5 Amazon Coffee Gadgets I Use To Make My Coffee Drinks

amazon coffee finds

Some of my favorite coffee bar finds are from Amazon! I’m breaking down some of my favorites that I use to create recipes like this delicious honey cream iced coffee that is SO GOOD. 

Seriously, are you making honey cream yet? You need to!

Here’s a quick video of everything I used to make this drink and then scroll down for links!

5 Amazon Coffee Gadgets I Use To Make My Coffees: 

I know what you’re here for! Here are the gadgets I use in this video to make a lot of my delicious coffee recipes, including this honey cream iced coffee. 

  1. Espresso double shot glass – I use this for brewed shots so that they cool a bit before I pour them over ice
  2. Glass Frothing Pitcher – High borosilicate glass that is the perfect size for frothing or making a small amount of whipped cream
  3. Standing Single Hand Mixer – So easy to use, store and clean. I use this all the time for making foam and whipped cream for my coffee drinks.
  4. Beer can glass – I use these for almost all of my coffee recipes and videos. They are the perfect size and the lip on top keeps it from spilling over.
  5. Measuring spoons – I love this set with the wooden handles.

These are just some of my favorite coffee gadgets from Amazon. Stay tuned for more. And, for a lot more things I keep on my coffee bar, head to this post here.

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For the full recipe to make this honey cream iced coffee, click on the link!

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