How To Order Keto-Friendly Drinks at Dutch Bros!

keto dutch bros

Are you trying to do keto or stay low carb, but also keep the coffee flowing? I feel you! While I’m no longer doing keto strictly, I am eating high protein/low carb (the quarantine 15 is real!) and I’ve been making adjustments to my favorite iced coffees to keep carbs down.

So, let’s talk about how you can stay on keto or keto friendly and still get your Dutch Bros coffee!

Keto Drinks at Dutch Bros:

Dutch Bros has a huge collection of sugar free syrups to choose from. Pretty much ANY drink that they make can be made sugar free with just a switch of the syrup! This is great news for if you’re sugar free or trying to stay low sugar.

But, are all sugar-free syrups created equal when it comes to carbs? Spoiler alert: the answer is no!

What Syrups Are Not Low Carb?

Turns out, there are three syrups that are higher carb than the others when it comes to sugar free syrups at DB.

  • Sugar Free White Chocolate – 19g carb per serving – Dutch Bros uses the white chocolate sauce, not syrup, in their drink. So, if you’re checking the label of the sugar-free syrup, and you’re seeing 0g of carbs, that’s not the one they use. 
  • Sugar Free Chocolate – 15g carb per serving – Same story here. 
  • Sugar Free Caramel – 19g per serving. – Same story again. Don’t believe me? Check this ingredient label right here. 

And, a typical coffee has 2 servings per coffee, or more. Let’s do some quick math! If you ordered a cold brew with sugar free white chocolate and caramel – you’d be getting 38g of carbs for one and 38g of carbs for the other!

Not sure about your low carb target – but 76g of carbs for one coffee is outside my range for just one drink. The good news? The other syrups are lower in carbs, so you’ll still have plenty of options!

How To Order Keto at Dutch Bros:

keto dutch bros

If you’re looking for some great suggestions, start by following the hashtag #KetoDutchBros for hundreds of ideas! Just remember to look for the above three syrups as many people don’t know that they are higher in carbs!

In the meantime, here are some tips for how to stay keto at DB:

1. Rethink your milk

Consider heavy whipping cream, unsweetened almond milk or half and half

2. Choose Sugar Free Syrups

Just stay away from the 3 high carb syrups on the list above!

3. Consider Dutch Bros Keto Cold Brew

With just cold brew and heavy whipping cream, you’ll get caffeine and stay keto!


What do you think? Would you try a keto drink at Dutch Bros? If you want to know more about sugar free drinks at Dutch Bros, read this post here.

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