The Dutch Bros Straw Code: Myth or Fact?

dutch bros straw code

I’ve devoted a decent amount of posts on this blog to my obsession with Dutch Bros, so it seems only fitting that I take on a mysterious urban legend surrounding the meaning of the Dutch Bros straws. I’ll be honest, when I first heard about this one, I shook my head and brushed it off. A secret straw code? A way for those uber-friendly broistas to secretly tell you what they really think about you behind those bright, sparkling eyes? Could it be true?

So, I dug deep, read, and then put the legend to the test to find out, once and for all, if the Dutch Bros straw code is real or just a silly myth. 

What is the Dutch Bros straw code?

dutch bros straw code

According to some reports, the color of the straw that your broista gives you when you are passing through to get your favorite DB drink packs a secret message to how they really feel about you. 

Supposedly, a pink straw means they think you’re pretty or nice, a green straw means they do not think you’re pretty, an orange straw means they think you’re strange, a yellow straw symbolizes that you’re average, and a blue straw means they think you’re rude. 

Now, I’ve made my fair share of Dutch Bros drive throughs, and I’ll be honest and say that they usually reach over and grab straws while looking at me, so they have no idea what color they’re grabbing. Plus, they’re covered in paper, so unless they’re slowing way down to figure out the color, which I don’t ever see them do, this is far more myth than fact. 

That being said, the mysterious straw code has sent a flurry of customers to their nearest Dutch Bros in search of that infamous pink straw to stroke their egos. Personally, I prefer the blue straw because it photographs so well, but now that I know it could mean that they think I’m rude, I’ll be looking at that straw with my side-eye. 

The Origin of the Dutch Bros Straw Code: 

dutch bros straw code

Like most origin stories, this one is also dubious. We don’t really know where it started, but the idea went viral on social media and people began sharing their straw colors ever since. 

In fact, some people have become so obsessed with it, they’re driven through different Dutch Bros to see if they get the same color straw from various broistas. I know when I drive through, I’m usually getting more drink than one and they just hand me straws, so it would be difficult to know which person in the car is supposed to get which one. 

But, in the interest of being thorough, I’ll be conducting three tests and updating this post as I do them. First, I’ll go with someone else, order multiple drinks, and go as casually as possible. Second, I’ll go by myself, very fixed up. Third, I’ll go and be much less friendly. I don’t feel comfortable being rude, but I have some ideas on what I can do that would be far less social than I usually am. If I chicken out on the being less friendly one, I’ll just talk about really off the wall things and see if I get the strange straw. 

Update: Test 1

My cousin and I went to Dutch Bros for three drinks. We were both dressed very casually with no makeup. We were given three straws that were paper wrapped. They were three different colors: pink, orange and blue. The broista did not look at the straws while grabbing them. I do not think they hand-picked the colors at all. Stay tuned for part two of the test where I will be going alone, ordering one drink and will be as fixed up as I can get. 

What does Dutch Bros say?

dutch bros straw code

There have been no official Dutch Bros reports that the straw code is real, although some former employees of DB have stoked the fires of the rumor. Of course, Dutch Bros only benefits from fanning the flames of this story, because it makes it even more exciting to wait in that line and see what that broista in charge of the straws might think of you. 

Of course, if a car full of girls pulled up and the broista at the window wanted to send a message to one of them in particular, you can see how it would be problematic to just hand out one pink straw without making it clear who it was for. Maybe in the past they were able to put the straws in the drinks in advance, but now, they always ask if you even want a straw before dolling them out. I usually decline the straw (#savethefish) and have only recently begun accepting them since they seem to photograph better with the straw. 

Dutch Bros Straw Code: Fact or Fiction

dutch sodas

The funny thing about suggestion is that once you hear it, you can’t ever unhear it. I’ll never look at those Dutch Bros straws the same way and it’ll be something I’ll think about whenever I drive through. 

If you’ve noticed any trends with your straws, make sure to snap a pic and tag us on social media @whatthefrothblog. Let’s see if we can figure this out! 

Are you a broista? DM or email us to tell us your real experiences with those mysterious straw colors!

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