NEW! Dutch Bros Protein Coffee Drinks Are Out!

Dutch Bros protein coffee drinks

Dutch Bros has been dabbling in healthier drinks since last year, when they began releasing holiday favorites with sugar free options. Even though they’ve always had one of the largest sugar free syrup collections I have ever seen, it hasn’t been something that they’ve promoted through specific drinks….until recently. 

And, now they are adding to their healthier collection with the just released protein coffee drinks. They currently have two protein based drinks they’re promoting, Salted Caramel Protein Latte and Salted Caramel Protein Mocha. So, of course I had to try one and share all the info with you!

What is Dutch Bros Protein Coffee?

Dutch Bros protein coffee drinks

Dutch Bros started 2024 with a bang when they released their two protein coffee drinks with 20g of protein each and no added sugar! The protein comes from a protein milk that they’re using in place of their usual chocolate milk or breve. 

And, good news, you can use the protein milk in any coffee drink of your choice until February 29, when both the two protein coffee drinks and the protein milk are going to be taken off the menu. But, if we know Dutch Bros (and we kinda do), they’re testing the waters to see how popular this will be and if people love it as much as I think they will, you’ll see protein milk and protein coffee drinks back on the menu – perhaps even permanently in the future. 

Dutch Bros Salted Caramel Protein Latte: 

Dutch Bros protein coffee drinks

This delicious drink combines a lot of my favorite flavors: salted caramel syrup, espresso, protein milk, topped with caramel drizzle. 

Now, you are going to get sugar from the caramel syrup and the caramel drizzle. If you swap out the regular for sugar free, understand that the one they use still has carbs. Check out my post on what you need to know about Dutch Bros sugar free options here.

I chose this one to try out first and I was hesitant – not because of the protein milk. I actually have used protein milk at home and it’s a fantastic way to get more protein into your day, but because of the salted caramel. I know, don’t hate me, but I’m not usually a fan of salted caramel. So, when I really liked this, I was genuinely surprised, in a good way. 

If you’re a fan of salted caramel, or even caramel based drinks in general, I think you are really going to like this one. 

Dutch Bros Salted Caramel Protein Mocha:

Just like the one above, but this one has chocolate, for a creamy, chocolately, delicious treat that won’t set you too far back on your New Year’s Resolutions. This one includes: salted caramel syrup, espresso, chocolate sauce, protein milk, topped with caramel drizzle. 

Usually, they have a chocolate milk that they use in mochas instead of milk and chocolate sauce combined, but for the protein drink, they are using a chocolate sauce added, much like making chocolate milk at home. You can ask for sugar free syrups, of course, but know that their chocolate sauce still contains carbs. 


Are you going to try the new protein coffee drinks at Dutch Bros? If you do, make sure to tag us on social media and let us know what you think @whatthefrothblog. 

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