The Starbucks Holiday Cups You’ll Want This Year!

starbucks holiday cups
c/o Starbucks

I am so excited for the holidays. I recently went into Homegoods to get a few more Halloween decorations and saw the Christmas decorations out in full force! So, it should come as no surprise that Starbucks has already released their new holiday collection of cups, tumblers, coffees, ornaments and gift cards. 

I actually have a gorgeous mini Christmas tree that I cover in Starbucks ornaments I’ve been collecting for 15 years and I love seeing all of the new ornaments that they release every year. Sadly, I missed out on some of the Halloween cups that I wanted (the glow-in-the-dark one!), so I’m going to make sure that I hunt down my favorite Starbucks holiday cups. 

Let’s take a look at the new collection!

Starbucks Holiday Cup Collection & More: 

1. Starbucks Reusable Color Changing Hot Cup Set: 

starbucks holiday cups
c/o Starbucks

We snagged the reusable color changing iced cup set earlier this year and use them all the time. The kids love them even for just water and I use them for iced coffee all the time. Loving this set for hot drinks. The colors are gorgeous. 

2. Starbucks Poinsettia Red Prism Cold Cups & Ornament: 

starbucks holiday cups

This is top of my list for the cold cups and ornament I am on the hunt for! Red is my favorite color and the prism effect of this collection is just gorgeous. Crossing my fingers I can find these in stock near me. 

3. Starbucks Winter White Cold Cups & Ornament: 

starbucks holiday cups

The white prism collection is another one I really want to find! Loving this shimmering white for the holidays. So beautiful and the matching ornament would like great on my tree. 

4. Starbucks Holiday Ribbon Tumblers: 

starbucks holiday cups

These are GORGEOUS. I love the ombre color effect on these. I think the vibrant green is my personal favorite, but I love a blue Christmas, too! 

5. Starbucks Glitter Red Cold Cup: 

starbucks holiday cups

This one is the cup I’m looking for the most for Christmas gifts. I usually do a coffee themed teacher gift and I use a reusable cold cup like this, add in a gift card, some Starbucks chocolates, and other things, and then tie a big bow around it. They are a hit every year, because everybody can use another cup and there’s something for everyone at Starbucks. 

6. Starbucks Iridescent Siren Cold Cup: 

starbucks holiday cups

I really love this whimsical take on the Starbucks siren. When I taught English, we studied marketing and the use of symbolism in the Starbucks logo. This would have been perfect for me when I taught that unit. I love this. 

7. Starbucks Icicle Blue Tumbler: 

starbucks holiday cups

The beautiful hot coffee version of the iridescent Starbucks siren. When I drank hot coffee, I used to use these Starbucks tumblers the most, because they are the perfect size!

8. Starbucks Gradient Winter Blue Water Bottle: 

starbucks holiday cups

With 20oz of room and a stainless steel that will keep it nice and cold, this is a great gift for the workout enthusiast in your life. 

9. Starbucks Deep Red Pleated Tumbler: 

starbucks holiday cups

Not everybody lives in sunny California. If you’re somewhere where it is super cold or even snows, you’ll need a nice big tumbler to keep your coffee or hot cocoa piping hot. 

10. Starbucks Peppermint Pink Prism Mug: 

starbucks holiday cups

Loving this prism design in a soft peppermint pink for the holidays. Another gorgeous gift idea, especially when you fill it with goodies and wrap it up. 

11. Starbucks Geometric Rainbow Glass:

starbucks holiday cups

We’re all about setting up that coffee bar here at WTF, and these shimmering glasses are perfect for a mug tree or displayed on a mug stand right by your coffee bar. 

12. Starbucks Holiday Coffee Blends: 

starbucks holiday cups

Ready to brew that holiday blend? These beautifully designed Christmas blends will give you that perfect coffee for all those holiday syrups. 

13. Starbucks Gift Cards: 

starbucks holiday cups

Dare I say the perfect gift? These gift cards can be loaded on site and then gifted to your loved one, who is sure to be thrilled. You can even send them via text on your smartphone or in an email. 

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Get those holiday cups while they’re available, because they can be hard to find and often sell out!

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