4 Must-Have Starbucks Tumblers That Will Sell Out!

starbucks summer tumblers

I can remember when the pink tumbler came out at Starbucks last year and it was sold out everywhere in a millisecond. Then, people started releasing them on Ebay and the amounts were going up and up and up. I would think, “Nobody would pay that for a tumbler…” And, they wouldn’t, they would pay more. 

So, when I saw all of the new summer merchandise coming out at Starbucks, I knew that these gorgeous unicorn and rainbow cups were going to be hot, hot, hot. I absolutely love all of them and think the new trend is a good one.

Let’s take a look at some of my favorite new tumblers available at Starbucks this summer – and if you like one of them – go get your hands on one ASAP, before you find yourself spending your kid’s college fund on Ebay.

Starbucks Must-Have Summer Tumblers:

1. Purple Ombre Unicorn Tumbler:

starbucks summer tumblers

This is the unicorn/rainbow version of the pink hobnail and I WANT IT SO BAD. Why didn’t I buy it? Why? WHY?

2. Rainbow Hot/Cold Tumbler:

starbucks summer tumblers

I will not lie, I think the Starbucks hot/cold tumblers are the best there are.

THERE. I said it! And I don’t regret it!

3. Purple Ombre Tumbler:

starbucks summer tumblers

Doesn’t this one remind you of those little sand crafts where you layer the sand in different colors and they start to bleed and blend together like this?


4. Rainbow Ombre Tumbler:

starbucks summer tumblers

Do you see the rainbow straw? I repeat: DO YOU SEE THE RAINBOW STRAW?

It’s so good, people! It’s so, so good!


I’m obsessed with all of these summer tumblers. They will sell out – so get yourself to your local Starbucks and grab the ones you need before they’re gone!

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