Cold Brew with Honey Cream: My New Favorite Coffee

cold brew with honey cream

So, last week I went to this new restaurant that had opened in town and they had a “cold brew with honey cream” on the menu. Of course, I had to try it and as soon as I got my first taste of that honey cream, I thought to myself, “Why haven’t I been using honey in my whipped cream?” 

The honey gives the whipping cream a much more subtly sweet flavor that has a bit more warmth than granuled sugar. I had tried brown sugar once and loved the slight change in the flavor, but never considered honey. 

They generously piled on the honey cream and I was feeling it. Just look at this beauty: 

cold brew with honey cream

Well, now I can’t stop making it. It’s become my new favorite way to make homemade whipped cream. The first time I made it, I whipped it up until stiff peaks form just like they did in the restaurant. While delicious, it sits on top, infusing each drink with a little cream. 

But, the next time, I wanted to whip it a bit less, for a softer texture that would melt into the coffee and give the creamy, honey flavor to the whole drink, a bit more like a latte. Both are delicious, so pick your poison. 

Either way, you only need four ingredients and that’s counting ice. 

Cold Brew with Honey Cream: Ingredients

cold brew with honey cream

Seriously, 4 ingredients is all it takes to make this addicting coffee drink you’ll love. 

  • Cold Brew: I used canned Trader Joe’s cold brew in my Instagram video. I used Stumptown canned nitro cold brew in these pictures. I’ve used my favorite Stok cold brew and I bet that just about any cold brew or iced coffee is going to work perfectly for this. I have not tried it with hot coffee yet. 
  • Honey: I like raw honey. The flavor is much better and it’s packed with health benefits. If you haven’t tried raw honey yet, give it a go and you will be converted. I tend to buy this one, but I’ve also tried lots of different wild and raw honeys, so use what you have or what you’re attracted to at the store. You only need a tablespoon for this recipe if you’re serving one. 
  • Heavy Whipping Cream: Just plain heavy whipping cream is perfect for this. You could mix the honey with half ‘n half for a softer, sweet cream texture, but I haven’t tested it that way. You’re going to whip 1/4 cup heavy whipping cream with 1 tbsp honey to get the perfect, lightly sweetened combo. Too much honey and the honey flavor becomes really prevalent and we want it to be a bit more of a whisper. 
  • Ice: I used a cup of ice here. 

That’s it for ingredients. For tools, it’s a hand mixer only. I looooooove this little single hand mixer for my coffee drinks. It fits perfectly in my little glass carafe. It saves me from getting out the big mixer and having more to clean. Lazy much? I think so! 

cold brew with honey cream

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Step-By-Step Directions: Cold Brew with Honey Whipped Cream

cold brew with honey cream

Honestly, this honey whipped cream would be so good on top of fruit, a dessert, or anything. I eat the leftovers with a spoon, because #delicious. It’s going to move you, I swear. 

Start by adding your cup of ice to a glass and pouring about 1 cup of cold brew or almost one can of cold brew on top. I did not add any sweeteners to this, but you could add 1 tbsp of simple syrup or vanilla syrup if you like your coffee really sweet. The cream will infuse the coffee with sweetness, too. 

cold brew with honey cream

Mix 1/4 cup heavy whipping cream and 1 tbsp honey with a mixer until soft peaks form. 

cold brew with honey cream

Pour cream over your coffee. More is more, friends. Add this generously. 

cold brew with honey cream

Drink it this way if you want to sip it. If you want to use a straw, consider mixing some of it in so the flavor is blended in, otherwise the straw will just take up the plain cold brew and not much of the cream. You want the honey cream. Trust. 

cold brew with honey cream

That’s it, folks. I told you. Easiest coffee ever with a seriously delicious payout. 

Your Questions Answered: 

cold brew with honey cream

Is creamed honey and honey whipped cream the same thing? 

No, there is also something called creamed honey which is honey literally creamed or mixed until it is more of a cream. Heavy whipping cream and honey together, like we use in this recipe, creates more of a whipped cream texture with a light honey flavor. Although, I’m sure both of these would be good in coffee. 

Do I have to use heavy whipping cream?

I have not tested this recipe with anything else, but I bet you could test out other options. Many people use coconut milk as a base for vegan whipped cream and you could probably figure that out with honey for a dairy-free option, too. 

I only have espresso or hot coffee, will that work?

You have options here. First, you could make hot coffee and refrigerate it. Or, second, you could use espresso shots in a shaken espresso, where you shake it with ice. I have a recipe for this listed below.

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Thanks for reading today! I hope this inspires you to whip up some honey cream. 

Get roasted, 


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