3 Best Blue Bottle Coffee Drinks To Order

Blue Bottle Coffee shop

A couple of weeks ago, I was in San Francisco for the weekend and was able to step into a Blue Bottle Coffee shop for the first time. And, it just so happened to be the exact same one that they filmed for the hit show The Last Thing He Told Me. (If you haven’t seen that show – or read the bestselling book* – stop what you’re doing and grab it right now!) I literally signed up for Apple TV just for that show and then binge-watched it all in one day. Highly recommend. 

Anyway, I was thrilled to see my favorite Blue Bottle Coffee location featured in one of the episodes, especially since I had literally just been there (but not at the same time – boo!). 

My point is, I wish there was a location closer to where I live. It’s one of those coffee shops you’ll start to look for when you travel. In fact, I was recently in La Jolla and waddya know? I found a Blue Bottle in downtown San Diego and you better believe I made some questionable parking decisions to get another one of their iced mochas before I jetted off to the airport. #noregrets

If you’re here reading this, you either know what I’m talking about or you’re trying to decide what to order. They don’t have the extensive menus of Dutch Bros or Starbucks, and it’s not as tricky to customize as a place like Philz, so what exactly should you get? Well, that’s why I’m writing this, friends. So, let’s dive in: 

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What To Order at Blue Bottle Coffee: 

Blue Bottle Coffee shop

We went to the Blue Bottle in SF several mornings in a row and tried an embarrassing number of coffee drinks in that time. Did we order more coffee drinks than people in our group? Yes, and I refused to be ashamed for that. I’m nothing if not a thorough coffee menu investigator. 

Blue Bottle Coffee shop

1. Blue Bottle Coffee Iced Mocha: 

This is it, friends. The chupacabra, the big fish, the best of the best. I think Blue Bottle has my favorite iced mocha of anywhere I’ve ever been – it’s that good. It’s like a melted dark chocolate bar flavor. It’s sweet, but not overly so. The perfect sweetness, really, made just how they make it with no substitutions. Of course, you can make changes, especially to the milk option, but if you like a lot of my drink recommendations, I’d encourage you to try it just how they make it (barring any dietary restrictions, in which case, please ask for changes). You can also order this drink hot and it’s great that way, too. For my favorite iced mocha recipe at home, go here.

2. Saffron Vanilla Latte: 

I know, sounds a little odd, but it tasted great! Saffron is a spice derived from the flower of Crocus sativus. It’s packed full of serious health benefits, among which are improved sleep, improved eye health, reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety, and reduced inflammation in the brain. All good things! The taste of this latte is sweet, with slight honey notes. The vanilla syrup pairs beautifully with the saffron and coffee here. It’s a unique flavor, but we both really liked it and I would recommend it!

3. Iced Sweet Latte:

Yup, this is the actual name of this one. I liked it just how they make it. We tried it both iced and hot, and no surprise here that the iced was my favorite, but hot was my partner’s favorite. We both liked it, though, even though we have different preferences in sweetness levels. It’s sweetened with muscovado, a wonderfully dark, unrefined sugar with a molasses-like flavor. You can ask for light or extra muscovado, as well as customize the milk. Delicious. 

Other Drinks at Blue Bottle Coffee: 

Blue Bottle Coffee shop

There’s more to try at Blue Bottle! Their Nola, or New Orleans Style Coffee, is also delicious and can be the base of all the drinks mentioned above or you can customize with milk and sugar to your taste. 

They also offer cappuccinos, matchas, cold brew, and other traditional coffee favorites. While I was in the shop, I couldn’t resist grabbing their cold brew coffee bottle and whipped up a batch at home right away. So, don’t shy away from them if you like a simple espresso with milk. All drinks are made fresh to order, so they’re not the fastest coffee shop in town, but you won’t regret waiting a few more minutes for a delicious drink. 

Have you tried Blue Bottle? Let me know your order!

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