The BEST Iced Nespresso Brown Sugar Oatmilk Latte

iced nespresso brown sugar latte

Have you become obsessed with the new brown sugar lattes everyone is making? Me too! The brown sugar gives the coffee a slightly richer, more caramelly flavor and I love it. 

Turns out, making your own brown sugar syrup is super easy to do and dissolves perfectly in cold brew and iced coffee. 

But, you can also use a hot espresso shot to dissolve straight brown sugar to create a super easy brown sugar latte – which is exactly what I did in this recipe. So, if you saw this one on my Instagram and want to try it at home – I’m about to give you all the details, friends, on one of the best brown sugar lattes I’ve ever had in my life. 

Nespresso Brown Sugar Latte: Ingredients

iced nespresso brown sugar latte

You only need a few things to recreate this brown sugar latte at home. Here’s what you’ll need – or you can substitute these things for what you have on hand for a similar flavor profile: 

  • Brown Sugar – I use this kind of light brown sugar. I used 2 tablespoons, which was sweet enough and I like my coffee on the sweeter side, but you could use more or less. You could even add some to your milk and froth it. If you’ve never used brown sugar in your frothed milk or whipped cream, you are missing out. It’s delicious.
  • Espresso Shot – You’ll need a hot espresso shot or a shot’s worth of very hot, strong coffee. I used my Nespresso Vertuoline machine for this, which makes it incredibly easy to get a perfect espresso shot with lots of delicious foam on top. My new favorite pods are the Starbucks Espresso Pods for Nespresso. For 15 more of my favorite Vertuo Nespresso pods, go to this post. I’ve been using them constantly. If you don’t have a Nespresso machine, check out my post with the 9 best Nespresso machines. 
  • Milk – I used protein oatmilk here for a little added healthy kick (hey, helps me feel less guilty for all that sugar, lol). You can use any milk you like here. 
  • Ice – Gotta have that ice. 

Tools You’ll Need: 

  • Espresso Machine – As far as tools, you really only need an espresso machine or a Nespresso machine that can make espresso shots.
  • Milk Frother – You could also use a milk frother to froth some milk and I use the Aeroccino by Nespresso. I’ve had this one so long, they don’t even make my model anymore. The new ones look way cooler. For more milk frothers, check out this post with frothers from $20 and up

How To Make a Nespresso Brown Sugar Oatmilk Latte: 

iced nespresso brown sugar latte

It’s time for the good part. Putting all those delicious ingredients together. 

  1. Start by putting 2 tablespoons of brown sugar in your glass
  2. Brew up one or two espresso shots. I used a double for this one. 
  3. Pour espresso shots into glass and stir with the brown sugar until dissolved
  4. Add ice
  5. Add milk of choice
  6. Froth some of your milk if desired and pour on top
  7. Stir together
  8. Enjoy!

It’s seriously so easy and the results are divine. You’ll want to make this one again and again. Here’s the quick video I shared on Instagram that walks you through it: 


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For a brown sugar cinnamon oatmilk latte, check out this post here. 

All Your Questions Answered: 

iced nespresso brown sugar latte

Can I use brown sugar syrup instead?

Yes, you sure can. I would use 2 tablespoons or more to taste. 

Can I use a different syrup or sugar?

You can use whatever you’d like to sweeten, it’ll just change the taste of the drink a little bit. 

Can I use cold brew coffee?

Absolutely. But, it won’t dissolve the brown sugar, so use a brown sugar syrup instead. 


You sure can. Just use warm frothed milk and you’re in business, baby. 


Don’t have an espresso machine? No worries, you can still make this delicious drink at home using whatever you have available to you. Here are some more options for you: strongly brewed coffee, cold brew coffee, nitro cold brew coffee, or even iced coffee. If you are using regular coffee, you may notice a less strong coffee flavor than with espresso shots, but it will still be delicious. 

Can I make this keto friendly?

Yes, use sugar-free syrup or an alternative sugar-free sweetener and heavy whipping cream to stay keto friendly. 

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