16 Best Nespresso Vertuo Pods & My #1 Favorite!

best nespresso vertuo pods

I share a lot of my Nespresso recipe creations here and on my Instagram, but I haven’t shared a detailed post on my favorite Nespresso Vertuo pods. 

The pod you choose can really change the flavor of the drink, so this is an important part of making your favorite Nespresso drinks at home. 

Plus, the Vertuoline machine offers you the benefits of creating both espresso and coffee based drinks, unlike the Original machines, which only allow for espresso based drinks. 

This means more options – but also more choices – when it comes to pod selection. 

While there are definitely quite a few Nespresso pods that you will probably be very happy with, I’m going to start by sharing my #1 favorite and go-to pod pick. This is the one that I always keep in stock and use for most of my drinks. 

My Top Nespresso Vertuo Pod Pick: 

1. Chiaro Double Espresso Pod:

best nespresso vertuo pods

Boom! There it is! What do you think? Are you surprised? Let me tell you why I love the Chiaro pod: 

  • It’s a double espresso pod, so 1 pod is perfect for a mixed drink, such as my Starbucks Brown Sugar Shaken Espresso copycat or my Best Ever Iced Mocha Recipe.
  • Also, the flavor is perfect. It’s the medium roast, which has just the right amount of coffee flavor when mixed with syrups and milks. Some of them have a very bold, strong flavor while others are too watered down and mild. Not all pods are created equal, IMO. 

Now, as much as I love the Chiaro, it’s not the only one I love. Let’s take a look at the other winners. Also, know that I buy these pods with my own money, but these are affiliate links, which means if you make a purchase, I may make a commission at no cost to you. Cheers!

Update: I still love the Chiaro and it’s my favorite double espresso, but I have also fallen madly in love with the Starbucks Blonde Roast pod and I buy it in bulk! I wrote a whole post recently with all of the Starbucks Nespresso pods, too, and you’re welcome to read that here. 

5 More Best Nespresso Vertuo Espresso Pods:

 best nespresso vertuo pods

If this seems like a lot of options for espresso pods, I recommend starting with a variety pack like this that will allow you to try out 2 types and strength levels of espresso pods and 3 coffee pods. This will quickly give you a feel for which ones you like, so you can focus future orders on espresso and coffee pods in that range. 

2. Starbucks Blonde Roast Espresso Pod: 

If you are a fan of the blonde roast drinks at Starbucks, you will love being able to brew your own blonde roast pods at home. 

3. Starbucks Dark Espresso Roast Espresso Pod: 

The first Starbucks espresso pod that I picked up and used to make an Iced Caramel Macchiato that was such a dead-ringer for the original drink, my taste testers were floored. 

A very strong, full-bodied flavor, so I use the single espresso pod in drinks. I’ve also used two, which really gives it a hefty coffee kick. 

4. Altissio Single Espresso Pod: 

This is the pod that made me buy a Nespresso machine. A blogger posted a recipe for a honey iced coffee and used Altissio double espresso pods in the drink. 

I ordered a Nespresso, some Altissio pods, and started making my own coffees at home. This pod is considered a medium roast, but I would say it’s closer to a dark roast. 

5. Voltesso Single Espresso Pod: 

A vibrant yellow pod, the Voltesso offers a light and sweet roast that will pair very nicely with any syrup and won’t be too overpowering. I am a fan of lighter to medium roasts, so I really like this one. If you like a stronger, more full-bodied coffee flavor, you might find this one too mild. 

6. Diavolitto Single Espresso Pod:

This is a super dark, intense roast – definitely the darkest one that I have on this list. It has a noted, powerful flavor that can handle lots of added flavors. This is for the person that thinks Nespresso can’t make strong enough coffee. It’s still smooth, creamy and has chocolate undertones. 


9 Best Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Pods: 

best nespresso vertuo pods

Many of the coffee pods are very good. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your coffee choices, I would start with this variety pack which has three of my recommendations below: Melozio, Odacio and Stormio. You’ll get an introduction to what each of the levels means to Nespresso and then you can hone in on the levels you prefer for future orders. 

7. Melozio Pod:

Here’s another pod that is very versatile and seems to work with any flavors. I have never served this one to anyone who didn’t like it. It’s also a very pretty gold color, which looks really nice when displayed, if you care about that sort of thing ;). I just like the very smooth, medium roast flavor. It’s perfect for mixed drinks. 

