5 Delicious Drinks To Order At Temple Coffee Roasters

temple coffee roasters
Image courtesy of Temple Coffee Roasters

We all have a different Temple Coffee origin story. Some of us drove by one of the gorgeous Temple Coffee Roasters and it beckoned us inside, while others googled, “best coffee in the Sacramento area” and found them on every list.

Either way, you can’t go wrong with a quick (or long) stop at one of Temple Coffee Roasters 8 locations in the Sacramento area. But, with coffee shops like Starbucks and Dutch Bros, where the menu becomes deeply ingrained in how we order coffee drinks, stopping in a new place can be a bit daunting.

That’s why we decided to curate the best drinks to order next time you stop in at a Temple. Of course, if you like a simple latte or black coffee, you may not need this list, but certainly brush up on the best drinks before taking your next date, who may not find it so easy to navigate Temple’s deceptively simple menu.

Where is Temple Coffee Roasters?

temple coffee roasters
Image courtesy of Temple Coffee Roasters

If you’re new to Temple, no worries. We’ve got you covered. There are currently 8 locations around the Sacramento area:

  1. 2776 E Bidwell Street, Folsom: Our favorite stop, with a gorgeous adobe themed interior and a large patio area outside with lots of seating, lighting and comfortable couch. A great workspace, too, if you need to get out of the house, but still get something done. This one is located inside a large plaza, directly across from the BelAir grocery store and near an Indian restaurant.
  2. 4201 H Street, Sacramento: Our second favorite spot, with great parking right outside, a very large inside seating area perfect for working and a gorgeous patio outside that is quite Instragrammable.
  3. 1010 9th Street, Sacramento
  4. 2200 K Street, Sacramento – another one with a large inside space for chatting, working, or staring at the stunning beams and gorgeous decor
  5. 2829 S Street, Sacramento – located in Midtown, one of the only ones we haven’t visited and we are dying to go
  6. 1615 16th Street, Sacramento – also in Midtown
  7. 239 G Street, Davis
  8. 2600 Fair Oaks Blvd, Ste 101, Sacramento

What To Order at Temple Coffee Roasters?

temple coffee roasters
Image courtesy of Temple Coffee Roasters

Alright, now that you’ve found your nearest Temple, it’s time to get down to business. When you walk into a Temple, they have a pretty simple menu right there at the end of the bar. You order directly with the barista, who may ask some questions to make sure they get your drink just right. They are all phenomenally trained and know their stuff, so feel free to talk through what you like and customize the drink to your taste.

1. Vanilla Cream Cold Brew:

temple coffee roasters

Okay, this isn’t technically on the menu. We sort of made this one up and we’re not even sorry. The Orange Cream Cold Brew was the hot new item on the list, but we’re not always up for the orange, so the barista was more than willing to make it with just vanilla instead. Oh baby, it’s good.

If you’re a fan of the the Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew at Starbucks or the Horchata Cold Brew at Peet’s – this has a very similar vibe, with tons of flavor. Very good. Very, very good.

Or, go for the orange and get the Orange Cream Cold Brew, which features their house-made simple syrup with locally sourced orange and vanilla extract. Served with heavy cream or coconut milk based cream for a refreshing drink reminiscent of a creamsicle.

2. Chai Latte:

You know we love a good chai and dirty chai around here and the chai at Temple is spicy, so get ready for a little kick. Get it with oatmilk for a creamier consistency that plays well with the spices. We like it iced, but you can get it hot, too.

Chai lattes are such a refreshing choice when you’re in between coffees or prefer tea-based drinks. Every shop has their own blend of the same chai spices, so you may find some with more cinnamon and less kick and others more spicy. We’ve tried chais all over and the barista wasn’t kidding when he said that Temple has a spicier chai. It’s tasty, though, so go for it if you like a kicky chai.

3. Mexican Hot Chocolate:

temple coffee roasters

Looking for something delicious that won’t keep you up all night? The Mexican Hot Chocolate is something you’ll come back for again and again. Made with your choice of milk, their special Mexican hot chocolate which has a touch of cinnamon, and topped with whip cream (you have to ask for it) and another dash of cinnamon on top – it’s creamy, sweet, delicious and memorable.

Grab the little teeny tiny PUUR chocolate bar at the register, too, and thank us later for this melt-in-your-mouth chocolate and caramel dessert.

4. Seasonal Drinks: Gingersnap

temple coffee roasters
Image courtesy of Temple Coffee Roasters

Temple crafts some pretty incredible seasonal drinks, so make sure to ask what is on the menu. Right now, they are serving up their Ginger Snap Latte and Ginger Cream Cold Brew. They use a house-made ginger syrup and locally sourced spices from the All Spicery. This would be their own version of the infamous PSL, but less pumpkin and more ginger spice. Like a liquid gingerbread cookie. Yum.

There are rumors of other seasonal drinks, so we’ll keep you posted on what else shows up.

5. Thai Iced Tea:

temple coffee roasters
Image courtesy of Temple Coffee Roasters

Very few coffeeshops we’ve been to have a Thai Iced Tea on the menu. If you haven’t had one of these yet, add this to your list. Thai tea has a unique blend of spices and then it’s sweetened with sweetened condensed milk for a creamy, dreamy concoction you won’t be able to get enough of.

Very refreshing in the summer or great for the day when you are winding down on the coffee. You’ll still get a kick of caffeine from the tea, but just not as much as a cold brew.


We’d love to know what you get when you go to Temple. If you haven’t been, we think you’ll love the vibe of their locations and the delicious, hand-crafted drinks using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.

While you’re there, grab one of their bag of beans and a tumbler to recreate the experience at home.

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