4 Dutch Bros Holiday Drinks: What To Get & What To Forget

dutch bros holiday drinks

Holiday drinks are here and Dutch Bros has the best holiday drinks that I’ve seen yet. One of their special holiday drinks is my favorite across the board, from any coffee house. Yup, I said it. 

However, there is one holiday drink I do not recommend, unless you’re a really particular audience, so keep reading to find out which holiday drinks to get at Dutch Bros this winter and which ones to forget. 

3 Best Dutch Bros Holiday Drinks to Try: 

1. Dutch Bros Candy Cane Cold Brew: 

dutch bros holiday drinks

Winner, winner, chicken dinner! This is my all-time favorite holiday drink on any coffeehouse menu. It’s essentially an iced peppermint mocha with their soft top, but they make it with their cold brew base.

If you haven’t had it yet, the Dutch Bros cold brew is super smooth and very low acid, which is great for my stomach. Then, they add peppermint syrup (my favorite), chocolate milk (their hack for every mocha), soft top (like a sweet cold foam with marshmallow fluff in it) and festive red sugar sprinkles. 

dutch bros holiday drinks

It is totally delicious. And, surprisingly, very close to the iced peppermint mocha that I shared here on the blog a few weeks ago, before Dutch Bros unveiled this drink. I use my own homemade peppermint syrup, which is extra delightful, so if you’re not close to a DB and want to make one of these at home, find that full recipe here

This is my top pick for holiday drinks this season! 

2. Dutch Bros Hazelnut Truffle Mocha: 

dutch bros holiday drinks

Are you a fan of Nutella? Mochas? Hot coffee? This one is going to be your jam. Served up in their holiday cup, the hazelnut truffle mocha is absolutely delicious. They take their espresso base, add chocolate milk and hazelnut syrup and then top it with Soft Top + caramel drizzle!

It has such a well-rounded flavor that will make all mocha lovers rejoice. If you want to swap out the soft top for whipped cream, go for it. I happen to prefer whipped cream to soft top on hot Dutch Bros drinks, though. 

This drink was the top pick of one of my resident taste testers and they liked it better than the Candy Cane Cold Brew. 

3. Sweater Weather Chai with White Coffee: 

dutch bros holiday drinks

Okay, where’s my chai lovers at? Dutch Bros really has upped the chai game and this drink is a great addition to the lineup. This drink is made with white chocolate sauce, a double shot of white coffee, chai, soft top and cinnamon/nutmeg sprinkles. 

This was also on the fall drink menu, but for the winter, they’ve made it hot. I would probably still order it iced, but the flavor profile is great either way. I’m using my picture from the iced one above. 

Now, this is a dirty chai, which is chai plus coffee. I had a couple people tell me they tried this based on my recommendation and that it tasted “dirty”. Well, folks, if you’re expecting the sweetness and tea flavor that chai is known for, you are going to find the addition of coffee will make it taste dirty. A dirty chai does have an interesting taste, because of the combination of chai tea and coffee. Tea drinkers typically don’t like it, but coffee drinkers who also like chai will love it. 

Dutch Bros Holiday Drinks to Forget: 

1. Dutch Bros Sugar & Spice Oatmilk Latte:

dutch bros holiday drinks

I really wanted to like this one, folks. However, when I asked the barista what the “winter spice” they advertise in it contains, she said it tasted “earthy”. I’m not a huge fan of earth flavors in my coffee, so I pressed on, asking if she meant it had a bit of a chai flavor. She said no, it is definitely earthy. 

So, I decided to try it for the purposes of research and I will say this is not the best drink I’ve had at Dutch Bros. It really does have a little bit of an earthy, dirt taste and I’m not sure why. It was not serving up the holiday spirit for me or my resident taste tester. In fact, three of us tried it and while one person said it didn’t totally bother them, they also admitted they would prefer something else. 

If you’re going to try it – get it as designed with the soft top and cinnamon sprinkles on top, because it really helped.

dutch bros holiday drinks

I appreciate that Dutch Bros serves up a range of drinks for all types of coffee and tea drinkers, but if you happen to like a lot of my recommendations here on the blog and have a similar taste for coffee, I would say to forget this one and order one of the others instead. 

What is Dutch Bros Soft Top?

We’ve shared about the soft top before and it is a MUST at Dutch Bros. They also feature the soft top on iced drinks like the annihilator, too.

The soft top is legit the most amazing thing. It’s like a cross between marshmallow fluff and the cold foam/sweet cream being served other places. It is sweet and amazing and doesn’t melt too much into the coffee, so you can really enjoy it sip by sip.

Get it, friends, and come back to tell us how amazing it was!


Are you a fan of holiday drinks? I hope you found something you’re excited to try her!

Get roasted, 



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