Easy French Press Coffee Done Right (VIDEO)!

french press coffee

I can remember the first time I saw someone using a french press. The entire process seemed a little too drawn-out for my fast coffee fixation at the time.

But, years later, I started to really appreciate the ritual of making fresh coffee – rather than just putting a pod in a machine and pressing down or grabbing that latte in a drive through on my way to work.

Now, I’m not knocking fast coffee, or any kind of coffee for that matter, but it is interesting how the coffee we gravitate towards can change in different seasons of life.  We love using the french press for that perfectly brewed, customized cup of coffee any time we want.

So, if you’d like to know more about french press coffee and how to make it perfect every time, this post is for you!

How To Make French Press Coffee:

To get you started, we made this super easy and short video to walk you through the steps. But, after you watch it, make sure to come back and read all the details to become a total french press pro.

What You Need To Make French Press Coffee:

french press coffee

It’s a pretty short list! These are the links to what we use in the video. Let’s talk about each thing. Also, affiliate links are used, which means that if you purchase through our links, we’ll make a small commission at no cost to you.

Coffee Grinder:

Our grinder is just an affordable standby – nothing fancy, and yet, we’ve used it for many, many years! You’re welcome to use whatever coffee grinder you want and works for you. Just grind those beans to a coarser grind than you normally would for brewing a pot of coffee. Some say the secret to the french press is in the grinds! Fine grinds will pass through the strainer and muddy your coffee and too coarse will clog it. If you just buy coffee pre-ground, get a coarser option for your french press.

Electric Kettle:

We are kettle snobs here. The Fellow Electric Kettle is just too good. You hit a button and can set it to the exact temperature you want. It reaches that temp in seconds and then you are ready to go. The design forces you to pour slowly, otherwise, it’ll start leaking from the top – so it becomes the perfect companion for pour over coffee, too.

French Press:

This handy little device has everything you need. Plus, they are easy to clean, lightweight and don’t take up much room. They’re so small, you could travel with them! The glass used is very resilient, food safe and can withstand very high temperatures, so it’s safe to use. Just don’t give it to your toddler as a throw toy.

Coffee Beans:

Lately, we’ve been super obsessed with these delicious beans from California based roaster Philz Coffee. We have lived within 30 minutes of a Philz for many years and have often made the short drive just for a cup of their sweet and creamy iced coffee. It’s amaaaaaazing. Their beans are top notch. You can now buy them online and at Target – woohoo! We are using the Tesoro blend now.

You can also use these low acid coffee beans we have been loving from Lifeboost. An excellent way to reduce acid reflux from the acidity in coffee. Using our link will get you up to 50% off your first order!

Other than that, you would only need a spoon to stir and any coffee fixings you like.

What Is French Press Coffee?

french press coffee

Curious what makes French Press so popular? Well, it’s a manual brewing method that uses the french press device, originally created in France in the mid-1800s. The plunger acts like a strainer, allowing you to use ground coffee in a container that will also mix and strain the coffee grounds.

After the coffee is finished brewing, you press the plunger down, which forces the coffee beans to the bottom and only lives rich, bold coffee at the top.

The result is similar to pour over coffee!

Why Do People Prefer French Press?

You know, it depends on who you ask. Some will say they enjoy the meditative ritual to making it. Others like that they can really customize how strong it is. Still others will say they like that they can make the precise amount that will be used. When you’re investing in really great beans, you don’t want to waste them by making a huge pot of coffee for 3 people who will only drink one cup each.

Tips for Using a French Press:

french press coffee

We promise it’s easier than you might think! Still, there may be some lingering questions, so here’s some answers:

  • Preheat your french press with your hot water. Just pour a little around the sides and on the bottom. The reason we do this is to help ensure that the steep temperature remains at the perfect temperature during the entire brewing cycle. Use your boiling water, wait a minute, then dump it out. Now, it’s time to add grounds, water, set the plunger on top and steep for 4 minutes.
  • Make sure to wait until the full steeping time is over before stirring!
  • Steep 4-5 minutes, but no more, or it may taste overdone. If you end the time sooner, it may not have reached its full potential yet!
  • Use really hot water – around 200-212 degrees. But, if it’s too hot – you’ll scald the beans. If it’s not hot enough, you won’t extract the flavor. If you don’t have a kettle that allows you to control the temperature, try this trick: Bring 1 cups of water per serving (Need 4 servings? Use 4 cups) to a rolling boil. Remove from heat and let sit for 1 minute before pouring over your ground coffee beans.
  • A lot of recipes require a scale, but you don’t need to worry about that. A great rule of thumb is 3 tbsp. of ground coffee for every 1 cup of water. 
  • Customize to your liking! Want it stronger? Use more coffee per cup. Want it weaker? Use more water. Want less? Brew less. Want more? You get the idea!

Are you a french press enthusiast? If you try these tips, be sure to let us know how it went! Or, you can try out our super easy method for pour over coffee, which might be even easier than this.

If there’s any coffee left, put it in the fridge and use it to make our favorite iced vanilla latte.

You can even sweeten it with our homemade vanilla syrup – which is super delicious!

Thanks for reading.

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