35 Mouth-Watering Coffee Desserts So You Can Eat Your Coffee!

coffee desserts

It’s time for a coffee intervention. I was talking about coffee desserts with a friend recently and she said, “What else is there besides tiramisu?” Now, as much as I love tiramisu – to make such a statement hurt my heart.

That’s why I decided, right then and there, that I was going to round up the most mouthwateringly delicious coffee desserts I could find and share them all with you in one drool-worthy post.

While I’ll never judge anyone for enjoying a perfect slice of tiramisu (and there’s a recipe for that here, too), I want to inspire you to think beyond the traditional coffee desserts with these coffee soaked delights that will let you have your coffee – and eat it, too.

35 Best Coffee Desserts:

I rounded up the best coffee desserts  I could find. All images are shared with permission. Find one you must make immediately? Click on the link to go straight to the recipe!


1. Espresso Macaroons:

coffee desserts

We loooove macaroons in this house. It’s not uncommon for us to go down to the local bakery, pick a few each and then walk around the park, eat them and talk.

These espresso macaroons look amazing and it makes me wish our bakery offered this flavor.

2. No-Bake Dalgona Cheesecake:

coffee desserts

Were you into the whipped coffee rage? This cheesecake combines dalgona coffee (whipped coffee) and cheesecake for a delicious combination.

3. Homemade Coffee Ice Cream:

coffee desserts

Coffee ice cream is our absolute favorite. I can’t believe how easy this is to make. I think this would be one of those highly addicting desserts we would need every day.

4. Nutella and Banana Bundt Cake:

coffee desserts

Nutella – banana – coffee? SIGN ME UP. This bundt cake combines all the best flavors into one swirled cake that would be the perfect companion to a big glass of iced coffee.

5. Dark Chocolate and Espresso Sea Salt Cookies:

coffee desserts

Another deadly trifecta: chocolate, coffee, and sea salt. These look dangerously addicting.

6. Coffee Milkshake 3 Ways:

coffee desserts

This coffee milkshake breaks down how to make it exactly your own dreamy coffee concoction, so you can get it right, every time.

7. Chocolate Caramel Affogato (GF, V):

coffee desserts

Affogato is a classic coffee desert (and SO easy to make). This recipe really takes it next level with the brilliant addition of caramel and chocolate.

8. Espresso Oreo Cake:

coffee desserts

I can’t believe people can make cakes this beautiful. And it has coffee? I almost cried. This would be my dream birthday cake for all the remaining years of my life.

9. Easy Tiramisu without Raw Eggs:

coffee desserts

Life is much more beautiful with tiramisu. This recipe doesn’t use raw eggs, which is always my preference when baking.

10. Mocha Latte Nanaimo Bars:

coffee desserts

Are you a fan of nanaimo bars? This recipe swaps out the vanilla filling for this coffee drenched filling that will just elevate these beyond delicious.

11. Keto Mocha Coffee Ice Cream:

coffee desserts

Wanted to include an option for my keto friends. Yes, you can stay keto and have your coffee, people. Never give up on coffee. NEVER GIVE UP.

12. Bailey’s Irish Cream Coffee Cheesecake Bites:

coffee desserts

I recently had the Irish Cream Oatmilk Laatte from Dutch Bros and it re-ignited my love for Irish cream. This cheesecake combo sounds like everything that is right in the world.

13. Coffee Liqueur Cream Puffs:

coffee desserts

Oh, how I love a good cream puff. This one is just perfect. I can’t even imagine a better cream puff than this one.

14. Mocha Cake with Coffee-Glazed Almonds:

coffee desserts

Love desserts with nuts in them? These coffee soaked almonds will make this the perfect dessert for you.

15.Caramel Iced Coffee Oreo Shake:

coffee desserts

I love an easy coffee recipe that tastes amazing. This ready to pour iced coffee combined with Oreo Thin Bites and caramel drizzle sounds like the perfect summer treat on a hot day.

