Get Free Dutch Bros Coffee With The New Dutch Bros App!

dutch bros app

Long gone are the days of scrambling to find your Dutch Bros coffee punch cards scattered all around your car. If you’re anything like me, you almost never kept one all the way until the freebie.

Luckily, it’s easier than ever to get free Dutch Bros with their new Rewards app! Let’s talk about why you need to download this app ASAP and how easy it is to use.

The Dutch Brow Rewards App:

dutch bros app

To find the app, just search the app store on your phone for Dutch Bros and download. And, get ready to get your first free coffee right away! That’s right – you get a free coffee just for downloading the app.

The app is super intuitive and easy to use. A main screen tracker clearly shows you a few things you need at your fingertips:

  • Points you’ve accumulated
  • How close you are to a reward
  • How many points you need for a reward
  • Where to find your scanner when you go to DB

Literally – the most intuitive and easy to use of all the coffee apps on my phone (and I have them all – people – I have them all).

How To Get Free Coffee at Dutch Bros:

The app allows you to easily track all of your purchases at DB, so you can get FREE COFFEE! Plus, they have lots of bonuses, like:

  • Free coffee when you download the app
  • Free birthday coffee
  • Free coffee every 250 or so points
  • Special deals on promoted coffees

Because I always have my phone on me, I never miss out on getting my points, so I get a lot more free coffees than I did before I had the app! I love it!

Best Features of the Dutch Bros Rewards App:

dutch bros app

There are a few things I love about this app.

First, it’s easy to use and everything I need is quick to find.

Second, I really like that it has a clear, easy to navigate menu for when I’m waiting in line and looking at what’s new or drinks I haven’t tried yet.

Third, it’s easy to find the shop locator when I’m not near my favorite DB shop.

dutch bros app

Fourth, I love that I can scan my purchases without having to pay from the app. I scan for my points and then pay with my credit card, so I don’t have to load my card into the app. You can, for easier payment, but I hate having to fiddle with adding money to it in line for other coffee shops and I always forget until the last minute. So, for my old brain, this works better.

dutch bros app

Overall, I find the app to be very intuitive, clear and fun to use. I haven’t had this much fun using a tracker since Starbucks had the one where stars would move around in the cup – remember that one?

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