Run! Dutch Bros Fall Drinks Are Here!

dutch bros fall drinks

Starbucks isn’t the only one unveiling new fall drinks that are sure to make you run to the nearest drive through. Dutch Bros has also released their limited time fall drink menu and I am HERE. FOR. IT.

Let’s check out the new fall drinks that will have you throwing on your favorite cardigan and rushing to wait in line for the first sip of that dreamy fall beverage.

And, after a summer of intense heat, wildfires, crazy world events and much more, who can blame us all for fully embracing cooler temps and all things cozy?


Dutch Bros Fall Drink:

dutch bros fall drinks

While we drink iced coffee almost year-round, we also love the occasional fall beverage. The Dutch Bros fall menus is music to our ears and we can’t wait to TRY THEM ALL. Don’t forget to use your Dutch Bros app to earn points and free beverages, just like we do.

1. Caramel-Pumpkin Brulee:

dutch bros fall drinks

Hey pumpkin spice lovers! There’s a new boss in town.

“The Caramel Pumpkin Brûlée Breve is a returning fall favorite featuring pumpkin and salted caramel topped with pumpkin drizzle, raw sugar sprinkles and Dutch Bros’ signature Soft Top. It can be ordered as Cold Brew, Breve or Freeze,” says the DB press release.

dutch bros fall drinks


dutch bros fall drinks

2. Cinnamon Swirl Oat Milk Latte:

dutch bros fall drinks

We are BIG fans of oatmilk lattes around here and you hay have noticed our favoritism for cinnamon flavored drinks as well.

So, needless to say, I am getting one of these TODAY and will report back!

According to the DB press release, “The Cinnamon Swirl Oat Milk Latte is a dreamy combination of Dutch Bros’ hand pulled espresso, vanilla, cinnamon and the creamiest plant-based milk alternative – oat milk!” Also, you can get it with the soft top!


What Is The Dutch Bros Soft Top?

dutch bros fall drinks

We’ve shared about the soft top before and it is a MUST at Dutch Bros. They also feature the soft top on iced drinks like the annihilator, too.

The soft top is legit the most amazing thing. It’s like a cross between marshmallow fluff and the cold foam/sweet cream being served other places. It is sweet and amazing and doesn’t melt too much into the coffee, so you can really enjoy it sip by sip.

Get it, friends, and come back to tell us how amazing it was!

dutch bros fall drinks

When To Order Dutch Bros Fall Drinks:

These fall drinks are available NOW so get in line! They are only available through the end of October, when they will switch to the holiday menu.

That means just 2 months to enjoy these soon-to-be favorites.


Are you a fan of fall drinks? We think you’ll love these delicious beverages. Come back and share which one is your favorite!

Get roasted,


*All photos courtesy of the DB press release


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