8. Odassio Dark Roast Pod:

Bold and fruity, with a level 7/10 on depth, this is going to be stronger and bolder in flavor than the medium roasts I usually recommend, but it’s great with milk and flavoring and holds up well with ice, too. 

9. Stormio Pod: 

This dark roast comes very highly rated with almost perfect reviews. A rich, full bodied, dark roast coffee that definitely needs a splash of cream. 

10. Ice Forte Pod: 

I am not a fan of the other iced pod, the Iced Leggero, but the Ice Forte I can get behind. In fact, I’ve run out of this one and I need to refill. 

I don’t feel their iced pods brew any differently over ice. I still prefer to brew them separately, let it cool and then pour it over ice, so it doesn’t melt the ice. The Ice Forte is made, however, to not be too watered down over ice, which is much long a stronger cold brew that you might use. 

11. Arondio Pod: 

Sourced from Arabica and Robusta beans, the medium bodied Arondio pod is going to be very much like what you would get with most coffee beans from the store. If you’re looking for a pod reminiscent of your favorite coffee roast, then this is going to be for you. 

12. Caramel Cookie Pod: 

A fan favorite, for good reason, this slightly caramelly pod really pairs well with caramel and chocolate flavors. I don’t always keep it stocked, but then I have one and wonder why I don’t. It’s a solid choice and if you’re a flavored coffee lover, it’s a great entry point pod that can get you hooked on Nespresso. 

13. Chocolate Fudge Pod: 

There are some coffee roasts with a notable chocolate flavor and I am a fan of this. It goes so well with many flavorings. I shared a Jot blend recently that had chocolate notes and I made the most perfect Chocolate Cream Cold Brew with it. So, this chocolate fudge pod is a must if you like drinks like that and want to whip them up easily at home. This one is available in a three pack with two other delicious flavors, Vanilla Custard Pie and Hazelino Muffin.

14. Vanilla Custard Pie Pod:

Creamy and smooth, this medium roast is going to be loved by anyone who prefers sweeter, vanilla based drinks, because it pairs so perfectly with those flavors and add-ins. Vanilla latte lovers will rejoice, because this pod was made for those drinks. You can also get this one in a three pack with chocolate fudge and hazelino muffin. 

15. Solelio Pod: 

Last, but certainly not least, this light and fruity roast practically glows in your cup. I really love this one, especially with a little dash of creamer or a little syrup. It’s never overpowering and plays well with others, lol. Plus, it’s so pretty. 

Where To Buy Nespresso Vertuo Pods: 

   best nespresso vertuo pods

There’s a few places where you can order them easily online. If you’re using Amazon, always check the vendor and read reviews to make sure you’re not getting a counterfeit product. I’ve successfully ordered from Amazon with no issues, but always check before you do. Also, I like ordering from Nespresso branded stores as well, because if you place a large enough order – you can usually get some good free gifts. 

Here are the places that I go to when ordering more pods: 

How To Recycle Nespresso Pods: 

best nespresso vertuo pods

Nespresso has the only pod recycling program available and it’s a game changer, because coffee pods are not biodegradable and sit in landfills. I read recently that so many pods for various coffee machines have been thrown into landfills that they could circle the earth three times. This really isn’t good and I am trying to be more mindful of what I buy and throw away to cut down on my impact on the earth. 

To recycle your Nespresso pods, you can: 

  • Order a free recycling bag with your next Nespresso order and ship your used pods to Nespresso. The recycling bag can only be ordered on the Nespresso website here.
  • Drop off your used Nespresso pods at a recycling point. They have over 122,000 locations worldwide and you can find the closest one to you here.
  • You can drop them off at your nearest Nespresso boutique. I don’t live near one or I would do this. So easy.

Whatever you do, please don’t throw them away! 

The Best Nespresso Machines: 

best nespresso machines

If you don’t have your machine yet, there are quite a few to choose from now! I rounded up the 9 best Nespresso machines in this post and that is a great place to start!

Delicious Nespresso Recipes: 

I’ve created a lot of my own Nespresso recipes as well as recreated popular coffee house favorites. Here are just a few of the posts to get you inspired!


Did you find a new favorite pod? Find me on Instagram @whatthefrothblog and let me know what you chose!

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