25 Best Pink Starbucks Drinks Including Secret Menu Items!

pink drinks at starbucks

I recently went into a grocery store and the Starbucks inside was promoting a new drink – the Pink Drink with vanilla sweet cream cold foam. I’d heard of a secret menu drink like this, but never tried it. Seeing it actually on the menu made me switch out my coffee order for one of those, and let me tell you: this drink is delicious. 

While I do order a Pink Drink from time to time, adding the vanilla cold foam made it taste like strawberry shortcake in a cup. It was sweet, creamy, refreshing and delicious. 

Since then, I’ve been trying out all sorts of pink drink combinations, such as with chocolate cold foam, and also making a master list of the best pink Starbucks drinks. So, if you’re looking for a new pink drink to try at Starbucks or to bring as a gift to a special woman in your life this Mother’s Day, these are the pink drinks you don’t want to miss. 

1. Pink Drink with Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam: 

pink drinks at starbucks

Starting with my new favorite pink drink. This one is so delicious. The Pink Drink uses coconut milk, the strawberry acai refresher base, ice, strawberries and it’s topped with the vanilla sweet cream cold foam. 

If you haven’t tried the cold foam yet, it’s a mixture of heavy cream, milk and vanilla syrup. It has a similar taste to their whipped cream, but the texture is softer and you get a little bit of it in every sip. Delicious. 

2. Pink Drink: 

pink drinks at starbucks

The classic Pink Drink is popular for a reason. I actually remember when the Pink Drink became a social media sensation and you had to explain to baristas how to make it. Then, the day came that they knew the drink by name, but it wasn’t on the menu yet. 

Once the drink was added on the menu, life got a little bit easier for all of us drinking the Pink Drink. It’s a mixture of coconut milk, the strawberry acai refresher base, strawberries and ice. Simple. Classic. Refreshing. 

3. Pink Drink with Chocolate Cold Foam (Secret Menu):

Do you love the new Starbucks Chocolate Cream Cold Brew drink? Get that malted chocolate cold foam and put it on top of your Pink Drink for a combo that is a little bit like a chocolate dipped strawberry. It’s good. 

What’s in it: coconut milk, the strawberry acai refresher base, ice, strawberries, and it’s topped with the chocolate cold foam, which is a mixture of heavy cream, milk and malted chocolate powder. 

If you want to make the chocolate cream cold brew at home, check out this copycat recipe here. 

4. Mad Hatter (Secret Menu): 

starbucks for kids

Looking for a cooling, caffeine free summer pick me up for you or the kids? The Mad Hatter is a secret menu drink that blends lemonade and puts strawberry puree on top. 

How to order: While I’ve seen this one advertised around summer at some locations, you may have to explain this one to your barista. Just order a blended lemonade with strawberry puree and whip on top. 

5. Strawberry Frappuccino: 

pink drinks at starbucks

My daughter is obsessed with the strawberry frappuccino and I have even ordered one for myself from time to time. The creamy strawberry base is delicious when blended. The perfect caffeine-free treat for the strawberry lover. 

All frappuccinos use a base that keep the drink from separating, plus ice, milk, strawberry puree and whip on top. Yum. 

6. Iced Passion Tea Lemonade: 

pink drinks at starbucks

Another pinkish drink I absolutely love to order in the summertime is the passion tea lemonade. I get mine sweetened, otherwise it’s too tart. This drink uses the tea blend of hibiscus, lemongrass and apple hand-shaken with ice, and lemonade. If you ask for it sweetened, they add their simple syrup. 

7. Iced Passion Tango Tea: 

pink drinks at starbucks

If you don’t like lemonade based drinks or want to avoid the sugar, you can order an iced passion tango tea and get it sweetened or not. If you don’t ask for sweetener, they won’t usually add it. 

The passion tango tea is a blend of hibiscus, lemongrass and apple hand-shaken with ice. If you sweeten, they’ll add their simple syrup. 

8. Iced Dragon Drink: 

pink drinks at starbucks

One of the newer pink drinks I’ve tried, the iced dragon drink has a delightfully tropical flavor with sweet mango and dragonfruit flavors hand-shaken with creamy coconutmilk, ice and a scoop of real diced dragonfruit. 

A great alternative to passion tea or strawberry acai refresher based drinks if you’re looking for something new. 

9. Iced Mango Dragonfruit Refresher: 

pink drinks at starbucks

Are you a mango lover? The place where I got married had this huge mango tree that was just dripping with mangos. It was so cool. I had no idea mangos even grew that way. Ever since then, I’ve found myself gravitating towards mangos more than before. This drink is another delicious, refreshing option with sweet mango and dragonfruit flavors hand-shaken with ice plus a scoop of real diced dragonfruit.

10. Iced Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade Refresher: 

pink drinks at starbucks

I personally like the lemonade based refresher drinks, because I like the sweet and tart flavor of lemonade. If you do, too, you’ll like how the lemonade compliments the mango and dragonfruit flavors here. 

This one has lemonade, sweet mango and refreshing dragonfruit flavors hand-shaken with ice, plus a scoop of real diced dragonfruit.

11. Iced Strawberry Acai Lemonade Refresher:

pink drinks at starbucks

Love the strawberry flavor in the Pink Drink, but not the coconut milk? Or, maybe it’s a thousand degrees and getting something with milk makes your stomach curdle? Get this one and you’ll be refreshed in no time. 

