What Is Concentrated Coffee? A Detailed Guide & Coupon Code To Try It!

concentrated coffee

Have you been seeing social media ads for ultra concentrated coffee like Jot and Javy and wondered – what is this? It’s a new way to enjoy your coffee, that’s for sure, but is it good?

Since we’re all about coffee here at What The Froth, we took the plunge and ordered some ultra concentrated coffee so we could try it and tell you everything.

We’re givers like that. You’re welcome 😉

So, let’s dive in to your detailed guide on concentrated coffee. We bought this with our own money and scored you a coupon code to try it yourself if you’re curious, too, so keep on reading!

What is Coffee Concentrate?

concentrated coffee

For our taste test, we started with Jot concentrated coffee. They were  running a promotion where you could get this free Carter move mug from Fellow. We’ve mentioned our deep, enduring love for our Fellow Stagg Electric Kettle before, so this new addition to our collection was just icing on the cake. We have now ordered Javy and some others to compare and will report back on that soon.

We’ll be honest and say that we weren’t sure what to expect or what concentrated coffee would really taste like. when our Jot box arrived, we were pleasantly surprised. Great packaging, plus beautifully designed recipes and information, made us super excited for our Jot coffee experiment.

And, great news, if you’re interested to try it, we have a discount code for you below that will get you an exclusive bundle with 25% off, an exclusive Fellow coffee tumbler and their signature tablespoon! These are also affiliate links, which means if you make a purchase through us and use the coupon code, we’ll receive a small commission at no cost to you.

How is concentrated coffee made?

Concentrated coffee like Jot is actually brewed at 20 times the concentration using a process that Jot calls “progressive enrichment. So, that means Jot is not technically concentrated, since water has not been removed from Jot. This means Jot keeps all the flavor, while still offering an incredibly pure, super-strength coffee.

More accurately – concentrated coffee is like super strength coffee that is so strong, you have to mix it with a liquid, like water or milk, because you can only drink one tablespoon of it at a time. It’s also incredibly smooth and rich.


jot coffeeconcentrated coffee


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