5 Delicious Reasons To Try Jot Ultra Concentrated Coffee and 25% OFF!

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There are lazy days when you have plenty of time for that perfect pour over, and there are days when you need coffee STAT. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice great taste and quality for that quick coffee and that’s why we always keep the Jot Ultra Concentrated Coffee stocked and on standby.

So, today we want to share the 5 reasons why we love Jot and why it’s a standout among its competitors for the best ultra concentrated coffee. In fact, in this post, we put 4 concentrated coffees head-to-head in a taste test with and without cream and Jot certainly edged ahead as a tasty favorite.

Stay tuned for our exclusive WTF Jot bundle, too, at the end of this post!

What is Jot Ultra Concentrated Coffee?

jot coffee review

If you’re new to concentrated coffee, the concept is simple: Jot is brewed at 20 times the concentration using a process that Jot calls “progressive enrichment.

So, that means Jot is not technically concentrated, since water has not been removed from Jot. This means Jot keeps all the flavor, while still offering an incredibly pure, super-strength coffee.

Some concentrated coffees do remove the water and we can attest to the fact that they do not taste as good or as fresh at all.

5 Reasons to Love Jot:

There is probably more than 5 reasons, but here are the 5 reasons why we love Jot here at What The Froth. Not only do the two of us that run this blog love it, but all of our friends and family who get in on our taste tests agree, too.

1. Jot is super easy to make:

jot coffee review

One tablespoon added to water, milk or half ‘n half is all it takes. We tried it all and each one of us had a different preference and it seemed to depend on how much creamer you typically like. For me, I liked it in water with my favorite creamer, because adding it to milk and then adding my creamer made it toot thick. But, another person who prefers coffee black liked it mixed with almond-milk, etc. You can add flavoring to it, too, such as our vanilla and cinnamon simple syrups for a coffee house style drink made at home in seconds. Literally.

In fact, something we love about Jot is how quick and easy it is. You can make it completely half asleep after being up all night with sick kids and still not screw it up. You don’t have to watch it, wait for it, slowly pour it or anything else. It is just add to your choice of liquid, lightly stir, flavor however you like and drink. Could. Not. Be. Easier.

We can imagine this being perfect in an office kitchen, for a teacher at a school who needs to make a coffee between classes in seconds, for the mom who’s up all night feeding babies, etc. If you’re squeezing your coffee in to your day, you will love making your Jot.

2. Jot has a rich, fresh coffee taste:

jot coffee review

We weren’t sure what to expect when we tried Jot, but it has a really fresh, bold coffee taste. It does not taste old or like it’s been sitting at all. There is no separation in the product either and it mixes with creamers like a dream. It mixes with water almost immediately on contact (this was not the case for every concentrate coffee we’ve tried), too.

Even the smell is great. That kind of thing is important when you love your coffee and look forward to drinking it every day. A competitor concentrated coffee we tried smelled like bad gas station coffee that had been sitting for a loooong time. It was not appealing and did not make us want to drink it. So, the delicious coffee smell of Jot is definitely appreciated.

3. Jot gets shipped right to your door:

jot coffee review

Yup, you don’t have to go in anywhere or even order online and pick it up. Jot gets shipped straight to you in very chic packaging that has a great opening experience. They include a great recipe booklet with lots of ideas for how to use your Jot, too.

You can spring for their branded tablespoon to make it really cohesive or just use what you have. Either way, Jot is a fun package to get and they make it easy to stay caffeinated with their subscriptions that give you a great discount and the ease of not having to remember anything.

Jot also makes a great gift for the coffee drinker in your life, which is why we included it in our coffee gift round-up here.

4. Jot is compact:

jot coffee

Jot comes in small bottles that can fit almost anywhere. They are perfect for the packed fridge, a minimalist, a small cute office fridge or even the traveler who needs to fit their favorite coffee in a mini-fridge.

While you do want to keep Jot refrigerated, it isn’t going to eat up precious real estate with giant jugs. Not sure about, but I feel like we are always moving things around in the refrigerator like puzzle pieces trying to get it all in there. Jot is going to make that part of life much easier.

5. Jot is highly caffeinated:

I mean, that’s kind of the point, right? Most of us drink coffee every day because we like the taste and the little energy kick that it gives our old, tired bodies.

One tablespoon of jot contains 150mg of caffeine! A cup of jot is 20 times more concentrated than  cup of coffee – wow – so think of it like a super-strength espresso. It may go down easier than espresso, but count those tablespoons. They add up quick.

Jot Coffee Facts:

jot coffee review

It’s important that coffee tastes great, but also, it matters how it’s sourced. Here are some facts about Jot:

1. Jot is ethically sourced:

We are happy to report that Jot is committed to sustainability in every way and all of their coffee beans are 100% organic. Every bottle of Jot benefits the well-being of the land, those who work it, and their coffee drinkers.

Many of their coffee laborers are also women and Jot is a founding member of the Gender Equity Index, a new measurement tool that sets the bar for equal opportunities for women farmers. They have committed to sourcing at least 40% of their beans from women-owned farms and cooperatives. We LOVE that here at WTF and are happy to get behind this mission 100%!

2. Jot is low acid:

We have been ON THE HUNT for low acid coffee, thanks to one of us having some growing acid reflux issues. If you also are looking to reduce your acid, coffee is a major way to do that as it is one of the most acidic foods/drinks that we can consume.

You do not have to give up your coffee to go low acid. Jot is very smooth and had much less of an acid reaction for me – in fact – I would say that it was equal to or better to the results I had with actual low acid coffee. And, spoiler alert, Jot is easier to prepare than the pour-over method that I use with low acid coffee beans.

3. Jot is affordable:

We know what you’re thinking – okay this is cool, but how much is it? Jot starts at $24 a bottle, with two choices of original or dark coffee. Each bottle makes 14 8-oz cups of coffee, which brings your price to $1.71 a coffee. Definitely cheaper than your coffeehouse stop.

But, if you use our coupon code below for 25% off, you will bring your cost down to $1.20 a cup. Woohoo!

Jot Discount Code Bundle:

jot coffee bundle

Not only do we love Jot around here, but we scored you a great bundle if you’d like to try it, too. You can get two bottles of jot, their exclusive tablespoon and your choice of a Fellow Coffee Tumbler for $38! Make sure to use this link here to try out this bundle. And, at no cost to you, we’ll receive a small commission for sharing our link with you. We call that a win win.


Have you tried Jot ultra concentrated coffee? We hope you’ll try it and tell us what you think!

To read our review where we put Jot and the new Cometeer flash frozen coffee head-to-head in the ultimate taste test – head to this post. 

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