Made with sweet strawberry flavors, passion fruit and açaí balanced with the delightful zing of lemonade, served over ice with freeze-dried strawberry pieces. The ultimate pick-me-up your afternoon is calling for.

12. Pink Drink with White Chocolate Cold Foam (Secret Menu): 

Love your white mochas and your pink drinks? Put those hands together and make one drink with both. The pink drink base is complimented with a white chocolate cold foam that is delightful. Think: white chocolate covered strawberries. Yum. 

13. Blended Strawberry Lemonade: 

pink drinks at starbucks

This is a win for the kiddos, especially in summer. It’s like the Mad Hatter, but the strawberry puree is blended into the drink for a delicious, cooling strawberry lemonade. 

14. Pink Drink with Matcha Cold Foam (Secret Menu): 

Okay, I may not be the biggest matcha lover, but I do like it. And, now you can get a matcha cold foam on top of your pink drink. 

15. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Frappuccino (Secret Menu): 

Want a little chocolate with your strawberry frappuccino? Ask for their chocolate chips to be blended into your frappuccino, it’ll taste like a strawberry version of the double chocolatey-chip frappuccino. They usually top those with whip and chocolate drizzle, so you can add that here and be good to go. 

How to order: You can order a double chocolatey-chip frappuccino with the strawberry cream base or you can order a strawberry frappuccino and add the chocolate chips and chocolate drizzle. 

16. TikTok Pink Drink (Secret Menu): 

This one has been gaining serious popularity on TikTok. To order, ask for a Pink Drink with heavy cream instead of coconut milk, add 2 scoops of vanilla bean powder shaken in and top it with whip cream. 

This sounds like a very sweet, thick drink that would be dessert in a cup. 

17. Strawberry Milk: 

Just like you can order a vanilla milk or a chocolate milk for kids, you can order strawberry milk, too. They’ll just mix the strawberry puree with milk and either add ice or not to your preference. You can get this warmed up in winter, too. 

18. Pink Starburst Drink (Secret Menu): 

This is another secret menu creation that is increasing in popularity. You’ll likely need to explain it to your barista. 

Here’s how to order: Order a venti pink drink and add 2 pumps white mocha sauce and 2 pumps of vanilla. 

19. Strawberry Marshmallow Drink (Secret Menu): 

Another twist on a Starbucks refresher is the strawberry marshmallow. Start by ordering the iced guava passionfruit drink, top with vanilla sweet cream cold foam with strawberry puree added. 

20. Pink Drink with Strawberry Cold Foam (Secret Menu): 

Another way to add more strawberry flavor to your favorite Pink Drink is to add strawberry puree to the sweet cream cold foam to make a strawberry cold foam. Add this to the top of your pink drink!

Pink Coffee Drinks at Starbucks: 

While it’s difficult to get a true pink drink with coffee inside, these are some delicious coffee drinks that use pink based ingredients. 

21. Love Bug Cold Brew (Secret Menu): 

pink drinks at starbucks

This was advertised around Valentine’s Day and even though I’m not a fan of fruit flavors added to my coffee, I wanted to try this one and it was pretty good! Strawberry sweet cream cold foam is added to the top of your cold brew with raspberry and white chocolate flavors. 

Here’s the recipe: order a venti cold brew with three pumps of raspberry syrup, four pumps of white chocolate syrup, and sweet cream foam mixed with strawberry puree.

If you want it a bit lighter, just take out the white chocolate syrup and go with the raspberry syrup. 

22. Iced Strawberry Mocha: 

Many years ago, Peet’s Coffee used to make a raspberry mocha around the holidays and I would always break my “no fruity coffee” rule to drink it. This one reminds me of that one. 

Order an iced mocha with 2 pumps of raspberry syrup, 2 pumps mocha, in the coffee and add strawberry to the cold foam on top. Or, just get an iced mocha with the strawberry cold foam on top. Delicious. 

23. Iced White Strawberry Mocha: 

You know where this one is going! Order a white mocha and add 2 pumps of raspberry and 2 pumps of white mocha to the coffee and add strawberry to the cold foam on top. 

The reason we add raspberry to the coffee is because the strawberry is a puree that won’t dissolve well in the coffee. The raspberry has a similar flavor profile and when the strawberry is added to the cold foam, you’ll get a more strawberry flavor overall. 

24. Strawberry Cold Foam Cold Brew: 

Keep it simple, especially if you love the cold brew based drinks with foam on top, and order a cold brew (with or without sweetener to your taste) and top with a strawberry cold foam. Easy peesy and lower in sugar and carbs. 

25. Raspberry Cold Foam Cold Brew: 

Prefer raspberry to strawberry? No problem. Add the raspberry to the cold foam and have it added to your cold brew. If you love fruity flavors, swap out the sweetener in your coffee for half raspberry/half sweetener to add some of that flavor to the cold brew, too. 


Phew! We made it! I’ll be slowly swapping out these photos for real drink photos when I remember to take them. Sometimes, I’m just driving through at break neck speeds and forget to take a photo. 

If you have a favorite pink drink at Starbucks or try one of these, make sure to tag me at @whatthefrothblog on Instagram!

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