My Favorite Iced Coffee Drink of the Summer!

my favorite iced coffee recipe

I try not to play favorites, but every once in awhile, I stumble on a combination or a recipe that is so good – I want one every day. If you’re the type that eats the same thing for lunch until you’re sick of it or listens to a song on repeat until you know all the words, then you understand what I’m saying. And, this summer, I have absolutely found a favorite. Of course, this is a little problematic, since I’m supposed to be sharing new recipes all the time and nobody wants to watch videos on my Instagram of the same coffee every day. But you know what – life is short. If a certain coffee drink makes me happy, I’m going to live my best life and make it every day. 

If you’re looking for a new drink to try – let me introduce you to this honey, vanilla, cinnamon, and caramel iced coffee. Before you think that’s too many flavors – three of them are all in the same syrup. That means you can make this drink with just one syrup. Adding caramel drizzle is icing on the cake and it plays so well with the flavors, but you don’t need it. I’ve made this drink without it and it’s still delicious. 

Let’s walk through what you’ll need to make this drink: 

My Summer Favorite Iced Coffee Drink: Ingredients

my favorite iced coffee recipe

  • Cold Brew – I use unsweetened store bought cold brew. I always keep Stok on hand, so that’s what I used. I did a taste test with a bunch of store bought cold brews and this had the best flavor across the board. Its so good. I usually get the yellow one, but the others are good, too. 
  • KYAA Joy Syrup – This is where the magic happens, people. This syrup has the most delicious flavor, with notes of honey, vanilla and cinnamon. It’s not as strong a flavor as some of their other syrups, so if you like a softer, less sweet flavor, you can do less tablespoons or if you like sweeter, more flavorful, drinks like me, you can use what I recommend below. Get 10% off KYYA syrups and sauces, made in small batches and shipped fresh, with my code WHATTHEFROTHKYYA10
  • Heavy Cream – for your cold foam
  • Milk of choice – won’t need much, pretty much anything works here
  • Ice – Ice, ice, baby
  • Caramel Drizzle – Big fan of Hollander sauces for this. I’ve also used their powdered drink mixes and those are a delicious alternative to frappe and frappuccino drinks, made at home, with less additives and sugar. 

Tools You’ll Need: 

You don’t need much to make this drink. I have a milk frother that I absolutely love and it looks nice on the stand on my counter, too. Its the best I’ve tried, by far. Highly recommend. 

I use a small glass or a milk carafe for mixing my cold foam mixture. Make sure there’s more room in the glass than the ingredients, because it does expand with mixing. 

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How To Make My Favorite Summer Iced Coffee Drink:



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  1. Add 1 cup ice to a glass
  2. Add 2 full tablespoons of Kyya Joy syrup
  3. Add 1 cup cold brew
  4. In a carafe, add 4 tbsp heavy cream, 2 tbsp milk of choice, 1 full tbsp of Kyya Joy. Froth to soft set.
  5. Pour over coffee, drizzle in caramel.
  6. Enjoy!

I’m telling you, if you try any of my recipes – make it this one. SO GOOD!

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my favorite iced coffee recipe

Hope you find your new favorite drink!

Get roasted, 


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