Dutch Bros Shine Is Back!

dutch bros shine

Dutch Bros has released their drinks with Shine again, so of course I had to race to my closest DB and try it out. They supposedly released this a few years ago, but I don’t remember ever seeing it, so this was a new and fun drink option to try. 

In addition to their new protein coffee release, Dutch Bros has really been delivering on keeping the menu fresh and full of exciting new options. 

Let’s check out what Shine is, and I’m going to share the drinks that I ordered that had Shine and tell you what I thought. 

What is Dutch Bros Shine?

Shine is an edible glitter syrup that is made with cane syrup, so it’s sweet, and edible glitter. If you’ve ever made a simple syrup, it’s an easy water and sugar combo. Imagine that with the addition of edible glitter and that’s what makes Shine so unique. 

Edible glitter has been gaining popularity on social media and especially over the holidays, I saw so many people making drinks with it. The only thing about using edible glitter is that it can sink to the bottom of the drink over time. By adding it to a simple syrup, it’s going to infuse with your drink more easily and give you that shimmering, glittery effect for longer. Of course, stirring it will refresh the look, too. I had fun putting together some videos for social media where I show the shimmering effect of these drinks, so keep reading to see it in action. 

Tips for adding Shine to your drink: 

Shine can be added to any drink at Dutch Bros, however, you’re going to get the best experience by adding it to iced, dark colored drinks, such as the vanilla cold brew with Shine or a darker colored Dutch Soda, Dutch Rebel, or Dutch Lemonade. 

I chose a Dutch Soda and an iced coffee drink to try with Shine and loved them both. Shine does have sugar in it, so consider this addition if you are counting calories/sugar. 

If you order a drink that is designed with Shine, like the vanilla cold brew with Shine, you won’t have to ask for it, but otherwise, request your drink to have Shine and they’ll add it. It may be an additional cost. I’ll be honest and say I didn’t pay attention to that, but additions to coffeehouse drinks is usually a small surcharge. 

Vanilla Cold Brew with Shine: 

dutch bros shine

My first choice was the vanilla cold brew with shine. This drink does not come with any milk or cream. They use their vanilla syrup, which is sweetened, as well as the Shine, which also contains sugar, and they add it to their cold brew base, which does not have any sugar or cream in it. 

I normally like cream or milk in my coffee, but I wanted to try this as designed to get the best taste test to share with you. I liked this much more than I normally like plain cold brew with syrup. The Shine adds a beautiful shimmering effect and the flavors sweeten the cold brew just right. If I were to order this again, I would most likely request a couple splashes of Breve (DB term for half ‘n half) and that would be perfect, but adding that cream is going to tone down that dazzling Shine effect. 

Overall, if you’re a fan of sweeter coffees and are okay with cold brew without cream, then you’ll like this drink.  Just look at how pretty it is: 


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Double Rainbro Soda with Shine: 

dutch bros shine

For my soda choice, I went with the Double Rainbro with Shine, which has strawberry, peach, and coconut syrups added to their plain soda base with Shine syrup. I’m not going to lie to you: this one has a lot of sugar, folks. A medium is packing 89g of sugar! And, if you’re looking to be carb-friendly, this ain’t it, with 91g of carbs in a medium. Talk about a sugar bomb! 

However, in the interest of full transparency – this was delicious! I slurped it up so fast, even though I was hoping I wouldn’t drink the whole thing. So, definitely blew my whole “eat less sugar” goals right out of the water. It’s okay, I can always start fresh tomorrow (but will I?) 

You can also get the Electric Berry with Shine, another delicious soda combination. Or, just add Shine to your favorite flavor combo. Let’s take a look at Shine in action!


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Overall, I loved trying Shine and would definitely recommend it as something tasty and fun to try. However, know it’s adding to your drinks sugar content and plan accordingly. 

If you’re looking for some slightly healthier options at DB, stay tuned for a post on the new protein coffee or look at their sugar free options. They had a sugar free option for the holidays that was very popular, so I think they’ll be offering more sugar-free drinks in the new year as well. 

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