Easy & Delicious Iced Oatmilk Honey Latte Recipe

honey latte

Years ago, I found a recipe for a shaken iced coffee sweetened only with honey. I even bought the Nespresso machine that I still have and use today to make the recipe – that’s how intrigued I was with it. 

I learned a couple of things while trying to recreate that recipe: first, when sweetening with honey, you may need more than you think unless you like things very lightly sweetened and second, honey and coffee is a surprisingly delicious pairing. 

So, when Starbucks unveiled an iced honey oatmilk latte recently, I had to try it. Using their honey sauce – which helps the honey absorb faster and easier – it was lightly sweetened (perhaps a little too lightly sweetened), but otherwise light and frothy and delicious. Then, Philz Coffee came out with their Honey Haze that just totally tweaked all of the amounts just right and it was totally heaven in a cup. 

After a little tweaking at home, I’ve mastered an iced oatmilk honey latte that is just the right amount of sweetness, a little frothy, and very delicious. 

If you haven’t tried honey with your coffee yet – this is your sign that it’s time to try it. 

What’s in an iced honey oatmilk latte? 

honey latte

You only need a few things to make this recipe: 

  • Honey: I used raw honey, because that is what I have at home. Raw honey has all the health benefits of honey and a nice, strong, real honey flavor. Once you go raw, you never go back to the processed stuff. You could also use or make a honey syrup for this, which would create a honey simple syrup. Benefits would be if you are using it in cold brew coffee, it would absorb much easier. 
  • Coffee: I used a double espresso Nespresso pod. The hot coffee melts the honey, so I didn’t need to create a syrup. You can use any espresso shots or strongly brewed hot coffee for this. If you wanted to use cold brew, use a strong one and it’ll either take a little more effort to blend the honey or you can create a honey simple syrup. 
  • Oatmilk: The name implies oatmilk and I’m a big fan of oatmilk in coffees. If you don’t like it, sub it out for whatever milk you prefer. Almondmilk is going to be the lowest in carb and sugar, but I do find that it leaves an aftertaste. The slight taste of oatmilk plays so well with coffee and syrups, so it has really edged ahead as my preferred choice. I try to buy a protein oatmilk that also ups the protein of my homemade coffees to up to 9g of protein. Not bad for a drink!
  • Half ‘n Half: I like to use half ‘n half for cold foam whenever possible, because it makes the smoothest, most perfect density milk foam. You can use whatever milk you like or you can make half ‘n half by combining a splash of heavy whipping cream with 2% milk. 
  • Ice: Gotta have the ice. Ice, ice baby. I do not brew the coffee over ice, because it melts it and waters it down too much. I brew my espresso into an espresso cup and then let it cool while I do the rest of the drink and by then, it doesn’t melt the ice as much. 

Okay, once you have all your ingredients, it’s time to make your drink! Also, some of the links above are affiliate links. I bought these products with my own money and definitely recommend them. If you purchase something from my links, I may receive a commission at no cost to you. Cheers!

How To Make Your Iced Oatmilk Honey Latte: 

honey latte

I made this video to give you a quick walk-through of how to put this drink together, but I’m also going to walk you through it step-by-step. I think you’ll be surprised how easy it is. 

  1. Start with a cup, mine is 16oz. 
  2. Add 1-2 tbsp. of honey or honey syrup. I used 2 because I like things sweeter and probably could’ve done more. 
  3. Brew 1-2 espresso shots about 1/2 cup of very strong coffee. 
  4. Pour over the honey and use the hot coffee to dissolve the honey. Stir until combined. 
  5. Add ice. 
  6. Add about 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup of oatmilk, or milk of choice, but be sure to leave room for foam. 
  7. Add half ‘n half (about 1/4 cup or even less) plus 1 tbsp or so of honey to a milk frother. 
  8. Pour honey milk foam over your iced latte. 
  9. Drink and enjoy!!!

It’s seriously so easy and the best part is you can adjust the honey to your taste. Also, use whatever kind of coffee you have on hand and adjust the coffee/milk amount to your preferred taste as well. 

Questions & Answers: 

honey latte

Can I shake this like a shaken espresso?

It’s totally delicious if you shake it. It’ll be a lot like the Honey Haze from Philz if you do shake it and if you use heavy whipping cream, it’ll get a nice thick froth on top, too. 

Do I have to use Nespresso espresso pods?

Nope, use what you have. Strong coffee, cold brew, espresso shots, Jot coffee, or another Nespresso pod. Sure, the flavor might be slightly different, but it’ll still be good. Just know that if you use cold coffee, it’ll be more difficult to get the honey to dissolve and you may be better off using a honey syrup instead of raw honey. 

Should I add sugar to the iced oatmilk honey latte?

I would not add refined sugar to the latte, because the honey is the sweetener. If you make the coffee and it is still not sweet enough, I would add some simple syrup to sweeten, because it’ll dissolve into the cold drink. 

Can I make this hot? 

Yes! Use warm milk and warm milk foam and you’re making a hot oatmilk honey latte. 

Is a honey oatmilk latte healthy? 

While it may sound like a healthier option, honey is a sweetener and oatmilk is higher in carbs and sugar than other options like almondmilk. Sure, it may be healthier than other drinks, like a frappuccino or an iced white mocha, but it probably won’t be a low calorie coffee option. If you did keep your honey content low, you might be able to get it under 100 calories. 

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I hope you try this recipe soon and love it as much as I do. 

Get roasted, 


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