difficult or take very long at all. In fact, once you get in the hang of it, you’ll start using these tips on autopilot!

1. Join The Starbucks Rewards App:

free starbucks

Yes, this might seem like an easy one – but you’d be surprised how many people I suggest this to and they have no idea what I’m talking about! The Starbucks app is free to download and so easy to use. You just scan whenever you buy anything at Starbucks and rack up points that you can use towards anything they have – from drinks to merch!

I used to use my points as soon as I had enough for a free drink, but then started saving my points to get free tumblers, because you can never have too many of those Starbucks cups!

There are ways to maximize how many stars you get from your purchases, such as checking for the challenges they run and also clicking the offers tab on the app to look for easy and fun ways to rack up those stars.

Learn more about the Starbucks Rewards App here.

2. Scan Your Receipts:

Yup, you read that right. I scan my receipts whenever I buy anything anywhere. I just open up the Fetch app on my phone, snap a picture of the receipt, collect points and then cash them in for free Starbucks cards!

Fact is, we all have to buy stuff throughout the week or month, so why not make some cash back on those purchases?

Then, you can share your Fetch app code with friends and family to get even more points faster that you can use to get more free coffee! For example, you’ll get 2,000 points when you sign up using my referral code: ME6GX. And, they regularly offer promotions where you’ll receive thousands more – so check out what’s offered when you put in my referral code!

I average at least 1-2 free coffees a month using Fetch and it always feels worth it to me to drive through and pick up my free coffee just for scanning my receipts.

Check out Fetch here.

3. Use Your Verizon App:

free starbucks

Do you use Verizon for your cell phone service? Download their app and start collecting rewards! Then, cash in those rewards for more Starbucks gift cards!

I just cashed in my rewards for April to get another Starbucks gift card and I literally did nothing different other than paying through the Verizon app.

Seriously, so easy.

Check out the Verizon app here.

4. Do Surveys for Coffee:

You’ve probably heard of all the survey sites out there. Some are better than others. Swagbucks is one of the most reputable of the survey sites and they give you tons of opportunities to earn points that you can use to cash in for Starbucks gift cards!

You’ll usually receive a bonus right when you sign up that can be cashed in for a $5 gift card, too.

The best part is you can do the surveys on your own time, while sitting and watching TV. This route is a bit more time intensive than some other options on the list – but it works!

Check out Swagbucks here.

5. Get Free Coffee On Your Birthday:

free starbucks

Starbucks offers you a free coffee on your birthday and the free coffee is automatically added to your Starbucks Rewards app! I’ve been enjoying a free coffee on my birthday every year for a long, long time, thanks to Starbucks free birthday drink.

And, guess what, Dutch Bros and Peet’s offer this, too – and you usually get a month to use it! Plus, local coffee shops you frequent and sign up for their email lists will also usually give you a free coffee during your birthday month, too, so I get free drinks all month long during my birthday month.


6. Get CashBack from Rakuten:

Are you using Rakuten yet for cashback? I get hundreds of dollars back a year using Rakuten. These are things I was already going to buy and I just click the little pop-up box that says what percentage that store or site is offering the day I am shopping. Rakuten calculates the cashback and sends it to me quarterly.

It’s like a super coupon that does all the work for me. Literally, cash gets deposited right into my PayPal account and I can spend it on whatever I want.

It’s the easiest way to save money on things you are already going to buy and you could easily make enough cashback to fully support your coffee habit.

If you’re not already using Rakuten, don’t wait. Sign up right away. If you use my referral code, you’ll get a sign-up bonus of $25 as soon as you make a qualifying purchase. This amount can change and sometimes they’ll add special promotions, so see what they’re offering when you click this link.

Then, just make that cashback your coffee fund for more coffee!

Check out Rakuten here.

7. Watch For Specials:

free starbucks

Starbucks regularly runs promotions like BOGO during certain hours of the day, where you can buy one and get one free! You can stash this coffee in the fridge to drink the next day or take turns buying the BOGO with a friend so sometimes you buy one and the next time they grab the coffee!

Another reason to be part of the rewards program is so that you can know about all of the special promotions and opportunities to save!

8. Work At Starbucks:

Have a little extra time on your hands and want to make some money and get free coffee? Apply to be a barista and enjoy learning how to make all of your favorite drinks that you can then drink for free.

Baristas usually get free coffee 30 minutes before a shift, during a shift and for 30 minutes after a shift. Plus, you’ll make a little extra cash that you can stash just for your coffee habit.

Not a bad deal!


There’s probably infinitely more apps you can join where you can redeem savings in the form of Starbucks rewards cards – but these are the ways that I personally get regular free Starbucks coffee!

If you love coffee rewards programs, don’t forget to also download the Dutch Bros app which gives you a free coffee right away! I wrote a full post on how the program works, because it’s another good one!

Don’t miss more posts coming soon about … well, coffee! We’re all about coffee here at What The Froth.

Get roasted,



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