Easy & Delicious Iced Vanilla Latte with Vanilla Cold Foam (VIDEO)!

iced vanilla latte with vanilla cold foam

One coffeehouse drink that is always on rotation around here is the vanilla sweet cream cold brew from Starbucks. I absolutely love the sweetened foam topper on my fave iced vanilla latte.

But, I also love to make my drinks at home – and like most things homemade – find that I like them even better when I can customize them exactly to my liking.

So, if you’re spending $5 for your daily iced vanilla latte, you’re going to love this easy and delicious homemade iced vanilla latte with vanilla cold foam recipe! In just 5 minutes, you can whip up this better than a coffeeshop iced vanilla latte.

Make it without vanilla syrup for a regular latte, or sub out a different syrup to mix it up. Either way, you’ll be shocked how easy it is to make, customize, and even make the best cold foam ever.

 products used in the video, we recommend these (affiliate links used below): Nespresso Milk Frother (cold and hot foam):  Small hot plate (gets VERY hot!): https://amzn.to/3pcPK8K Perfect coffee glass:  


after I perfected my homemade vanilla syrup for coffees, it was time to get the iced vanilla latte just right.

How To Make: Iced Vanilla Latte with Vanilla Cold Foam

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Now, let’s break down what you’ll need. Also, affiliate links are used below for the products I have purchased myself and use for this recipe. Please know that if you choose to make a purchase through one of my links, I’ll receive a small commission at no cost to you.

Make Your Iced Vanilla Latte:

Start with the vanilla latte. Put the ice in last, so you can get your measurements just right before the ice starts melting and watering it down.

For me, I like equal parts coffee to milk. Then, 1-2 tbsp of my homemade vanilla syrup. Okay, who are we kidding – let’s go with two!

Then, stir, and add ice.

Make Vanilla Cold Foam:

Get out your frother that makes hot or cold foam, pour in some milk of your choice, add another tsp of your sweetened vanilla syrup, hit that cold foam button and let it go!

Spoon it over the latte, adding some of the milk at the bottom too.

Get that straw and enjoy!

Have you tried making your favorite coffeehouse drinks at home? Lately, I’ve been digging the oatmilk trend and will be posting some of my oatmilk latte recipes on the blog soon.

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