16. Coffee Cupcakes with Coffee Buttercream:

coffee desserts

Cupcakes are one of my most favorite things. Combine cupcakes and coffee together? That might just be my most favorite thing, ever.

17. Cappuccino Cake:

coffee desserts

Nothing goes better with coffee than a piece of cake – and one soaked in coffee, like this cappuccino cake, would be the best.

18. Easy Coffee Mousse Cups:

coffee desserts

I’m known for a dark chocolate mousse recipe that’ll knock your socks off. When I saw this, I immediately felt guilt that I hadn’t thought of adding coffee to my favorite recipe. I absolutely love the sound of this and can’t wait to make it.

19. Tiramisu Brownies:

coffee desserts

Brownies are one of the best desserts ever. They are quick and easy to make, but still absolutely delicious. Topped with tiramisu? I mean… how did I not think of this one…

20. Chocolate Stuffed Coffee Brioche French Toast:

coffee desserts

As soon as I laid eyes on this one, I clicked send and off it went to the resident chef in the house. This is being added to the menu, STAT.

21. Vegan Coffee Aquafaba Meringues:

coffee desserts

Vegans deserve treats, too. The addition of aquafaba is a liquid left over from cooking chickpeas. You save the liquid after draining the chickpeas and can use it as a direct substitute for egg whites in some recipes. Amazing.

22. Coffee and Brown Sugar Scones:

coffee desserts

I really appreciate a good scone. My local coffee shop has strawberry and vanilla bean scones that will melt in your mouth. But, a coffee and brown sugar scone? That would just make my day.

23. Vietnamese Coffee Cake (GF):

coffee desserts

Absolutely brilliant cake idea. Who doesn’t love a sweet and creamy Vietnamese coffee? Now, turn that into a cake? YUM.

24. No-Bake Nescafe Cake:

coffee desserts

It’s a million degrees outside as I type this. A no-bake dessert sounds just right.

25. Chocolate Espresso Tart:

coffee desserts

I love a good tart – and this chocolate, espresso tarte sounds like the perfect snack for coffee time.

26. Oreo Tiramisu:

coffee desserts

Wow, this one is just genius. Oreo AND tiramisu? Are you kidding me? GET IN MAH BELLY.

27. Coffee Chocolate Ganache Tart:

coffee desserts

Bet you wouldn’t guess that this one is also vegan, refined sugar free, and uses coconut cream.

So, basically it’s healthy.

28. Triple Layer Coffee Caramel Chocolate Pots:

coffee desserts

I love a little pot de creme. This coffee and caramel concoction sounds delightful.

29. Coffee Cheesecake:

coffee desserts

Why hasn’t Cheesecake Factory created a coffee cheesecake yet? Seriously! I want to know! Until they do, I’ll have this creamy, dreamy recipe ready to go.

30. Vegan Mocha Cheesecake Bites (V, GF):

coffee desserts

What a perfect dessert served for a coffee date with friends! Then, you can eat all of the leftovers by yourself. Win win!

31.Spice Bars with Dates and Walnuts:

coffee desserts

If you’re not into the super sugary desserts, these spice bars with a coffee drizzle are for you.

32. Bailey’s and Coffee Cupcakes:

coffee desserts

Who doesn’t love Bailey’s? Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day.

33. Cold Brew Latte Cake:

coffee desserts

We love cold brew and we love lattes. This cake seems heaven-sent.

34. Easy Coffee Cake Recipe:

coffee desserts

Gotta have the classic coffee cake. Always and forever. Amen.

35. Irish Coffee Creme Brulee:

coffee desserts

Another twist on a dessert fave. Creme brulee is my jam – and adding coffee to it seems like a match I never knew I always needed.


We hope these 35 coffee dessert recipes have inspired you to run into your kitchen, get out some coffee and whip one of these (or more, no judgement) up and enjoy it. Why don’t you make one of these 15 delicious pumpkin spice lattes to sip while you’re baking?

Check out our recipes tab for more must-make coffee recipes. And, if you want a coffee to sip on while you’re making said dessert – check out one of our fave iced coffees from Dutch Bros.

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