It’s Baaaack! Dutch Bros White Chocolate Lavender Returns!

dutch bros white chocolate lavender

Okay, I’m just going to say it: I don’t typically like coffee drinks with lavender syrup. I know, I know. However, when Dutch Bros started teasing a new drink coming that was back by popular demand and then unveiled some freaking brilliant marketing about the re-released white chocolate lavender drink, it took me no time at all to get in my car and drive over there to wait in a 20-car lineup. 

Yup, not even a little bit sorry. 

Once it was my turn to order, I asked bout the different versions I’ve seen advertised: hot, cold brew and freeze. The broista told me there were even more options than that – I could even get it with their nitro cold brew and he rattled off some other options so fast I can’t even remember. 

So, I decided to try two versions: white chocolate lavender cold brew and white chocolate lavender freeze and compare. 

Let’s take a look at each one: 

Dutch Bros White Chocolate Lavender Cold Brew: 

dutch bros white chocolate lavender

The Dutch Bros cold brew is my first love. It’s so smooth and pairs well with anything. Plus, this one has their white chocolate, which I already know I like and the soft top – which I always recommend. 

So, really, the only new part of this drink was the lavender syrup. I told myself, “How bad could it really be?” I mean, sure, I had never been able to down any other coffee drinks with lavender, but there was enough other good things in this drink to offset the lavender syrup. 

I tentatively took my first sip, expecting it to taste like feet, but was….pleasantly surprised. It was actually pretty good. The lavender syrup was noticeable, too. It was at least as strong as the white chocolate making me think they balanced out the two 50/50. 

I kept drinking and realized, the lavender syrup didn’t bother me here at all. In fact, not only did it add something interesting to the flavor, but it also added a nice aromatic experience to the drink that I enjoyed. 

Leave it to Dutch Bros to master a lavender coffee drink that is actually enjoyable. Whether you like lavender syrup in drinks or not – I would say this is one worth trying out especially if you are a fan of the other elements in the drink. 

Here’s an Instagram video I filmed right after I tried it for the first time: 


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Dutch Bros White Chocolate Lavender Freeze: 

dutch bros white chocolate lavender

The freeze is DB’s answer to the blended coffee drink, which means it uses their freeze base to give it that creamy, blended texture that stays smooth and doesn’t get icy. 

This does add sweetness to the drink and it was noticeably sweeter than the cold brew version of the drink. My resident taste tester finished this one for me, because they really enjoyed the pairing of flavors and happen to be a solid fan of DB freezes.

For me, it was certainly something I’d drink as a dessert or a special treat, but it was too sweet for me to consider it as a regular coffee drink. This is saying something, since if you’ve been around the blog, you know I love my sweet coffee drinks. 

Either way, the freeze is a great drink too and the combo of white chocolate and lavender are delicious in this, too. 

I’m going to go ahead and bet that all versions of this drink are pretty good. If you’re interested in the freeze, check out this post with the 18 best Dutch Bros freeze drinks.

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dutch bros white chocolate lavender

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Have you tried the white chocolate lavender drink at Dutch Bros? What are your thoughts? 

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