Are You Drinking Dutch Bros Nitro Cold Brew? You Should Be & Here’s Why!

dutch bros cold brew
It was kismet. The day we learned that you can buy Dutch Bros Nitro Cold Brew in a can and take it home to enjoy anytime you want was a revelation we’ll never forget.
S0, not only can you buy their cold brew based drinks, which are extra yum, but you can purchase pre-made cans of the cold brew and take them home to enjoy on their own or with your own creamer. Seriously. We didn’t even know this was possible until one day when they gave us an extra can for free as part of a cold brew promotion. It was one of the best days of our lives.
Or, in words of the infamous momager:

Bottom line: if you haven’t experienced Dutch Bros cold brew – you are MISSING OUT! So, we are devoting this entire post to all things Dutch Bros cold brew.

What cold brew does Dutch Bros use?

That is the question. Especially if you’re hoping to buy some for yourself online whenever you can’t make it to your local Dutch, but – this cold brew is a DB exclusive made from the company’s private reserve, three-bean blend and water. It is nitrogen infused, and contains no added sweeteners.

dutch bros cold brew

The Dutch Bros cold brew is also of the highest quality, using beans from Brazil, Colombia and El savador. Beans are roasted individually in Grants Pass, Oregon and then blended together to ensure freshness and quality.

The nitrogen infusion makes their cold brew creamier and richer than other cold brew products. This velvety texture is why their cold brew is also going to be lower in acidity (great if you have any acid reflux issues – I know I do!).

So, good news: you can get the same exact cold brew at any Dutch Bros location. Bad news? You can’t buy it anywhere else (currently, anyway).

Until then, get roasted,

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