The BEST Iced Mocha Recipe Ever – with Nespresso

iced mocha recipe

Ever since I had an iced mocha from Dutch Bros, I’ve been hooked on one simple swap for my iced mochas that make all the difference: use chocolate milk instead of regular milk. You still add chocolate sauce for more chocolate flavor, but the milk swap alone adds so much creaminess and depth to the flavor. 

I recently shared my favorite iced mocha recipe using Nespresso espresso pods and it’s been my most-watched Instagram reel yet, so I thought it was time to share the full recipe and all the details right here on the blog. It’s also the one I make most at home, because everyone loves it and it’s my husband’s favorite, too.

So, whether you’re a big iced mocha lover or you still need to be converted, this is a recipe you’re going to love. 

Nespresso Iced Mocha Recipe: Ingredients

iced mocha recipe

You’ll only need a few things to make this iced mocha at home. While I used my Nespresso for the espresso, you can swap that part out for any coffee you have on hand, given it’s strong. Hot coffee will melt into the chocolate sauce, but I’ve used Stok cold brew as well and as long as you stir it in, the results are pretty similar. 

  • Chocolate Sauce: Personally, I like this 5-ingredient chocolate sauce, because it has great flavor, less ingredients and dissolves really well. I’ve also used Torani and Ghirardelli for similar results. 
  • Espresso: I used my Nespresso Vertuoline machine for this, which makes it incredibly easy to get a perfect espresso shot with lots of delicious foam on top. My new favorite pods are the Starbucks Espresso Pods for Nespresso. I’ve been using them constantly. If you don’t have a Nespresso machine, check out my post with the 9 best Nespresso machines.  Use any espresso shots you have or even really strong cold brew in place of this. If using cold brew, use about a cup of coffee and plan to use less milk. 
  • Chocolate Milk: I use Ripple Protein Chocolate Oatmilk (dairy free – added protein!). Use whatever you have on hand or whatever chocolate milk you like. I use about 1/2 cup to 1 cup, depending on how much coffee I use. Adjust this to taste, based on how strong you’d like yours to be. 
  • Vanilla Syrup: I use my homemade vanilla simple syrup recipe here, but have also used Torani vanilla syrup. Just a teaspoon helps to round out the chocolate flavor. 
  • Whipped Cream: RediWhip, homemade, whatever you have on hand here is great. When I make it with fresh whipped cream, just add some heavy whipping cream and vanilla syrup and whip. Dollop a big wedge of fresh whip on top just like you see in the pictures. 
  • Ice: Lots of ice, ice baby. 

How To Make the Best Iced Mocha Ever: 

iced mocha recipe
Can’t beat that fresh whipped cream!

Putting this together is so simple. I’ve put together a little video for you and I’ll also put the step-by-step instructions below. 

  1. Start by adding about 1-2tbsp of chocolate sauce to your glass. 
  2. Brew 1-2 espresso shots
  3. Add espresso to your glass and stir into the chocolate suace
  4. Add some ice to the glass
  5. Add chocolate milk leaving some room
  6. Stir if you like
  7. Add fresh whip to the top of your glass
  8. Add chocolate drizzle on top
  9. Drink and enjoy! Yum! 

How To Make Vanilla Simple Syrup: 

vanilla simple syrup

I love making my own simple syrups whenever possible. The flavor is so much better and they have less chemicals and preservatives in them. 

For the vanilla simple syrup, you only need three ingredients to make this syrup! Here’s what you need:

Then, just star occasionally until the sugar is fully dissolved and it’s gently simmering.

Remove from heat and let it cool a bit before putting it in the bottle. Use a bottle that seals. We bought a set of these glass bottles with chalkboard stickers, but you could use any kind of container with a seal to keep it fresh.

For more details on this recipe, head to this blog post. 

Answering All Your Iced Mocha Questions: 

iced mocha recipe


Yes, use sugar-free syrup or an alternative sugar-free sweetener and heavy whipping cream to stay keto friendly. 


You sure can. Just use warm frothed milk and you’re in business, baby. 


Don’t have an espresso machine? No worries, you can still make this delicious drink at home using whatever you have available to you. Here are some more options for you: strongly brewed coffee, cold brew coffee, nitro cold brew coffee, or even iced coffee. If you are using regular coffee, you may notice a less strong coffee flavor than with espresso shots, but it will still be delicious. 


I have been obsessed with creating recipes for my Nespresso lately. Here are a few of them to try out next: 


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