Chick-fil-A Iced Coffees: The Mocha Cream Cold Brew & Vanilla Iced Coffee

chick-fil-a coffee

I recently had someone ask what I thought about Chick-fil-A’s iced coffee and I drew a blank. Chick-fil-A had COFFEE? I was so used to just placing my usual order without even looking at the menu – and somehow I had missed that they had several coffee drinks made with that perfect nugget ice. 

I mean, nugget ice just makes everything better, you feel me?

So, I had to order all of the available iced coffee flavors at my location and give them a try – along with some delicious breakfast. Because, I mean, why not. 

All About Chick-fil-A Coffee: 

chick-fil-a coffee

Right now you have three main options of iced coffee or cold brew at Chick. Here are the options: 

  • Mocha Cream Cold Brew – The newest in the lineup, made with chocolate sauce, sweetened cream and cold brew over ice.
  • Vanilla Iced Coffee – Made with vanilla syrup, cold brew coffee and 2% milk. They call this iced coffee, but it seems like it is technically a cold brew coffee. Read about the difference between iced coffee and cold brew here.
  • Iced Coffee – Made with a custom blend of cold-brewed coffee, 2% milk, and sweetened with pure cane sugar

If you’re paying attention, this means that you would need to ask for your coffee to be unsweetened if you don’t want sugar. They automatically make it with a sweetener. 

For today’s test, I got both the Mocha Cream Cold Brew and Vanilla Iced Coffee – and a breakfast muffin and hash browns, too (obvi).

Chick-fil-A Mocha Cream Cold Brew Coffee: 

chick-fil-a coffee

At first, this one had a bit of a maple-y flavor, but then once I stirred it, the flavor took on more a really well-rounded mocha. I think iced mochas are pretty safe to order anywhere and this one did not disappoint. 

I would definitely order this one again and I think I would order extra ice, because the ice melted a bit quickly for my taste. 

I would try it as made without substitutions at first and then you can always make adjustments if it’s too sweet or not sweet enough. I like coffee drinks on the sweeter side and it was perfect for me. 

Chick-fil-A Vanilla Iced Coffee: 

chick-fil-a coffee

The vanilla iced coffee was also very good. I liked the french vanilla syrup that they use. I did prefer the Mocha Cream Cold Brew, overall, but this was a solid choice if you prefer a vanilla based coffee. 

I would not add more vanilla. They add enough to it and the taste is noticeable. It’s not too sweet, either. 

Where Does Chick-fil-A get their coffee?

According to Chick-fil-A, their coffee beans are sourced by THRIVE Farmers, a farmer-direct coffee company that enriches the lives and communities of those who grow it. 

The grounds are steeped for 24 hours to create a smooth, tasty cold brew coffee. 

What milk options do you have? 

You can ask for 2% milk and/or half ‘n half (also called Chick-fil-A creamer). If you need to be dairy-free, order it with just sweeteners and then add your own milk. 

What sweetener options do you have? 

For sweetener, you can use cane sugar or Splenda. 

Does Chick-fil-A serve coffee all day?

You don’t have to get their for breakfast to enjoy their coffee drinks. Chick-fil-A serves coffee all day!


I hope this inspires you to try out Chick-fil-A coffee. I’ll definitely be getting the Mocha Cream Cold Brew again. I’ll just make sure to order a large and extra ice ;0)

Get roasted, 


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